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  1.  good for a quick fix


    i bought this headset with the view of using it for the ps3 online, i have to admit that it works absolutely brilliant, i was amazed by the quality, especially for the price.
    I had no trouble connecting the device, and it has provided trouble free usage ever since i first turned it on.
    But, and it is a big but, having spent the whole day out shopping for AAAA batteries, in stores such as Currys, Comet, Argos, and Boots, without any luck whatsoever, and now having bought some from my local village electrical retailer, after a two day wait while they were on order, at £2 a battery, i can honestly say it is cheaper to spend £20 on a rechargeable headset, in the long run.
    In summary for £5 you can't go wrong for the price and it may well be worth that just to have one as a standby for emergencies, but for heavy usage forget it.

  2.  bad for the purist cool for the psp gamer


    if you are expecting a flight sim with as much realism as a microsoft flight sim, then you will be dissapointed.
    if on the other hand you want a flight game that cuts down the detail and delivers more in the way of mission based fun then you will be more than happy with pilot academy.
    firstly the sheer variety of aircraft available is staggering, in fact you get much more than the microsoft counterpart.
    graphics are reasonable as well, offering two views, it is very easy to control the plane on either hud or chase view.
    gameplay is ok, the only downfall i could find is that it is very easy to over compensate on the controls thus leading to mission failure occasionly.
    the flaps system is a good idea making it easy to get the correct settings for take off and landing, and with civilian and military missions to choose from there is enough to keep you from getting bored.
    all in all this is a reasonable title perfect for the discerning psp gamer, but if you are after a serious flight sim then stick with microsofts offering on your pc.

  3.  WAR! HUH! YEAH! what is it good for?


    let me start by saying i haven't actually bought all the books yet, but i still have some of the old Eagle comics that this strip finished its run in.
    appearing in the 80's in a comic called "Battle" Charleys war quickly gathered a growing fanbase, with its gritty storylines and realism, it soon became popular with older readers as well as the younger generation.
    even now at 30 something years of age i still find charleys war holds my attention to the full, although i must admit there may be something of nostalgic value to the books, that takes me back to my childhood days.
    in summary if you used to read the old Battle and Eagle comics, but think you're too old, do not deny yourself this pleasure as you can never be too old for these classics!

  4.  Oh won't you please take me home yeah!


    It seems i have been waiting forever for GTA IV, so to pass the time i bought Burnout: Paradise City, but now i can't put the game down.
    Having now bought GTA and found extremely dissapointing car handling in the gameplay, i went back to Burnout to complete it and have not played GTA since.
    The gameplay in Burnout namely the way the cars handle, give an immense amount of satisfaction straight away, and keep on giving you pleasure as you master drifting, even after a few weeks.
    Being a hardcore driving game purist i have always shied away from titles such as Need For Speed, Juiced and Burnout, oh the joy of hammering around Monaco mastering a seven speed gearbox in an F1 car absolutely floats my boat!, but Burnout delivers such complete simple joy that it really doesn't matter that there is no manual gearbox.
    Also with the new accepted control layout on the PS3 of having the accelerator on the R2 button, you can get some nice controlled drifts just by using the greater degree of throttle control available to you now.
    I know that a lot of people have complained about the fact that if you lose a race, you sometimes have to travel for miles to get back to the start point again, but this really didn't bother me as there is usually another event starting point near your location.
    As you get near to gaining your Elite license i can see how this may get slightly irritating but this is no different from the GTA genre where you had to travel miles to specific points on the map to restart a failed mission.
    Something which i found helped alleviate the boredom of travelling long distances to start a race, was the Road Time Rules option, with the PS3 connected online beforehand, just activate the option by pushing right on the D-Pad and you can have a crack at the online communitys time records for the particular road you are travelling on at the time, without having to actually start an online game.
    Try beating my times if you can!!!!!
    In summary, with the exception of the lack of an offline multiplayer split screen option, although the online experience more than makes up for this, and the fact that you can't get out of the car and kill people etc.... this is the game that GTA IV should be.