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  1.  Five Stars


    I have now had this since late October, had have left time for it to settle in, before reviewing.
    At a glance:
    Performance: X X X X X
    Set Up: X X X X X
    Noise: X X X
    Value for Money: X X X X X

    PERFORMANCE: My computer is on 24/7 and is always busy, (Sony Vaio FE11H 15.4 widescreen) Its own cooling is good but it still get hot at the bottom left and right of the machine with the vent hot to touch. The cooler has improved the vents temperature by a great deal what was very hot to touch is now just a warm breeze. Bottom left and right of the machine are stone cold. I have even turned the cooler off for an hour to see how good it was and sure enough after 30 min it was hot again, turned the cooler back on and in 30 min the Laptop was cool again. The fact is the air flow system works, and well it distributes a good flow of air to the entire base of the machine keeping it cool. Even if your Laptop like mine only has a few ventilation slots on the bottom you will still benefit as the air flow system ensures the whole base is cooled and that cool air will be draw into your Laptop. I have only run it on Low and Medium because on high it's noisy and at the moment unnecessary, come summer when we have a week of hot weather then it will be really tested. I have not tried moving around with it but provided you keep hold of everything It's not going to be too difficult to handle as its light, the coolers fan draws the air in from the back so don't worry about blocking it.
    SET UP: Very easy as long as you know what a USB port is you will be fine. Plug in the supplied USB cable to the Cooler (USB mini Port) and then secure the cable underneath it. Sit your Laptop on it do not worry about aligning the feet as it says in the instructions as long as your laptops feet are rubber and in good order it won't go anywhere (as long is its not tilted past the angle of the cooler). NOTE 15.4 widescreen over hangs by ½ cm at the front NOT back, but the base of the machine sits on fully (most likely just the design of my Laptop) Plug the USB cable into your Laptop and turn it in (Big button just above the inlet) it has a USB port so you can still use the port you just used as all it needs is the power from the port. Once turned on adjust settings to your preference.
    Low: It's very quite a low toned hum a bit like an idle HDD (a quite one)
    Medium: Still a low toned hum but with more a flow noise, think CD/DVD drive burning at about 12X or your Laptops fan at a similar setting (Think fan noise but tolerable)
    High: At this point you can usually feel a breeze yourself (You're not going mad) Sounds like a CD/DVD drive after you have just put a disc in.
    I Have it on medium and can sleep with it on that.
    VALUE: Excellent considering you would pay this much or more for one that has a single or two fans just sat in the middle or on either end. This only has one fan but the entire base is hollow allowing the cool air to free flow around the whole base. Plastic base with aluminium mesh (Strong enough for laptop)