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  1.  Fantastic!


    For those who love movies with a warped sense of hyumour and plenty of gore then this is for you.

    A British Horror movie that has elements of 2001 Maniacs mixed in with Wrong Turn and the cast from Emmerdale.

    The acting is good with a dark humour plot inwhich we see a group of inbred country folk living in the back of beyond in Yorkshire who see the arrival of a group of Scout explorers. What appears to be a rather quiet, but odd village pub ends up being the haven of a dark secret. The landlord is more than just a host....

    The gore is plentyful, some very graphic scenes of torture, booby traps and raw killings make this a decent slahser for the Horror fan. The special effects are pretty good too with some very realistic make-up.

    The hillbilly song during the killings "oh by gum" give this movie a real sadistic creepy nature. Well worth a look!

  2.  Hostel: Part III - Quite disappointing!


    I really enjoyed watching the first two Hostel movies for their hard impact into the extreme horror genre giving the audience a real sense of tense gripping moments and plenty of gore.

    As for Hostel: Part III, The storyline tries to keep to the orginal by incorporating the underground network of gangs kidnapping poor unsuspecting soles to prey for their lives. The 'bloodhound dog' tattoo markings on those who were members in the original 2 movies is continued... although the motion picture is set in downtown Vegas.

    If you are after serious gore again, then you will be disappointed as apart from one tense scene of a young lad having his face removed (which has rather tame effects compared to some other movies) there is nothing much else at all. Disappointing!

    Worth a watch but that's all really... not a great fim :(((

  3.  Reurrection County - Fantastic & gruesome horror!


    If you love intense and gruesome horror then this is for you. In the style of movies such as Eden Lake, Staunton Hill & with the impact of movies like Hostel this film has you gripped with fear for the victims of a brutal attack during a weekend camping trip.

    Two young couples who go out into the back wood to enjoy a weekend of fishing, quad biking and general fun are soon met with a group of torturous and violent hillbillies. As their vacation turns into a blood filled nightmare you can only sit and watch as their nightmare unfolds. Some really squeamish moments of torture added with some quality gore effects as each victim meets their fate. Great actors / actresses and film Direction make this movie a real recommendation for Horror fans alike... enjoy!

  4.  Swamp fever more like!


    As the movie starts, it looks like we are in for a treat of intense gore with the added disgusting deformed characters, however when the film gets going it's more like a comedy with a hose-pipe full of blood.

    Some of the effects are fairly good but to be honest they could have made the story line better. We see a bunch of school kids drink a load of contaminated water, a grossly fat girl shag a guy in a swimming pool (that was the most horrific scene I think) and then a load of pupils start spuing red stuff everywhere. The military contamination officers condem the school and then shoot everyone, bang bang... The end!
    Worth a watch, but not that great a movie - sorry!

  5.  Dard Divorce


    Excellent Movie:
    Well, what can I say about this movie, I saw the US Unrated version so I cannot say whether the UK version is cut or not...

    I heard about this horror movie being pretty violent and being a horror fan i'd thought i'd check it out.

    It starts off about a couple who go through a bitter divorce, but the husband who is working in a burger joint hears about the owners being part of a drugs gang - he ends up knowing alot of the info behind the deal and therefore tries to get one step ahead of them and getting the money for himself, thus tricking and doing away with some of the dealers.

    As the gang leaders find out where the money has gone, they turn to the family (believed to have possible information) and try to get even . The ring leaders who will go to extreme limits to get information and revenge start off by paying the mother a visit - and if you want gore, then you wont be disappointed. There's tons of it and very graphic indeed!!!

    Some of the scenes (which are very horrific & realistic) include the mother being beaten and smashed about the face with a hammer, a guy being dis-membered and chopped up in the bath, another guy is chained up in a void to then get his face, head and shoulders smashed to pieces with claw hammer, and then disemboweled... and some youngster being chain-sawed in half!

    The story has a good plot with some good acting - horror fans of movies like "Froniers", "Texas Chainsaw Massacre or "Saw" will love it.

    Check it out... and bring a vomit bag with you, this is movie is graphic to the core - you have been warned!!!