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  1. NCIS



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     For NCIS geeks and trophy hunters only!


    This game to be brutally honest is terrible. Looks as if it was developed with an awfully low budget with stiff animations, emotionless characters, poor graphics and very average voice work.
    On the plus side there's an easy Platinum here...

  2.  WORST film this year...


    Such a disappointment...
    I loved the original and thought with the CGI available today we could be in for an incredible remake it had so much potential.
    Badly written, wooden acting, average cgi effects, badly cast and missing so many moments from the original all add up to make this one of the worst films ive watched in quite a while.

  3.  Better than Modern Warfare 2


    Simply put this is online gaming bliss. Let the kiddies play their modern warfare 2 this is a mans game that requires real teamwork, strategies and skill to succeed. Add on a worthy singleplayer and mostly free dlc how can you go wrong? BATTLEFIELD RULES!!! Buy It NOW!!!

  4.  Average...


    Awesome graphics marred by average gameplay. Very linear and repetitive like its prequels but on nextgen hardware. If your looking for more of the same but with better visuals you'll love it looking for something new? forget about it.

  5.  Pretty good


    Having only played this on PC i cant say how the transition to console has been but its a pretty good game. Definately worth a look considering the price

  6.  Awesome!!!


    Got this today and after a lengthy install works fine ive got it on medium to high settings and it runs smoothly, no crashes nothing. Can't see what everyone is complaining about i must just be lucky. It looks far superior to the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions and in the future when new hardware is released i can't imagine how stunning this game will be maxed out. Can't get online though. 4 stars