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  1.  Amazing


    On occasions, I'll stop the film and have a break - not this time. I knew it needed full concentration and rightly so. Not a boring film as someone thinks but a different film. Excellent storyline, great effects and it finishes with what can only be described - the opening for the sequel. Recommended

  2.  Harrowing


    My subtitles were fine, the picture was brillant, soundtrack excellent and the film generally was one of the best I've seen. As true stories go, this was harrowing and remarkable. Its a another reason to admire those who fought to get rid of the Nazi's. Although many would never have seen all, the hatred and the spite, Im sure they knew why people had to be liberated from a life of persecution.
    Superb film, well told, well acted. Amazing film.

  3.  Excellent


    Great movie. Never liked the guy much until I watched this, but after a few sessions, got to appreciate the man and his music. Some great humour in there too. Well worth the money.

  4.  The Red Face


    Probably the last time I order before release. I shall wait for some reviews before I buy in future. The picture quality is not good, in fact quite disappointing. Compare this with Eltons 60th Birthday BD and there is a big difference. Why? Is it the Cameras used, is it the transfer? Either way, after all this extra money, its still a hit and miss affair. See Kylie 2008 - Lousy Picture, Gary Moore in Dublin - Brilliant. Watch Girls Aloud at the O2-Poor, Tiesto in Copenhagen - Outstanding. Its not my set up - its the disc and that means sometimes we're left with settling down to watch VHS Quality pictures at Blu Ray prices. Somethings not right here. The Hype given to the Stage Sets for this BD dont get justice. Sound is good, the songs are always good. Bad deal with this one. Not pleased.

  5.  Amazing


    Just that - The guy is pretty much better live than on track and a lot can be said for that with all the 'Lip-syncing' going about these days. Brilliant light show, super HD sound from Blu Ray and great quality picture. Knows how to captivate his audience, humble, honest, and who cares what he does in his spare time - Great voice, great songs - Dont let this one get away...

  6. Moon



    17 New from  £7.48  Free delivery

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     Not Bad


    Pretty good film - good Blu-Ray picture and sound, but it is predictable and one of those films where so little happens, it will be hard to watch it more than once or twice, as there's hardly anything to miss.

  7.  Im not a man....


    Very clever film with lots of smirky humour. The presence of Eric Cantona for me was as great in this film as it was on the field - and although this is not about football, he still adds the sparkle that matters. The sad thing is there will be people who think that because Eric Cantona stars, they will refuse to watch it, you know the guys I mean, Liverpool, Chelsea etc, but its not about the football - so give it a chance. Anyway if Eric had gone anywhere, he'd have been welcomed. Excellent purchase and will no doubt see things I missed when it comes to the 2nd and 3rd time of watching. Dont miss it.

  8.  Amazing...


    Wish I had managed to have gone to the Launch - Sensational stuff - maturing nicely with each and everything that comes out.
    Dont miss this one. Louder....!!

  9.  Electrifying


    Not having been one to listen much to Thin Lizzy music over the years, I bought the Blu Ray - The Strat Pack - featuring Gary Moore. I then found this Tribute to Thin Lizzy Blu Ray and ordered it - played it and was blown away. The picture quality is amazing as expected, the sound quality is electrifying - as expected - Moore's fingerwork throughout the concert is unmatched on stage and this disc should not be missed by anyone interested in any kind of music - let alone rock. Probably sounding better today than the original - Dont believe me? Try it...
    You wont be disappointed - especially at this price.

  10.  Wonderful


    One guitar - so many ways of making it sound so differnet, so unique - how does that work? Give it to artists like Hank Marvin and let him do it his way. Let Dave Gilmour have one and there's brilliance, give one to Joe Walsh and he'll get it working but try Gary Moore - he makes it talk. Brian May's there too and with Paul Rodgers on a vocal trip, the whole place rocks from the Fender Strat - Buy it, and crank up the volume, and still, the amazing picture quality has yet to be enjoyed. Dont miss this one - you'll regret it.