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  1.  Great Game!


    This is a class game! The controls take a little while of getting used to, if you've played COD 4 for a while, but once you've mastered them, its a great laugh with a mate. You'll find yourselves shouting at or congratulating each other in the living room.
    The cut scene graphics are AMAZING, but the reason it gets 4 out of 5 stars is that the graphics aren't quite up to COD 4 standard. Another downside is that the game is relatively short, but hopefully the online play will be worth it...can't really comment yet as not many people online.
    Buy and Enjoy

  2.  Impressive!


    The best graphics I've seen so far! I've got an HDTV and tom clancy's rainbow six graphics were rubbish compared to this, even Resistance fall of Man doesn't come close.

    The gameplay is fast and fun, from being in an infrared airship gunner, to a sniper, to an SAS soldier, to a helicopter gunner, to an american soldier. It's fast passed, and never stops till the end.

    The only down side for me, was that the game was very short. I past it in 6 hours, and I'm no pro. But it does make up for this by its arcade mode you unlock once you end the game, and the online play is fantastic!!!

    Split screen is OK, but you would really need 4 controllers to have some fun as you can't play against any AI, only each against other, and the maps are quite big.

    In short, I'd definately recommend, but don't expect to be killing Terrorists for weeks on end

  3.  Just keep on going...and going...and going...


    They are just like the ps2 controllers but extremely light, the only difference being the R2 and L2 buttons, and the PS button in the middle between 'start' and 'select' (a bit like the Xbox button). The L2 and R2 buttons rotate inwards to the controller rather than be pressed in directly like the R1 and L1 buttons. I personally think the R2 and L2 buttons are better but one of my housemates seems to disagree. So I spose it depends on what you like. The PS button is like a remote, allowing you to switch the PS2 on and off, switch between controllers, and quit games.
    The six axis is brilliant, especially on NBA 2k7. But I agree with the review below, it is way too sensitive on motorstorm! But that could be the games fault...
    The best features by far!!! are the wireless bluetooth technology, and the immense amount of battery life. I say battery life, i mean rechargeable life, as you just plug them straight into one of 4 usb ports. They literally last 20 hours of gaming per charge. I've also gone as far away from the ps3 as possible in my tiny house, and the ps3 STILL picks it up. Meaning I can turn the ps3 on while I'm in the toilet upstairs, awesome!
    The only disadvantage is the lack of rumble in the controller, but expect something to be released soon, and I think some games are being made with the capability of applying rumble, so the ps2 controllers with rumble can be used (not sure though look it up on the net)
    Good piece of net gen technology, but the price drops it down one star, along with its high sensitivity on some games

  4.  The other reviews aren't lieing!!! GET IT


    I don't particularly like RPG's, but with the lack of games at the moment, I went with oblivion. Not only the best RPG I've ever bought, but probably the best game I've ever played!
    Whether you want to take it slow, and build up your stats, living as a decent citizen, whilst eating sleeping, gambling, fighting, or go a bit AWOL and steal a horse and ride into the mountains and forests to kill some monsters!!!
    The games graphics are superb, and the amount of detail of the surroundings is awe inspiring. The most difficult bit is just choosing your character, and choosing which path your going to take.
    I live with 3 other housemates, and we are all playing it! Its been a great way to show how much your decisions decide how u end up, as are characters, fame, weapons etc are all completely different.
    Anyway, i wouldn't recommend it if you have a wife, job or are in the middle of exams (like us 3) as you will not leave the house!!!
    Buy and enjoy!

  5.  Expensive - but worth EVERY PENNY!


    To start off , I was a bit cautious because of the price, and was having second thought. But I just decided to take the plunge, and I'm so glad I did! I love it! Summing it up though...
    The PS3 home screen is stylish and easy to navigate. Forget the non rumble controllers. They are light and require no batteries! Just simply charge them at 1 of the 4 usb ports, and they last for hours! The six axis technology also works extremely well and makes every game more fun.
    It is expensive, yes I agree. But it includes BLU -RAY!!!!!!! Of course its going to be expensive. Blu ray players cost up to £1000 on their own anyway, making this console a steal and 10 x better than the Xbox! Futhermore, if people wish to compare it to the Xbox, the online gaming is COMPLETELY FREE! In fairness though, the Xbox games are slightly better than the ps3 at the moment regards to gameplay (not graphics). Because of this fact, I would suggest buying a ps3 around August/September time, as many of the great games would have come out such as metal gear solid 4, grand theft auto 4, tom clancy's rainbox 6:vegas, resident evil 5, pro evolution soccer 7, and many more!
    However that is only because of its recent release. Also if you want to get the most out of your console, then I would recommend you buy an HDTV.

    I would definately recommend the ps3! Its a quality product and value for money!
    I'm not bigging up play.com here, but this deal is superb. I looked around for a while before buying it, and I honestly couldn't find anything anywhere near as good as this bundle. (and its now £25 cheaper)

  6. NBA 2K7

    NBA 2K7


    2 New from  £15.58  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £3.29

     HD game!


    Apparently, it's the only game so far that maximises the ps3's potential on HDTV, making full use of the 1080p format. So if your fortunate enough to own one of those babies, then this game is a must. Unfortuantely, I do not. However, for the price, the game is very good, even if you're not an NBA fan, and the effects are still impressive. Sweat can be seen on players. Furthermore, the crowd, mascots, and cheerleaders all move in an incredibly realistic fashion. It's also good for multiplayer, as not many multiplayer games have been released. It also makes use of the six axis tilt technology for shooting, and putting off players during shots by shaking the screen. However, as I am not a big basktball fan, I did get bored of it quite quickly, hence the 3/5 rating