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  1.  Amazing Steam Intergration!


    This game is awesome! And it is intended for Steam which is free to sign up to. You can link up with friends who also have this game very easily so private games are a breeze to set up.

    Not sure what the others are complaining about, the 1-star rating about freezing during update is not a problem I have experienced so he will have to look into things on his side.

    Ask yourself, why wouldn't you want this game to be part of Steam? This game will be amazing when playing against your friends, but it is not mandatory to play against them.

  2.  Excellent Build Quality, Great Performance


    I had this laptop to replace the NR32S which was suffering alot under the strain of Microsoft's fail of the century, otherwise known as Microsoft Windows Vista.

    So when I first acquired the NS30 E/S I was left hoping with my fingers crossed that there would be a significant speed improvement, and I was not disappointed.

    I should first point out that I acquired this laptop back in July 2009 and it ran Vista without any slowdown until Decmeber 2009, where upon I recieved my free Windows 7 Upgrade disc (20 P&P). But since Windows 7 this laptop has really began to come into it's own. The performance has simply increased since Vista has been upgraded to a superior operating system which if you purchase this laptop before January 31st 2010, you too can recieve for just the P&P price.

    The design of the laptop is virtually identical to the NR32, and it still has the Sony Duo Card slot on the front, which is great if like me you also have an older Playstation 3 which has the same Duo Slot. This made transferring my editted video over to the Playstation 3 and testing in 1080p on the HDTV for quality issue extremely easy. Duo cards are also compatible with some Sony Digital Camera's and Camcorders.

    There is also an SD Card slot, which again, helped me to no end with my own Digital Camera and Camcorder. No additional USB device with trailing wires! That is more valuable than it seems, if not for only purely asthetic reasons.

    The 3GB supplied in the machine is more than capable of punching through the requirements of todays Operating Systems, and with a Dual Core Processor, I have found running several programs at once, one of which is usually quite demanding... Pinnacle Studio 14 Ultimate... the machine is still very fast. I can run Nero Vision, another video editttor, side by side with Pinnacle and both are operable to a good level.

    The screen quality is fantastic, it is a shiny surface and so sun reflection can be a problem outside, but given shade it handles the outside light very well and the screen content is visible at midday. Which brings me onto the next point...

    Wireless performance, in a word, very good. This laptop comes equipped a Wireless N wifi adaptor, which if you have the right Wireless Router should give you no problems with accessing the internet outside in your garden, regardless of the size of that said garden. Just be aware of the technical abilities of the router, some N routers are not as powerful as others, but all N Routers should, if placed by the outer wall, have an exceptionally large range and support the WPA-2 encryption to keep you safe... just like this laptop, which also supports WPA-2.

    Battery is life actually very good for the hardware it carrying, I can get about 2 hours out of the system when power settings are at "High Performance" and playing a game called X3: Reunion. Please see via google as to a representation of the strain that game would have on a battary powered system. For other uses such as internet and email, sometimes 3 hours is possible.

    I have noticed one problem, but I do not know if it is me, the laptop or Microsoft that is the cause. The text cursor when writing things seems to jump about the page, and the lines of text you write get messed up. This could be me sliding across the mouse pad or the OS which a patch could fix though.

    I can let you know that the hardware feels very sturdy. It doesn't feel like it will break in your hands, and even gives you a sense of confidence that if it fell on the floor it would last longer than another laptop. Although nobody would recommend dropping laptops anyway.

    At this price it is great but go to quidco dot com and get further discount through Play.com's link there!

  3. PlayTV



    Available  used  from  £29.98

     Noise on stand-by?


    Noise on stand-by is the PS3's Hard Drive spinning. This happens when you set the PS3 to allow "Remote start" via a Sony Playstation Portal.

    It doesn't damage the PS3 or HDD as the needle is raised but it does consume energy.

    PS. I have had PlayTV since it was launched and now that the first 2 updates hve already been handed out by Sony I have to agree with WhatTV? Magazine..... PlayTV for Sony PS3 is the best PVR in the world.

  4.  Ignore the bad reviews... game isn't even available yet!


    First of all, forget the bad reviews because people are already slating this game when nobody has played it. Which goes to show that they shouldn't be allowed to produce reviews as this is abuse of the system.

    Now I can tell you about the Private Demo that was given out by Sony, and so far the game looks absolutely amazing. It wasn't even 80% complete which meant that with 1/5th of the game yet to be designed they delivered a Demo that looked better than 99% of finish products.

    The AI was amazing, read ProjectJAY's review of bad AI... sorry but because you cannot play well enough that is no reason to judge a game bad. The fact is that if youpractice this game you will find the AI is better than in any other racing game. It is challenging and that is why the Motorstorm series is regarded as one of the best racing series in gaming history.

    I hope the online is going to be a runaway success like the last Motorstorm, the AI and gfx are already perfect from what has been seen so far and with 1/5th of the game still be touched up it can only get better.

    The Demo was 4/5, I expect the improvements to drive this title upto 5/5.

    ProjectJAY, do not do reviews if you are just going to abuse the review system.

  5.  Old or young it doesn't matter... Wall. E is AAA quality!


    This is one of those very rare movies that everyone who watches it will walk away with fantastic satisfaction. It doesn't matter if you hate these computer animated movies is they become more common, you will still love this one. I don't think Disney or Pixar (or anyone else for that matter) is going to be able to top this effort!

    AAA Grade stuff!

  6.  Ultra Real.... TOO REAL!!!


    There is no game that looks as realistic and handles as realistic as this! FACT!

    Don't expect much depth to the game, it is simply a very large demo but is it worth paying £20 for a demo? For the first time ever... the answer is yes!

    From the first time you see that Clio in front of you, you will instantly think "Hold on, I saw that exact same car on the [insert date here]"

    Only the PS3 (apparently) can deliver this kind of detail, and going on the current title's available to buy they are right. There is simply no other game on any system (PC or console) that is as amazingly true to realism as GT5:P

  7.  Amazing!


    Turn off the lights! Ramp up the volume! Unplug the phone and lock the door!

    You're on a one way ticket to an adrenaline rush!

  8.  Insane Racing!


    This is by far the best racing game out there. One second you are trailing a rally car going at high speed across a desert and out of both your of your blindspot a racing truck will cut into both of your racing lines and knock the rally car into a rocky wall, you watch in amazment as the rally car is torn to pieces as it smashes in to the walls surface before tumbing bonnet over tail as more piecies continue to fall of in every direction... look to the side as you overtake and see the rest of the crash spectacle, then look behind you and there a chance you see another vehicle that was trailing all of you hurtle into the destroyed rally car ensuring even more destruction. This game is total carnage and the upbeat country music provided by the likes of Primal Scream suits the high-adrenaline action to a tee. Yup, Primal Scream... doing upbeat country music, its a freakingly awesome match up. The other music genre's are fantastic as well!

    The vehicles look out of the world, the AI is ultra intelligent and it doesn't really matter if you are a great racer or in need of practice. The PS3 ensures the pack stays around you giving an immense spectable of aggressive racing. Its enough to keep you entertained for many many many hours.

    Those that don't like it do not know how to play it, you have to look infront, to the sides and behind you to see the scale of what is unfolding in the race. Bikes, Quads, Buggies, Rally Cars, Racing Trucks, Mudpluggers and Lorry's are chasing you... hounding you... crashing all around you as the do everything possible to stop you and each other.

    Using the multi-directional view through the mud section on the Grizzy race track feels like watching a Jason Bourne car chase, except you are actually in it.

    There seems to be some sort of random generator in the game as the AI takes different routes from the last time in a bid to keep up with you, the routes that you and they can take is really impressive. On some tracks you can be alone for 30 seconds on a certain route by yourself, next thing all of you are bottlenecked into a section of track that is the only option to go before splitting off, but generally you are either always followed or you find yourself catching up with a vehicle that just so happened to choose the same route as you! The game and its race tracks is so amzingly designed that this is the first racing game spectators will love to watch and not care about not actually playing it themselves. Always go for the in-car view and experience every bump in the road from the from shaky rocks to ramps.

    Gran Tourismo move over, this series is the new daddy of racers! People, get ready to make your very own race movie on the go and Enter The Storm!!!!!


    Oh, and don't eyeball the bigger vehicles. If they give you the cut-throat gesture, or the V sign etc from behind thier shattered windows they are going to put you in your place!!!!