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  1.  Awesome little gem


    This is an awesome little gem of a film that has been severely overlooked by the masses. If you like films like Naked Gun or Anchorman, this will be your cup of tea. It is so much better than real blaxploitation films. Michael Jai White deserves a better career. He helped write and produce this film as well as play the part of Black Dynamite to perfection. Cannot recommend enough!

  2.  Good but not great...


    If you're a fan of Kings of Leon then you'll have to buy this album. However, be warned - it does not have the repeat listen of their previous albums and there are no stand out songs like the last album, Only By The Night (Closer, Use Somebody etc...).

    It's not a bad album - but it's definitely a step down for the might Kings of Leon.

  3.  Better than most of Seagal's DTV films...


    ... but it's still not a great movie - and it's not a patch on Seagal's 80s/ 90s period.

    Seagal has clearly used the lessons learned from his Lawman series in this film with some realistic looking police procedures on show. The plot is what you'd expect. Seagal is a loose cannon Cop who has to take out the bad guys in some cheap part of Eastern Europe. Cue sped up action scenes, choppy editing, cheap explosions, bad body doubles and even worse voice dubbing.

    For Seagal fans only!

  4.  Good cast and solid film...


    Good acting from all involved and an interesting (and scary) plot centred on international terrorism. Sure it is nothing original but it is fairly well handled - if only let down in the last 10 minutes with a contrived ending. Definitely worth a watch if you like the Bourne films, Rendition or Traffic.

  5.  Good little brit flick.


    It makes a nice change seeing a British film that isn't a wannabe Guy Ritchie gangster flick with every other word in the script being 'mug'. A good film with a good plot and good acting. Simples!

  6.  Like Heartbeat - but with a pulse!


    Funny characters, intersting plot and a great soundtrack. You could do a lot worse with two hours. Philip Seymour Hoffman stands out as the American DJ - as does Rhys Darby from Flight of The Conchords. Oh and Bill Nighy! It's fair to say this film has a great cast. I doubt the 60s was really like this but who wants real life anyway? It's from the same director as Love Actually. If you liked that, you'll like this.

  7.  Sean Connery is the boss!


    Sean Connery can do martial arts. For that reason, this film is not rubbish. It's your standard crime thriller with some big conspiracy at the centre. Not only does Sean Connery bang out some Kung Fu but he also speaks Japanese - with his trademark Scottish accent. Mental! It has to be seen to be believed!

  8.  Still great now - forget the sequels though


    I'm 24 years old and this film is still awesome! Raphael is by far the coolest turtle. Don't waste your time with the sequels as they are awful. This one is funny, original and action packed... what more do kids want??

  9.  Good fight scenes - not much else...


    This film has mostly terrible reviews. Sure the plot isn't the most complex or original but for two hours of entertainment, you could choose a lot worse. Let's be honest, if you're looking at a film called 'Fighting' you're not interested in anything other than the fight scenes - and they are brutal! Worth taking a look - but don't expect an Oscar winning film.

  10.  Great epic!


    First off, this film isn't a history lesson (far from it, in fact). While the historical accuracy of Braveheart is questionable, you can't fault the film. A rousing period-epic-war-drama with great acting and truly riveting battle sequences.