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  1.  Good stealth game


    Please don't believe all the unfair and negative reviews written about this game because from what I can see there is nothing wrong with it and I have been playing it now for about 3 hours and am enjoying it very much. Its true that it doesn't offer anything new to the stealth genre but if you are a fan of stealth games like Thief and Splinter Cell (1-3) then you will enjoy this game to. The graphics are nice and the lighting and shadow effects are excellent. The ambient music is also good and reminds me of Thief. The controls are also very good, easy and intuitive. This is not a run and gun game like MGS, this is a true stealth game were you have to sneak around a lot and infiltrate bases and stealth kill enemies and if you do not like this type of game-play that requires patients and watching enemies from the shadows to memorise there behaviour then steer clear of this game. But like I said before, if you are a fan of Thief and Splinter Cell (1-3) then this is for you, you know who you are.

  2.  Tomb Raider Underworld


    I was surprised when I played this considering all the negative feedback it got but to my surprise its really very good. The graphics are lovely and the game-play is pure Tomb Raider, just how it used to be years ago. I didn't encounter any negatives when I played it and found it enjoyable & challenging. If you used to like the old TR games then you'll like this...and guess what, it looks better on the PS3 than it does on the 360! I know as I have both.

  3.  Demo Review


    Downloaded both the PS3 & 360 demo to compare differences, did find the 360 graphics were sharper than PS3's but the PS3 controller felt better. I was a little disappointed though because this just feels like just another action game and not a RE game. The controls are clunky and slow and feel old style, you still cant shoot and move at the same time which is unrealistic since the enemies are capable of running and attacking simultaneously. I'm glad I got the chance to try out the demo but it did not want to make me buy the full game when it is released. If only they had brought the controls up to date and made the setting of the game a little darker and scarier then maybe, but I'm just sick to death of shooting brainless puppets over and over again.Graphically it is nice but that's about it.

  4.  In Space no one can hear you Ahhhhh!


    Im really enjoying Dead Space Its a cross between Event Horizon and Resident Evil. The graphics and lighting are just perfect, and the zero G sections are excellent. Its very creepy and atmospheric wondering around the Ishimura and not knowing when something is going to jump out at you at tear your head clean off! This is one of the best games that I have played in a long time. If you like Resi then you will not be disappointed with Dead Space...just dont play it with the lights off!

  5.  Fable 1.5 with glitches


    I don't know what has happened to everybody, have you all been brainwashed? Am i the only one who sees this game for what it is?
    Why everybody is giving this top marks is mystery to me. 4 Years in the making and this is the best that lionhead can do? A boring, repetitive, unoriginal, glitch filled, last gen fable 1.5 with a dog? When i look at these comments here like "amazing" "best game in the world" "classic" it makes me shudder. This game has a so many glitches, some of which can render the game unplayable. Alone in the dark had about 3 glitches and everybody slagged it off, this is worse than aitd and everybody says its perfect because its fable. The game play is boring and repetitive, im sick of killing bandits! And what is so fun about buying houses and making expressions at people? And like i mentioned before about the graphics, they are just a bit better than the xbox1. Don't be brainwashed by all the hype, this is nothing special, i was lucky as i only paid half price for it and after 2 days i sold it, i just found it glitchy and very boring. I played fable 1 and thought it was ok but fable 2 has not come very far since fable 1. Save your money and wait for fallout 3 instead.

  6.  What a mess!


    Don't believe the reviewers, this film is a ridiculous mess! what ever you do don't waste your money, rent it first! its just dumb dumb dumb, poor over the top acting, stupid story, awful awful soundtrack...did I mention the acting? I like Neil Marshall's previous films, Dog Soldiers, The Descent, but this is a definite step backwards!

  7.  Bad not this game is hmmm...


    Not bad based on the demo although I own a ps3 and a 360 and so as to help me decide which version to buy I carried out a side by Side comparison of the PS3 & 360 version of the demo and (I will probably get slated for this) the 360 version to my eyes was better, the lighting was better and looked more realistic, the graphicice were more detailed and smoother around the edges, also it ran at 1080p, the PS3 was 720p the lighting was not as nice as the 360 and the graphics were a little edgy for my taste. The 360 character model looked more realistic. I will be getting the 360 version. This is only my opinion based on the test I carried out. All in all I liked it!

  8.  YEH BABY!


    This game is just quality, it looks beautiful, the game play is awesome and feels like you are playing an action film, also the voice acting is some of the best that I have heard in a game for a long time, especially the guy who plays drake (he has been cast as the voice of the new Prince Of Persia) I can not recommend this game enough, I give it top marks for everything! You will buy it now! you wont regret it!

  9.  WHAT FUN!


    Got this the other day, thought I would give it a try considering its only £15, I don't usually like racing games but because it was off road racing it could be fun...and it is! we hey! the graphics are very nice, the environments are stunning and the dust and motion blur effects are cool, the races take place on mountains, deserts and canyons which makes a change from driving around a flat track, so all in all pretty good! you should buy. NOW!



    Top film, one of the best films I have seen in a long time, brilliantly acted, well directed and well written, very atmospheric in places and the tension just builds up, unpredictable to the end! wicked film! Gonna watch it again now"! bye!