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  1.  Ali Campbell first solo concert on DVD!


    Yeah Ali's first solo concert is on DVD, after the painful spilt with UB40 Ali formed a new band called 'Dep' and took them to the Royal Albert Hall, Reggae legends Sly and Robbie also joined the great man on stage and Ali invited (most) of the guests from when he made his 2nd solo album to reunite for a 'one off' concert. Seriously if you're fan of Ali's then you should add this to your collection and you will enjoy it too. This DVD makes you want to go to see A.C Live with his Dep band.

  2.  Nintendo share's Mario's 25th Birthday Present!


    This game allows you to return back to 1993, the game was originally released on the Super Nintendo (SNES) in 1993 and to Celebrate Mario's 25th Birthday Nintendo decided to re-release it. it's Classic Mario and it also features Mario the Lost Levels which was never released in Europe until 1993. My favourite game is Mario 3 it's a clever but tricky game but it's still as good and fun as it was always. Back in 1993 Nintendo took these games and gave them the 16-bit treatment, OK they could have given these games New Super Mario bros style graphics but I'm not bothered the whole package is Classic Mario. The pack comes with the Mario All Stars disc game, A Mario soundtrack which is not bad and a booklet with different write up's about the games. If you're new to Mario games then you shoud pick this title up and it will keep you going for a while, especially the tricky Lost Levels! Honestly I think this game should not be missing from your games shelf.

  3.  UB40 Celebrate in Style!


    After 30 Years UB40 celebrate with the re-issue (re-mastered) of their debut album Signing Off, the digi-box pack comes with three discs and one out of three has a DVD of a Live concert which was recorded back in the day for television. The discs are little gems and a fanstatic version of 'Food for thought' recorded for John Peel (radio DJ Legend) and an extended version of 'I think it's going to rain today' I think for any UB40 fan this is a must have and if you are new to their music, You won't be disapointed- honestly.

  4.  Ali has done it again!


    For Ali's fourth solo album he's taken tweleve Classic British songs and put his Reggae magic on them, nobody else for me can cover these songs like Ali Campbell can he puts so much energy and thought into them. My favourites are He ain't heavy, He's my brother , Carrie-Anne (reminds me of some thing he might of done with UB40) and Squeeze box. I urge any fan of UB40 or Reggae music to buy this, If you do it won't disapoint.

  5.  UB40 Live as Good as ever!!


    UB40 Live is fanstatic, five Live versions of songs from labour of Love 4 was a selling point for me. Also I think they sound good with the new lineup (Ali has left, being replaced by brother Duncan) After 30 Years UB40 can still impress and you're be impressed too.

  6.  Mario is really Super!


    Mario Galaxy 2 is a great game, great graphics and good game play. All though if you havn't played Galaxy 1 yet i'd play it first as it would give you a good understanding of MG2. Like any Mario game before it and like this one it has a lot of re-playable moments, I still play Super Mario World and that's about 18 years old. People will still be playing Mario Galaxy 2 in 18 years time! if you havn't bought this yet, I'd say buy it whilst it still has the DVD and it should not be missed from your collection.

  7.  A fantastic game, A must if you like Sonic!


    What a good game! it's like Mario Kart but with most of the Sega characters in it that everyone likes and loves. The reason I rated four stars is that I'm not over keen on the commentary but don't let me put you off. If you like Sega and Sonic in particular then this game shouldn't be missed from your collection.

  8.  Labour of Love without Ali but it's good!


    The famous spilt with the former lead singer Ali Campbell two years ago, UB40 vowed to continue without him. After re-grouping which included giving Duncan Campbell the role of lead singer they set upon the task of recording LOL4. It's a good album with Duncan at the helm, but contributions from Earl, Astro and Norman make the album a typical classic UB40 album, all though the band have a newer sound to them. It's still unique and has the UB40 magic touch to it. I think UB40 are confident and able enough to move on after the fall out with Ali, I still miss his golden voice on their albums but I'm happy with LOL4 and if you like UB40 then it shouldn't be missed.

  9.  Good game at first attempt but fustrating.


    I've been really looking forward to the release of the game and got it the other day from Play, at first it's frustrating the car seems a little uncontrollable, even in a straight line it's awkward but once you get use to it it's a good game. Some F1 fans will really like it and some won't, for me there's no replay features, no safety car features and the commentary is also a little off putting, which is a shame. For the next instalment of the game it wouldn't be a bad idea if the makers, producers could work with F1 and it's fans to improve it. Overall I'm pleased that the game is part of my Wii game collection, so if you're an F1 fan I'd say give it a go!

  10.  Simply the best Mario game ever!


    New Super Mario bros for Wii is the best Mario game I've ever played, it takes the very best features from earlier Mario games. There's so much to do it's hard to put down, Lovely game play. If you're a Wii owner then this should not be left off your game shelf, also it feels like the DS version which is simply excellent. Buy it today, it will keep you amused for ages.