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  1.  Flawed yet Genius


    I'm a little late with this review, seeing as I actually bought in in december 2009, started playing it in January 2010 and Platinum'd it in June 2010.... June 9th to be exact. I remember the date well because I was gutted Id finished what I believe to be the best game on PS3.. Big statement and Id better start by saying that it is flawed, bugged, and generally not actually finished but all that doesn't matter once you start to 'get' the game. Sean Devlin is a cracking character, very likable with some of the best one liners I've experienced in nearly 33years of being a Gamer, yup, I'm a mature gamer LOL

    Graphics are decent, not Uncharted quality but certainly better than Mercs 2, Pandemics previous game which in many ways, shares the same DNA as The Saboteur.

    Gameworld is alive and vibrant, the black/White and Nazi Red is with the constant rain is very depressing and the transformation to colour is a joy.

    Side Missions, well, there are over 1250 side missions which along with the story, kept me busy for close to 80hrs. It got to the point that real life driving would have me looking at Mobile Phone masts and mentally planting explosives to blow them up :D

    Story is decent, amusing in places, reflective and brutal in others.

    Bugs, plenty of them, ranging from system crashes to bouncing vehicles, spawning enemies in mid air, unattached telegraph wires, dodgy anti aircraft aiming, ah, the list is endless but it just doesn't matter, the same is brilliant and at little over a tenner, a steal.

    One piece of advice, actually two, expect nothing till after the first few hours of play and secondly, save your game often.

  2.  UT3 excellent value


    Firstly, Lag.... what Lag?! It's true there were a few issues when the game was first released but it's all down to common sense. If you have a rubbish connection and are hosting, don't host 16 player games, reduce it to maybe 8, with a decentish connection 12 max and if you have the mother of all connections then host the full 16 players.
    The recent patch is great, things have changed. BOT AI is more gradual now, comms is improved, ping is shown against all players, split screen is great. In game, you know who's talking due to a small speech symbol above their heads. The Tital pack arrives 19th March which will introduce new maps and game mods and remember, the new Mod browser will allow quick access to the latest maps.

    There are already some great maps out there. Canal Warfare & Immulsion are my personal favorites but there are literally dozens of great maps, mod skins and game types like Blood Run.

    For around £15 - 20. this game is great and if you love twitch shooters you'll be very very happy.

  3.  I was there


    I went on the Saturday, it was totally fantastic and when Led Zep came on... well ! The atmosphere was brilliant, the band was brilliant and when D.Grohl blubbed it showed just how emotional the place had made him.

    5 stars !

  4.  Absolute Quality


    Well, I bought a PS3 at launch, paid full price with two games, RESISTANCE & MOTORSTORM and I can tell you now that I don't regret it, what a system. Initially MOTORSTORM grabs you as the best as RESISTANCE isn't quite up to Half-Life 2 standard but as of now, July 2007, Resistance has closed the gap thanks to a brilliant update of the On-line system..... Take my advice, join a online Clan and have a riot.

    The playstation Network and store is ok but has been slow to add new content but that is changing all the time, Super Stardust HD is absolutly brilliant and so addictive, your one last go will continue for an hour. soon we'll have HOME and LittleBigPlanet which will revolutionise platforming.

    Games so far have been slow to arrive but do you know what, I really don't care as I'm enjoying the ones I've got right now, i.e. the ones mentioned and Oblivion which I haven't even seen yet as I'm enjoying the others so much.
    This Autumn we have some big hitters arriving like GTA 4 and Assasins Creed, sure the Xbox360 is getting them too but sorry guys, that machine, whilst powerful, is such a non event, rushed out and so unreliable and noisy !!!

    Back to the PS3, Firmware updates are steady, constant and make a difference, we've now got DVD upscaling and if the DVD is a quality one, the difference it makes is great. The PS2 upscaling isn't so pronounced, at least not to me, I think it's a matter of personal opinion. On the subject of PS2 backward compatibility, Well, nearly all of my games play great on the PS3 so I'm happy.

    PS3 quality.... Absolutely top drawer, faultless. I can run the console all weekend non stop and it remains quiet, cool and doesn't miss a beat.

    So, there you go and if you think I'm some teenage fan boy who knows nothing about gaming and consoles well think again, I'm 40, have been gaming since the Atari VCS2600 so I think my opinion counts.

    Final Score..... 9.5/10 ( i don't believe in the perfect score)