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  1.  Gory but fun


    This movie has a great sense of fun, without losing the scares. Quite gory, and the plot has been done before, but it is a classic one. Very good acting as well, Nathan Filion is one of the most likeable actors about, and quite good at it too! More than worth buying at this price. A quirky, scifi horror that doesn't le you down.

  2.  Greatest Christmas Movie


    The music is amazing. There's no getting by that. You have to love every song, if This is Halloween and What's This? Will likely stand out the most. Plenty of fun characters, with spot on voices for them. This is dark, the place and people of Halloween aren't watered down, but they're aren't monsters. They are what they are, simple as, and that is the classic premise of this story. Jack wants to be something else and you know how this will turn out, not that that will put you off in any way. You will revel as the ghouls and witches of Halloween prepare for Christmas and the presents they create are very funny, but seeing Jack proclaim himself the Pumpkin King is a real highlight. A walking skeleton he may be, master of terror, but it is what he is and it is right and great. It would scare kids at times, most likely, but these are good scares, and much more fun and a very uplifting tale. This is the sort of movie kids should watch but adults must see it; it is too much fun not to. This will make you love Christmas, and monsters too.

  3.  Good Enought to be Made Up, but Isn't


    First this reveals much of Japan of that time, internally and also their relations with the outside. This book also tells of the growing empires of Europe, how they spread their tendrils of trade and how they clashed in doing so. Finance and religion both play very strong parts. This book doesn't focus on one man; others had serious effects and much is put together to give great insight to those who came to Japan and how they lived. With actual writings from them this book makes clear the authenticity of this work and it is intriguing as well as informative.

  4.  Excellent and Exciting


    In a way you can't fail in telling of events to do with Renaissance Italy, especially when dealing with murder and plots. Yet this is very well written, easy to follow, excitingly portrayed. This author chose to investigate these matters and this does feel like reading a murder mystery or detective novel. It doesn't hold back on gruesome detail either, nor does it judge those of the past by our modern standards. These are people who lived in dangerous times and thrived in them, or fell, and to read about it is informative and enthralling.

  5.  Wow. That was some movie


    First off, this movie is out there. If you find a Hollywood horror tough, forget about this. It is mad, but clearly with method in it, and a lot of class. It is very intelligent as well as deranged, and moving as well as horrifying. The plot is brilliant, it doesn't let you down either after so much build up, and the music is wonderful, really raising the level of drama. This isn't some petty gore movie or something freakish just for the sake of it. This has feeling and thought behind it, and the two antagonists are vile and yet not without sympathy. They are never apologised for, just explained. I wouldn't call this a horror movie, but it is horrifying at times, yet can be funny and moving too. An intense and dynamic movie, but very tough to watch. It is worth it though.

  6.  Better than the movies it refers to


    Part of me expected this to fail, the hype and comments were almost too much, but I'm glad to say it proved as good as it was said. Not only is this very funny, with great lines and moments, but the plot is genuinely intriguing. The cast is magnificent too- you recognise all sorts and none let the movie down. Nick Frost is still my favourite though. It does go along the usual formula of cop movies, but that is the point, so while you can guess many things to come, you don't begrudge them for it. I wasn't happy about the ending though, felt that went on too long, was too obvious and who forgets about Edward Woodward? But again, that is following the set pattern of the last bad guy. They went away from Shaun of the Dead, they stepped up a level, and they succeeded in both.

  7.  Original and Brilliant


    First, this movie is as much about getting old as it is about Elvis or mummies.
    This movie is about regret, but more importantly taking that chance to set things right.
    Campbell is brilliant, although I love Ossie Davis; he acts the President, not some guy who thinks he is.
    The music is astounding as well, never a wrong note to an inappropiate part. Everything fits, more than that, it raises the level.
    I defy any beating heart not to feel tugged on when Elvis and JFK come round the corner, set to defeat the Mummy, with the music playing.
    Great atmosphere, some funny and also energetic set pieces, as expected with Campbell, and some fine acting makes this one of my favourite movies ever.

  8.  Wished for more


    I read this book for one reason only.
    I have an unexplainable liking for the movie and even went to the lengths of figuring out who was who of the 13 warriors as best I could.
    I hoped that by reading this there would be more on them, explaining each character and why they came to face the horror.
    Unfortunately there are just names, only a few characters are described in this book. They are good ones, especially the leader, Buliwyf, but I would go as far as to say for once the movie has more layers than the book.
    This is still a good book, with more about the Eaters, also more back story to Buliwyf and a sense of the affect the raids have had on the country.
    Yet the sense of a good old heroic saga is not as strong as I would like. It is an historical account, deliberately so by Crichton, and while I admire him for trying this way of writing, I just prefer the drama and nonsense of the movie.
    If I had already read this book, then once is enough and I would not have bought it. If I want to enjoy this tale again, I'd rather turn to the movie and watch Herger laugh as he kills.

  9.  Probably my favourite Gemmell book, so far


    I love this story.
    It begins so normally, in terms of knights and nobility and magic, and yet it goes further and further from that.
    Characters you instantly think badly of or look down upon become the heroes the land desperately needs, and a couple you will doubt that's possible even when they don the armour!
    For me, Gemmell always knew how to write heroes and villains, and especially the range between the two.
    Here you will find the lot, set in a troubled land that's easy to understand and yet has fantastic terror hanging over it, lying in wait.
    This is a story of heroes coming together when the old ones are gone, and ugliness on the outside never defines that within.

  10.  Love it! Fantasy literature that never takes a step back.


    This collection of short stories contain strong tales of action, but never let that cloud the character of Tomyris. Her scarred nature is vivid, as are the memories of the war she survived; she could easily have been a Vietnam vet. Yet she is still the hero of the work, and certainly not the heroine. Her femininity is clear, as are her passions, but you never think of her as a woman warrior: she is a warrior and an individual, she stands as she is due to who she is, not what.
    The dark mysteries, the strange foes, the bizarre monsters; much is akin to the Conan tales that I love, but Tomyris has more depth, and others around her to care for, or endanger. The fight scenes are swift and often savage too, which is always appealing.
    This is classic fantasy of a different kind, but none less classic for it.