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  1.  Improvement and Better Quality


    Recently bought a Blu Ray Home Cinema and wanted to upgrade my HDMI cable at the same time. 1.4 version has a big difference in quality. Bought 1 for the PS3 and and 1 for my Blu Ray Home Cinema and the difference is clear to see. Just what you'd expect from a HDMI cable but a lot more. Signal from A to B and you're in.

    The cable is very sturdy and insulated very well. I'd highly recommend this to anyone. You will notice the difference.

  2.  Oh Yes!!! Nice!!!


    I bought this Blu ray System about 3 weeks ago and I am impressed. Replaced my standard DVD Home Cinema. Panasonic have produced a brilliant system here. The look is amazing in itself. Glossy finish all round. The Blu Ray player is very small and very quiet, you can't tell is it on.

    Sound is fantastic. What I've noticed with a Blu Ray Home Cinema is that the volume is double compared to a standard DVD cinema. For example, my old system I had it on 10, whereas the Blu Ray system is on 5 and is the same. Massive difference and quality. The small speakers, do not be put off by these. They are loud and the sub is just brilliant. You can set the speakers up manually and test the sound individually so you get the right balance and volume. Easy to set this up.

    Add the sound to your gaming experience and you're on to a real winner. Every game you play, you hear sounds within that you wouldn't notice on a standard system. Blu Ray Movies, well I don't think I need to explain how good the sound and picture is. I've got version 1.4 HDMI cables, which really show the quality of the picture.

    I've got the system linked up to my PS3 with an Optical cable (gold plated) and the sound is amazing. It really does bring your experience to life.

    Set up is so simple, everything is explained on screen. You can either manually set up or automatically use recommended set up. It is easy. Currently linked to my Panasonic Viera 600hz TV so you can imagine how good and how clear the picture will be. Very easy to link up, press 1 button and done.

    Other additions include an docking station for your iPod or iPhone. SD card slot also available and USB too. A slot is available for an antenna which connects to the Radio but I don't plan on using that anyway.

    Overall if you're looking for a simple Blu Ray Home Cinema that is not over priced, I would recommend this system especially if you are a first time buyer. This is a Quality system all round. 5*

  3.  Good Additons, but comes with Flaws...


    I don't know where to start with this. I must admit this is the most challenging PES to date. You really do have to create openings, use a lot of movement as creating space is key on this. Passing is brilliant, shooting has to be timed etc. The game play and graphics are top quality, commentating is very much improved.

    Training is a nice addition to the game. There are various time trials to take on which will help anyone to improve. All areas are available such as dribbling, passing, shooting, defending drills etc. Really good. But the defending drills are pointless as I'll explain below.

    But on the downside, I actually don't know how many PES reviews I've mentioned GOALKEEPERS!!! This year they are absolutely, and I mean absolutely SHOCKING!!! Why don't Konami fix something that actually needs fixing? Every single shot the computer has goes in yet it takes you about 3 or 4 attempts. Really frustrating. Simple shots are parried out and shots that trickle to the corner, the keeper just falls instead of diving. Shots that are going miles wide , the keeper palms it away. Come on, what the hell??!! Reminds of PES 6 where every shot went in.

    Another problem is when shots are saved or if the ball is loose, the computer will always get there first regardless if they are a million of miles away. Defenders just don't react to loose balls. The attacker always gets to crosses first. Clearances are always picked up by the computer first or the second ball. I could go on.

    Defending I have to say is just pointless. It is impossible to get the ball off the opponent. They don't react to getting turned etc, once the player has gone, that is it, you're buggered.. No matter how much pressure you put on the player, they seem to get through. No matter how hard you try to time a tackle, the computer just walks through it and leads to a goal.

    Speed of the players is very strange. I'm not sure if the stats of speed are more realistic. For example, I've noticed that when you play the computer, they pull away and you just cannot catch the player. I ran clear with Pato and Mertesacker caught up. Ok, that would really happen.

    Licenses don't really bother me because I can always get an update file. One thing I've noticed is that Brazil are not licensed, the players are but not the team. The home kit is green and the away kit is white. Transfers are not up to date but Konami have already released a patch to update these.

    I don't want to go any further because it might spoil it for others. The game is playable. You enjoy it up to certain points but the certain points spoil it big time.

    I'd still recommend the game to buy, at least try it out first. You might like it you might not. Each to their own.

    Thank you to Play for getting the game to me a day earlier.

  4.  Brilliant Cable. Fantastic Quality.


    First of all, the review below is pure rubbish. The HDMI Cable What Hi-Fi reviewed wasn't even this one!! Don't believe me? Take a look on What Hi-Fi's website.

    This cable is brilliant. It looks good, it feels good, it's strong and just the right size to get from A to B. It does exactly what you want from a HDMI cable, pure, smooth, crystal clear picture with great detail. The difference is very noticeble.. I originally bought the Official PS3 cable before switching to gold plated cables after reading many reviews. I wasn't disappointed. Don't spend over the odds, I've seen many 50 pounds + cables that do the exact same job as this one does. I've bought 2 of these.

    I've had this cable for nearly 4 months and I'm happy to say I've had no problems at all. For the price, I wouldn't argue. Grab a bargain.



    The 1st thing to point out is that the Transfers will be up to date by download the update. It will prompt you to do so when loading the game. The game is difficult to start off with even for the hardcore Pro Evoer. Everything has been overhauled on this game from passing to shooting, to tackling to defending etc. Passing will take a little time to adjust to but once you've had some practise, it'll fall into place. Passing has to be timed, directed and weighted. There is no more pressing the X button only, everything has to be directed otherwise the pass will go where your player is facing. Through balls are great, again have to be timed perfectly weighted, they look great when you pull them off. In addition to this, it'll depend on the attributes of the player, eg. Ozil & Alonso will play a better through ball than Vidic & Terry even if you use the same weight, direction etc. Hint: Practise makes perfect.

    Shooting has been overhauled. One of the best changes in my opinion, it's no longer easy to just shoot and hope. Now it is all about timing, direction and perfecting the power of the shot, otherwise Row Z calls. Not even with strikers like Benzema, Rooney etc can you hit and hope. The one player where you you'll probably have the hit hope is Ronaldo. There is always one player on PES games who is favoured, not even Messi is favoured. One on ones are harder, get the ball on target 8 times out of 10 you score (goalkeepers further down). It is difficult to always get the shot on target. The only problem I have with shooting is some shots float like a feather. Looks daft to be honest. The same applies with penalties, they look pretty poor, maybe it's just me and my timing.

    Tackling - One thing to Say - QUALITY. Some juicy challenges and the 50/50 tackles are great but you must time them and be in the right position.

    Tactics are spot on in my opinion. You choose your strategy, formation etc. The drag and drop option is very good, simple solution. Defenders stay in position and don't drift away, midfielders command the middle of the park and strikers look for runs to exploit the opposition. The best tactic is the pressure gauge, the higher the better. It is actually the best tactic to victory too although you don't always have it easy because you'll notice through some matches that the opposition changes tactics to counter your own.

    Set plays might take the longest to master, especially free kicks. You can practise free kicks on training mode forever, but come match day, it's different. I've practised with Sneijder and Ronaldo, scored some top goals, but yet to score one in a match, closest I've come is smashing the bar with Sneijder. Corners tend to be easy at times, cross, header, goal. Most of my goals have come from corners. Defending set plays is a mixture, some you win, some you lose, unpredictable adding a different dimension to the game.

    Online play will depend on your internet connection, the better it is the better the flow.

    There is a whole range of tournaments ie Champions League, 4 domestic leagues etc. Also you have the improved Master League which also includes the European Super Cup as well as the Champions League/Europa League etc.

    Sadly comes the bad points. Goalkeepers. Year after year nothing seems to change. One on ones always get parried straight ahead rather than out wide. A rare few go wide. Simple shots straight at them at a slow pace sometimes get parried, it's really bizzare that this problem never gets sorted. The good thing is that you can't score from impossible angles. Also there occasions where the player goes through the ball missing it.

    Overall PES is back. Don't believe me?? Try it yourself

  6.  Great System


    Fantastic system, sound is fantastic and very clear... The HDMI upscaling is very impressive and the picture is very very clear...

    I have connected it to my PS3, bought an optical cable as well and it is just a great burst of sound.... Easy to set it up as well, changing the function to DVD or TV for the PS3 is easy too....

    The system overall is great... A great bargain too.

  7.  Fantastic Music


    I know Aamar quiet well and I have to say it is a great honour to know such a great guy..

    The music is fantastic, singing is superb and the dancing in his video's are sublime.. A mixture of East and West, songs that many people can relate to.

    Just Being Friendly is a fantastic track.

    You should see Aamar dance in reality, quality dancer...

    Highly recommended to everyone.

  8.  Top Case for Your iphone


    This case is great, from a protective point of view and design, it looks great.. It is also designed for Apple iPhone 3G S Too, I have have the 32GB version and it slots in nicely.. Strong rubber case and very durable ensuring that your phone is protected all round.. The only area that is not so strong is the bottom, the gap to slot in your charger but you don't need to worry about it as you would have to still pull it pretty hard for it to rip.

    The grip is really strong and the review below hits the nail on the head when stating that it is bound to attract a few bits.. However you don't even have to wipe it off as it will just drop off after a bit.

    The screen protector is great and easy to stick on.. I massaged the bubbles out in 5 minutes, you just have to push them down a little harder than some... Quick and easy.

    I've had mine for nearly a month and it still looks as good as new.. I would recommend this case to anyone with an iphone 3g s.



    I have to admit I am 100% happy... After last years edition, I was really in 2 minds whether to buy the game or not, as I thought last years edition was not very good..

    After having a real go at PES 2010 over the last week or so, I am blown away... First of all the game play is incredible, much more realistic, the best thing about it is that you can't dash through the entire team with the likes of Ronaldo or Messi, you have to really work for your goals.. The passing is really good, through balls have to be precise and well timed, especially the run of the player it is intended for. Shooting is alot better, accuracy is the key.. There is no hit and hope which is a great addition, the game won't be as easy...

    1 thing I have tried out which I've never done before is using specific tactics and utilising a strategy. On PES 2010, it is really effective using specific tactics, for example when I played Real Madrid and Barcelona, I never bothered using any strategy, just chnaged my formation and got passed off the park with players everywhere.. However when I changed some of the tactics such as increasing pressure and pressing the opposition, it was completely different. Your players actually force mistakes and close down really quickly and cut out passes alot... A little hint for when you play Real Madrid and Barcelona :-) However be aware that the ref can be a little biased and some fouls are not given to you, I've had plenty of penalties not given to me... This really needs to be changed, I've even got away with some tackles that are along the lines of GBH... It can be frustrating because it tends to happen at crucial stages of the match..

    Also when setting your tactics, players stay in position, this a really good step up for PES 2010 because the last 2 editions, I have been frustrated when the opposition breaks down the wings and my centre backs drift out to the full back position leaving huge gaps in the middle... PES 2010 tactics alter this and you'll notice the difference when playing.

    Reason I have given 4 stars is because of the same problem, Goalkeepers. Although they have improved massively, they still have dodgy moments at key times.. There are alot of cases where they save with there legs when they could easily just pick the ball up. Some goals I have scored and conceded are where the shot is low and hard at the keeper and it deflects off the keepers legs and goes in.. Another thing is when they rush out, sometimes they are very slow, don't come out or come out way too late... I always hope every year that keepers are tweaked, but Konami are getting there..

    Master League includes the UEFA Champions League and Europa League, makes it more realistic... I've finished a season on the Master League, it is the best version up to now and hopefully it'll be better next year.. Realistic transfer values, wages etc. It is difficult to buy players but some transfers are very very very unrealistic... I'm Inter, tried buying David Silva and he went to Benfica :-S ????

    1 thing to note is Level Pro may become a little too easy after a few games.

    I can't really comment about online play because I've only had 5 matches where I had no problems at all.. Last years edition I had alot of jittering etc..

    The graphics are a major improvement, the players look more realistic and life like, the stadiums are amazing, more choice including Old Trafford..

    Overall this game is no let down... It is a big step up for Konami and hopefully they will improve on this next year without moving anything out... BUY NOW!!!

    Ps. When you play a high pressing game and mark Ronaldo out of the game, he gets a little angry and fouled alot.. He's been sent off twice against me :-D

  10.  QUALITY GAME!!!


    Great choice of fighters as everybody will know.

    The controls were not to my liking via the analogue - total punch control. However with a little practice I have got use to it. To my suprise I actually find that my fighter counters quicker. I've not mastered the controls but I can do alot of combos to the head and body in a flash. I find it hard to throw the jab because the slightest misjudgement will result in a right cross being thrown, which has no chance of landing. I'm sure with practice I'll get this mastered. Wild shots are out of the question on this, so more tactics are involved.

    The game play is awesome and it is great that you have to change your tactics in every fight. Throwing lots of jabs and hooks will work against 1 fighter but against others it doesn't. Fighting taller opponents is difficult becasue you have to get inside just like real life. A good addition to the game. Body punching takes it toll and the more you land the better it is for you in the latter rounds.

    1 punch can change the fight, a counter punch can deck your opponent or a single haymaker. I've been on the back foot plenty of times and land a quick short uppercut or cross that floors the opponent or stuns then so you can go for the KO. In addition the majority of shots have to be timed, just like a real fight. Haymakers are easy to throw with the controls used but against some opponents impossible to land. Another thing of timing.

    Legacy mode is the best since Fight Night 2004 with you starting at rank 50 and working your way up to the top. A new addition is where fighters challenge you, good addition in my opinion adding to the realism. You can customise your fighter with a different appearance for every fight you have. 1 thing I found interesting when setting up legacy is the option of a surname, you can put your surname on and it gets mentioned, there is a list to choose from. This gives you the feeling that you're in the ring.

    Overall I can't complain. I waited so long for this to come out and wasn't disappointed despite the change of controls. I would recommend this to anyone and don't go off the demo.