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  1.  Very nice shorts


    The shorts, like my title says, are very nice. They're nice and light for the summer, but seem well put together so they're not cheap feeling. They're also very stylish and the colour is great. Some pictures don't show the colour well enough, but the picture play are using is pretty much spot on.

    People keep going on about the sizing saying that they're too small and to buy the size up. Im a perfect 30. A 30 is actually a little snug on me. I bought the 32 going on what other people have said and they're too big on me by quite a bit. I would say that the sizing guide is spot on. if you're a 30 then buy a 30.

    Hope this helps.

  2.  doesnt work with gamecube games


    I bought this thinking it would be a good wireless solution for my gamecube games, but it doesn't work with them! It doesn't say anywhere in the description that it wouldn't work with them, and the design of the gamepad has all the same features of the old gamepad, so you would think it would be compatible. Very annoying.

    I also only gave it 2 stars because the analogue sticks are too close together making my thumbs touch. I don't have big hands, so this could be really troublesome for someone who does. And I also only gave it 2 start because it doesn't sit as nicely in your hands as the old gamecube pad.

    I'm really let down nintendo.

  3.  Nice T for the price.


    its a pretty good t-shirt for the price. fits nice and i like the colour. it has a good print and as someone said in a previous review, it is smaller than on the picture, but not by much.

    gave it 5 stars because a decent t-shirt at this price... you kind of have too.

  4.  Great player


    Had mine for a year now and i think its a great player. Sound quality is great and its superb for watching videos on. The software that comes with the player will convert any video format so it will work on the player. Very handy.

    I've had a couple of problems like some people have said bellow, but instead if bellyaching about it i just updated the firmware which took about 5 mins. Thats 5 mins in finding it on the net and installing it. doesn't take long.

    My only gripe is my computer one minute recognises the player and then doesn't. not good when trying ot put music on the player, thats why i only gave it 4 stars, but its really not that big a deal. Like i said i've had it for a year and i use it everyday and not had any major problems that simple logic couldn't solve.

    Well worth the money especially at £82.99

    Get better headphones though. I didn't even waste my time trying the junk that comes with them hehe.

  5.  Worth it for pristine condition.


    If you're like me and you like your stuff to be in pristine condition all the time then this really is a must. I didn't want to pay the £17.99 price, but i have to say its worth it. I've had my player for a year now and its not got a scratch on it thanks to this case. It also has a little belt clip thing at the back that acts as a stand for watching your movies on trains and things.

    Only 4 stars though because the inside of the case isn't cleanable. I think the glue from the little sticker on the back of the player has run from the heat onto the inside of my case and i can't clean it. It gets it on the back of my player. Pretty annoying, but not a major thing. Just take your sticker off before using the case.

    Must buy for keeping your player in perfect condition.

  6.  not bad for a tenner


    thin material and not superbly made, but for a tenner i can't complain too much. be warned though that they're massive. i buy a 32 waist for a bit of extra room cause i feel the 30 is just too tight, but the medium (supposed to be 32 waist) is HUGE. absolutely massive. going to have to send them back and get the small.

  7.  nice headset


    the bt2020 is a very nice headset. it looks good, doesn't stand out too much and is very comfey (right spelling? never mind)! the only reason i haven't given it 5 stars is the sound is a bit crackley, but only a bit and to be honest it might just be my phone! bought it for my ps3, so it might be absolutely smashing on that. great headset even with the crackle. definitely the one to get.

  8.  Ahead of its time


    i won't go massively into things cause others have quite clearly done that, but this game is just unreal. the attention to detail is amazing. everying can be interacted with in the game. you can even pick up a little frog hopping across the road and throw it! gameplay is good, but it could have been a bit longer. theres going to be a sequil though. my main plraise for the game has to go to the graphics. stunning doesn't come close to describing them. some parts just look average, but these are only small parts. for the majority of the game the graphics are incredible. the best i've ever seen and i can imagine the best for a while. like everyone else has said though, you do need a good computer to play this on. its a very demanding game, but worth upgrading your computer for. you'll have to upgrade anyway if most of the best games coming out are going to be of the same quality as crysis. my spec: quadcore, 8800gt 512 amp edition card, 3gb ram. i run everything at its highest in the game and top res for my 19inch monitor and it still has wee jittery bits a times. a must for everyone looking for a taste of things to come.

  9.  Chunk'tastic


    Chunk make brilliant t-shirt. Great quality and superb designs and at these prices you really can't go wrong. Even at full price (£24.99) they're still a bargain to be honest.

  10.  Average


    i have to say that im very disappointed in this game. after hearing on tv that this is supposed to be "revolutionary" sword fighting game, or something along those lines, i thought this would be a must for any wii collection, so i bought it. disappointment came only a short while into playing it. i could see after only 30 minutes how repetitive this game actually is. the fights are all the same, with you fighting 3 guys at once. this is hard because they all attack at once and from different sides. its near impossible to not get hit. the controls aren't sensetive at all. they would have you thinking that a flick of the wrist here and a flick of the wrist there will have you performing millions of different attacks and hundreds of different combos, which just isn't true. you'll find yourself swinging the controller in every direction and only pulling off the same move over and over again. very boring. there are also annoying cut scenes which lead onto parts where you have to press a button or swing the controller at a precise moment. i don't mind moments like that, but make one tiny wrong move and you're back to the start of the cut scene before you get back to that bit. you can't skip the cut scene so you'll find yourself getting very frustrated if you keep mucking up and having to go back again and again to watch the same thing you've just watched 5 times.

    that was just a few of the crap things about this game. all in all theres no skill which just makes it very boring and fairly dull. definitly not worth the money.