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  1.  Beware if you're going to be using this with a PS3....


    I'd bought a Buffalo JustStore external HDD in the past and that came pre-formatted to FAT32 (which is needed for it to be recognised by the Playstation 3), however, despite what one of the other reviews says here, when I purchased this Buffalo Drivestation, it arrived preformatted to NTFS, so my PS3 wouldn't recognise it at all. I had to format it myself to FAT32 which took several hours, so I'm knocking a star off for that. Other than that, it's an excellent reliable HDD.

  2.  A Legendry Disappointment


    Well, I'm not going to complain about what characters are and aren't in the game because they're MAINLY good....what really pains me is the gamplay. The so-called chain wrestling system is just a variation of a QTE....buttons flash up on screen and you press them faster than your opponent to win. This removes the skill from almost every fight and allows the CPU to be REALLY cheap on harder difficulties. The range of match types is severely limited as well, the dramatic camera angles (which you CAN'T switch off) are horrible with the ring spinning so much at times you'll think that you've been glugging a bottle of Scotch, the Irish Whip system is irritating as hell, as is the 'pick up off the mat' control. None of it matters anyway, because if you play this on Easy you'll have all the achievements within a couple of days no problem, then it's back to playing the far superior Smackdown vs Raw 2009. I've been a WWE fan for 25 years (as long as there have been Wrestlemanias!!) but disappointing really isn't a strong enough word for this game.

  3.  No it doesn't work properly with firmware 3.52


    I updated my PSP's firmware to version 3.52 and everything seemed fine.....until I turned the PSP off and then back on again later. Now four out of the 5 games are temperamental (ie. they freeze at random intervals) and the original Buster Bros. game won't even load anymore. Either Sony and Capcom should get this sorted (I blame Sony slightly more because it was their firmware update that's caused the problem in the first place, although Capcom knew about it before they released this game in Europe) or Capcom should at least do the honourable thing and pull the game from sale. It smacks of the situation with WWF No Mercy on the N64 all over again.....

  4.  A brilliant movie, now with extras!


    I don't need to tell anybody how great this DVD is, but it's better than the version that was originally released in the UK in cinemas and VHS. All the Nunchuk scenes with Mikey have now been restored and the proper ending confration between Splinter and Shredder is there too. After being stuck with the censored original for so long, this is almost like a director's cut. Top notch.