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Product Reviews

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  1.  Excellent case


    Very thin case and feels and looks like it's high quality. Very pleased with it.

  2.  Great Game


    I love this game, its challenging, has lots of different missions, from stealing vehicles, rescuing miners or destroying stuff. It's not very easy either so will keep you busy for hours.

  3.  Works great


    I brought one of these to use with my Samsung LCD which has built in digital freeview.

    At first I was tempted to send it back, but as soon as I found a good spot for the aerial (high up above wardrobe), it worked absolutely perfect. Get clear picture for all the channels on freeview.


  4.  Awesome TV


    I was a bit concerned about buying this TV at first as I could hardly find any reviews, and I very rarely take the risk of buying something without first seeing what everyone else thinks.

    On ordering this TV and turning it on, The picture quality is amazing, colours are bright, EPG guide is fast and easy to use. Tuning is easy (long as your aerial is in the right place) or you could also connect your computer to the TV which works perfectly as well. Sound is great and extremely loud. Even the remote is good!

    All in all, Highly recommended.

    It also looks a lot bigger than you'd think only being a 32"

  5. 1408



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     Could of been better


    The tension that this film creates up to entering the room is pretty awesome, and i was in for a total scaring, but once inside the room, it quickly became the opposite, and even my little brother watched it and laughed at some of the supposidly scaring things popping out in the room.

    overall worth watching, but dont get your hopes up!

  6.  Fun film to watch, definately recommended!


    Despite what everyone else seems to say, it is a very fun film to watch, great story line, great acting and definately worth a watch.

    Maybe the story is predictable, but isn't every film, 'everything works out in the end' happens in every film out these days.

    Hope this helps and hope you enjoy the film as much as me.

  7.  Definately worth watching


    ignore what other people have said, they probably just didn't understand the film or couldnt work it out.

    This is definately a film for the thinkers out there, and i would personally watch it again, is a bit sci-fi,computerish crime, mayb along the same lines as Minority Report, but not quite as futuristic..