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  1.  AWESOME!!!


    This game is absolutly awesome, i'm always a Sniper on FPS online mainly COD and i was very excited wen i first heard about this game coming to PS3 and i was not disapointed it was better than i expected, the sniping is awesome the bullet drop and having to compensate for wind direction and control your breathing it is exactly as it says in the game description, it truly is the most realistic Sniper game i have ever seen or played for that matter it has replaced COD as my fav FPS and it is about time they did a game focused on Sniping, i would very very highly recomend this game to anyone especially to ppl who like me love to snipe.

  2.  Bloody Amazing.


    This game is bloody amazing the best Naruto game by far in my opinion it surpasses Naruto UNS1 completely, updated & better battle system the cut scenes battles and graphics are outstanding if your as bigger fan of Naruto like i am then YOU WILL LOVE THIS!!! i love this game i'd recomend it to anyone

  3.  Brilliant


    I am a huge huge Predator fan and i loved this film it aint as good as the first or second i mean there classics and lets face it in any franchise the first film is usualy the best one out the lot, having said that let me get to this addition to the franchise as i said in the begining of this review i loved this film it's a great addition to the franchise the Predators in this film are new and upgraded with more advance technologie which is what you'd expect with it being so long ago since the first and second films there hunting techniques are different from one another which shows that they have personality and that they have there preverences but also they still have that awesome brutality as we've all come to know and love the effects and CGI come together very nicely. It hasn't got a whole lot of CGI like you'd expect which me personaly think is great the way everything is done is great in my opinion and i would recomend this film to anyone and if your a huge huge Predator fan like me then i think you'll like this addition to the franchise.

  4.  Fantastic , Brilliant , Awesome


    This game has to be the best in the series i loved COD4 but this is so much better the only downfall for me is the maps on multiplayer not too many good Sniping maps which for me is pretty bad cos i'm a sniper , but it's still a great game would recomend this to anyone it's awesome.

  5.  Fantastic


    This game was alot better than i expected i loved the previouse RSV wen i first heard bout this game i was unsure weather it could actually be better than the last game the graphics have improved so much the gameplay rocks awesome story the online plays pretty cool although theres one thing i miss bout the last game my wings!! lol i made elite on the last game now i gotta get those back!! lol anyway i'd recomend this game it is bloody fantastic everything bout this game rocks

  6.  Awesome


    I think this a fantastic game really great graphics awesome gameplay online plays pretty cool brilliant knife exicutions are bloody good 2 i'd recamend this game 2 anyone deffinetly a must buy

  7.  Both Fantastic Films


    these films are fantastic funny action packed as all chans movies usualy are wilson and chan make a fantastic team i recomend these two films to anybody

  8.  Great Film


    i saw this at the cinema very enjoyable film jonny depp was awesome in it as usual he plays jaxk sparrow fantastically couldn't of got anybody better all in all fantastic i recommend this 2 any body