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  1.  Fantastic!!!


    For 5pounds whats not to love? the quality is great, the print is great i love it so much and so did girlfriend we ordered another! Its shame the chicken t-shirt has been taken down tho, Any fans of fable 3 should not miss up on this bargain! Small fitted fine as i used to buy medium size and they would be oversized on me, Small fits just snugg.

  2.  Good but not great


    Picked this up purely because i wanted the extra added content as it is deemed one of the great collectors edition item, and i wasn't dissapointed, the picture shown on product just does not do it justice the extra content within it took me 20mins to unbox i still havn't had chance sit down an read it all.

    As for the game well, im not really a huge halo fan, i understand it was successfull as first great working mutliplayer console game just as quake was for PC users many years ago, but as for original? i have halo 3, ODST + reach and there practically the same game, the people who love this franchise to death are clearly just dilusional, its not to say its a bad game its good the story was one of the best in my opinion but the whole features of the game have all done before, they just got rehashed and tacked on, the firefight feature feels tacked on from ODST and only significant difference is the colour scheme of the graphics otherwise, could stick halo 3 on and play through them rose tinted glasses.

    Im giving this 4/5 stars based on this certain edition the collectors edition because that alone deserves Four stars, the game well if your not a halo fan your not missing much. This game is far from GOTY material which sadly it willl no doubt win.

  3.  Based on the DLC Case zero


    After playing the DLC on xbox 360 of dead rising 2 case zero im impressed and cant wait for the full release,

    fans of the first dead rising whether you hated it or loved it this ticks all the boxes, the combat and whole control scheme has been fixed it feels smooth an great finally being able to aim properly, the driving controlls feel comfortable and right also,

    Although frank west and the camera has gone the PP + time limit still remains and chuck makes a great new hero to the series, i cant wait for the full release and say to people who cant decide download the 4pound dlc and that will have your mind made up! worth it.

  4.  Far from Quiet


    First off, i love this xbox dont get me wrong i preordered the dam thing dayafter it was announced at E3

    But for people who keep saying its whisper quiet? i dont get where they have the nerve to say it, sure its slightly quieter when on dashboard but that hardly counts, try loading alan wake it sounds like a jet engine like old Xbox 360's

    And the heat from this beat is incredible i left it on for one hour playing alan wake, and the heat coming off side vent was about 70Degrees i swear!

    I also foundout the 3year warrenty does not apply to these models if it RROD's which was dissapointing to find out after i purchased it,

    As for the pros sure it has everything that was mentioned and the built in wifi is superb using it from day one and had great gaming and download speeds.

    Its deffo worth it if your looking for a new xbox as you get more than original xbox 360 elite for same price, but as for upgrade like i did, hmm not really sure anymore.

  5. Skate 3

    Skate 3

    Xbox 360

    8 New from  £14.72  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £14.69

     Skate at its finest!!!


    Where to start picked this up on launch day so glad i did!,

    After not being a big fan of skate franchise after first one (it was far far to realisitic to me) i wasn't much hopefull for this, but to tempt me i purchased skate 2, which was better but still bloody awfull in parts.

    This is where skate has come full circle its fantastic! the content is huge, the community is huge the ability to create your own online team and throw down challenges aswell as skate parks is a very nice feature, Also now your rewarded for creating logo's/parks and it helps towards singleplayer targets, which means you can progress when you dont even play!

    The walking system has been improved alot since skate 2 and it makes it feel so so smooth, the animations are on top form as normal, ive played it for about 7hours so far and spent pretty much 5 hours of that time just skating on new areas and chilling out.

    Anyone a skate fan should pick this up and people who never played before this version comes with Easy/Normal/Hardcore settings its great great fun!

  6.  Avatar? dont believe the hype


    I waited till this came out on bluray i couldnt justify spending 9pounds to see some images pop out on cinema, so anyhow.

    rented it last night and as predicted it was just one epic dissapointing cgi fest, ( yes im aware its ment to be all cgi) but the story was pretty average and boring, the only parts i did like was last 20mins of action, i dont see what the hype was all about,

    As for bluray quality was superb so thats a plus if you want to add it your bluray libary, all in all very average film didnt see what was so great about it, maybe i missed the point by not watching it in 3D, but i cant see how having that would improve.

    Still a 4star on quality of bluray product not the film.

  7.  Splinter cell refreshed!?


    Found this fantastic game, been playing splintercell games now from the very beginning on PC and this new addon to the pack really is up there with the great chaos theory,

    The character models and weapon models are very nice looking, overall graphics are nice in the unreal engine nothing special as others have said but graphics dont make a game!

    The game overall works great its a little more fast paced wtih the execute system which can feel a little bit to easy but it works well in difficult situations, people who call this game another "3rd person shooter" are greatly mistaken, it takes timming and planning on each situation and there are many ways to take on these which gives replayability, along with the singleplayer the deniable ops is a good blast, i cant comment on co op as none of my friends have played it but i imagine it be a blast, much like chaos theory was without the awfull connections.

    Overall this game has been worth the wait in my opinion if your a big splintercell fan pick it up, its a fantastic change to original hide in the dark series and gives it a little more fast paced.

  8.  Fantastic Game


    Im 22 and grew up with the mariokart series and that alone made me want to purchase this!

    The gameplay is great works just as you would want a karting game to work, the xbox live features are great and work flawless with only having it crash twice when loading up a new map online, i play this on my own but didnt take long to find randomers online to race to the death with :p.

    All in all this is fantastic and if you loved mariokart, this is for you it works and its essentially same game with achievements,

    the only downside i have to it is the powerups its lacking slightly and could have more offence ones,

    5/5 product great laugh!

  9.  Does the job


    Was having second thoughts on purchasing one of these seen so many mixed reviews but finally purchased one, IT does the job and the price is acceptable i think for what it is tho could be 5 pounds cheaper in all honesty,

    Theres just a few issues ive had with people reporting the sound quality is muffled and not clear had it a few times now, when i speak to others, although the incomming sound is great and clear and loud,

    Other issue is i have is that its not very comfortable to wear for long periods, at least it isn't for me, sure it comes with two adjustable connections but one is to big and other is to small which pulls on my ear and starts to rub the back, other than that its great and if you really want one go purchase one =D

  10.  Final Flop?! 13


    Let me start by saying i am a huge FF fan, Nothing will come close to the legendry 7 but i think square enix's last good final fantasy was 10,

    Some may say im reviewing this early but i cant see it getting any better than what im currently seeing, im about 20hours in and so far its been a never ending line of run a couple steps fight a few mobs cutscene rince and repeat for 20hours solid!, theres enough savepoints to shake a cat at and its always confusing to players who have played Final fantasy in the past.

    The combat system i feel has its benifits but overall its been stripped off anything tactical and just been put into babysit mode, and by that anyone who is a veteran of final fantasy will see how easy it is, the majority of trash mobs can be killed basically pressing A button once or twice and letting the computer do the rest its so so easy its untrue, the only thing that makes up for it is when you finally get to a huge boss fight but its not enough to save the overall gameplay of the game.

    This game has superb CGI effects but then what game doesnt? and that to me is not enough to say its excellent because CGI cuttscenes do not make up for lack of gameplay, the music is unforgettable the story is confusing, theres no clear villian, infact nothing is memorable about this game other than how dull it is,

    But alas i am still playing as im an achivement hog and i'll give its due course, In my own opinion If your a massive final fantasy fan and CAN wait then wait till price drops as you will be greatly dissapointed anything you loved from recent titles has been stripped away for new generation.

    Give it 3/5 stars based on the fact nothing is memorable and the gameplay is far to easy :(,