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9 (11% helpful)

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  1.  No Skill Needed


    I find the battle system very simplistic and very easy even 20 hours into the game when it finally gives you all the mechanics to play with.

    It may look like the best thing ever but the gameplay is the worst I've ever experienced.
    There is nothing to lose because if you get a 'Game Over' all u do is retry the same battle with no punishments or holdups meaning there is no incentive to succeed first time.

    All the leveling characters and obtaining better gear and items is limited and very straight forward with very little choice on how to evolve each character as you progress.

    To summaries my main issues are the difficulty and lack of choice. You could give this to a 5 year old and they would have no trouble finishing the game.

  2.  Epic. Brings the Video Gaming world to a more mature level.


    I finished this game in one sitting because I just couldn't stop playing, I had to know the outcome. 10 hours it took me and I still want to go back and play the whole thing differently.

    Recommened for mature audiences wanting to watch a mystery crime thriller unfold due to the choices they make and their reaction time. Emotions required.

  3.  Enjoyed First 2/3


    Started off interesting and was setting up an intreging mystery and then when the plane came I wasnt expecting it so it propper shocked me.
    I enjoyed it, good watch. Just be in the right mood to watch it.

    POSSIBLE SPOILER (just incase):
    Only thing is the end makes the movie pointless, why have the numbers at all... they didnt play any helpful or progressive part of the movie? Why did Nick Cage need to go to any of those locations?

  4.  As Difficult as the Original


    If you have played the original you understand the difficulty of this game. Be prepared because this version is no simpler, it just throws in a few extra features along the way.
    Purchase only if you have the determination needed for this game!

  5.  New to Boxing.


    I don't watch boxing and havn't played a boxing game previously.
    Great gfx, great fighting gameplay and good atmosphere. The analogue controls which alot of people complain about is something that i propper like. Top game.

  6.  Not overly impressed


    The story is a bit plain and the missions don't involve a great deal of depth. You won't get emotionally attached to any of the characters.
    The military enemies are not very engaging, they just stand and shoot while u hack then to pieces. The AI is nothing to shout about.
    Overall the city doesn't feel alive, the cars braking for you is about all the interaction you get. The padestrians are an endless mob of the same character models of souless drones.
    Travelling the city is the most fun you'll have but again the buildings are just flat boxes which again adds to the dead, dull atmosphere of the city.
    The game offers plenty of attack moves, and combos with all the flashy shapeshifting weapony but taking on the livless enemies isn't much to really get the most out of the combat.
    Trying to stay hidden from the enemy is pointless becuase killing anything in site has no consequence to it.

    If you are looking for a quick mess about and don't care about depth then this game will provide some short bursts of fun.
    But if you've looking for an in depth, polished game with a good story and a city which makes you feel like you're part of it I would turn to 'inFamous'.
    Overall not impressed.

  7.  Agh!


    Didn't play the first Condemned.
    I have only played this in the dark and alone and it has had me jump from fright and panic in terror quite a few times.
    Very entertaining if you're looking for a scare!

  8.  Entertaining Play


    I purchased this only recently (16/04/09) and have never played a Def Jam game previously.
    Great music, great character customisation, great single player story and plot, great SFX, great character combat reactions when a hit lands, great fighting styles, great envoronments reacting to the music, great having real people and great voice acting.
    Down side is that there is little choice of fighting areans but the change in colour filters keep them interesting. The combat is slower and more ridged than other fighting games which may put some people off. The main single player only consists of 1 on 1 fighting so it is very repetative but I enjoyed the combat so no problem for me.
    Overall it was a very entertaining play through, and at £15 there is no complaints from me.

  9.  DEMO


    BadCompany has been the only demo I have played for longer than 10 mins... well after a few hours I am still playing it and you only get 1 multiplayer map with it. =P
    Put CoD4 down and run to ur computer and pre-order it! A must buy for me and I hated Battlefield 2 (dont giv me eviles!) !!
    Best part is the Menu music haha

    Graphics - 9 (CoD4 still beats it on graphics)
    Gameplay - 10
    Sound - 10
    Overall - 11 / 10 !

  10.  Godly


    I have lived under a rock for the past 3 years and have only just come to find the 'God of War' series.
    I have recently bought God of War 1+2+Chains of Olympus and played all 3 back to back.
    This PSP version is atmospheric and combat full as the PS2 ones. Loved it!
    Best hack + slash series ever.