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  1.  Good speakers.


    These speakers are ideal if you love bass. I purchased these to replace a set of 2.1 Hercules speakers that were half the price. I am only giving these speakers 4 stars as even although the build quality is excellent, the sound produced by these speakers seriously do not justify the hefty price tag. My old Hercules speakers sounded good, and I was expecting the upgrade to these to make a significant difference to my listening experience, but for the price the difference is not that noticable, considering my Hercules speakers were only 30 pound and these are nearer 70. Having said that the speakers do sound good and are nice and clear, the bass is very crisp, my bedroom is very small and I dare not turn the bass up more than a quarter of the way round. If you are looking for a good set of speakers that will last you years then by all means go for these, but if you are on a budget then I would seriously consider a cheaper alternative. I do not regret buying these, but I wish I had took into consideration cheaper 2.1 sets. One of the best features of these speakers is the handy bass knob on the right speaker, with my old set I had to fumble round the back of my sub woofer in order to adjust the levels.



    I had heard so much about DAB radio but was reluctant to spend a lot on a radio, I had seen this radio in several shops and decided it was the one for me. I had a look on the internet for DAB coverage and after a quick postcode search I discovered that I would be able to receive 21 channels. I purchased this radio and after a stupidly simple set-up - seriously if you have a finger, you can set this up - I found that I had access to 31 channels, 10 more than I was expecting! Great sound and easy to switch between stations. It even has a FM radio, but I doubt I will use it.

    I am very impressed with this radio and would recommend it to people interested in upgrading to DAB radio before the switch over.



    Wow, I have never before heard bass like this from a set of headphones. My volume wasn't even half turned up and my ears were ringing after 2 songs!!! Seems to find bass in songs I have never heard before. A good action movie with these beauties on and you will feel your brain rattle with every explosion!
    If you are looking for BASS then these are for you!!

  4.  Great!


    Just exactly what I was looking for. Good decent sound, not overly bassy. Sound is crisp and clear. Sounds amazing watching movies. Didn't hurt my ears after watching Transformers, and didn't have the feeling that they were crushing your head. I was going to get a pair of Skullcandys, but after reading some reviews I decided to get these, and I am so glad I did. I bought these on blind faith and I am totally impressed, If this it what these ones sound like imagine what Sennheisers other, more expensive ones sound like?

    Covers your ears completely and blocks out external sound fairly well.

    Very light and comfortable.

    Just buy them before they go up in price, at £14.99 whats the worst that could happen?!



    My Mighty Mouse died on me, so I was looking for a cheap and functional mouse as a replacement until I could afford another Mighty Mouse, I liked the look of this mouse and thought for the money couldn't go wrong. how right I was. Works a treat and superbly fitted to my big hands. The only thing I will say is that you will need to get a copy of "Steermouse" to configure the side buttons for forward and back as they seem to be set to Expose by default, but, this is an OSX fault not the mouses. Lets just say that since using this mouse I have no intention in going back to The Mighty Mouse. I have ordered another 2 of these while they are so cheap and I suggest you do the same. An absolute bargain from Gigabyte and Play.com. I am one happy customer!

  6.  Fantastic!


    Considering what my old pc speakers sound like. These are awesome.

    But they are not wall mountable and they do not include a full-featured wireless remote.

    Still great for the price. I got SRS Audio soundlabs as suggested and I was blown away with the sound! Turning up loud when mates are in really shows off the bass these beauties can handle. My friends were well impressed. When I asked them how much they thought they cost, most people say £50-£60 so that gives you a general idea of the sound quality you are getting.



    I have loved madcatz controllers ever since I had one for my N64, Ever since then I have owned at least one for each console since, and all of them have outlived their official counterparts. This is an absolute steal for £6.99. I already own ps2 madcatz controllers and wanted some to use with my ps2 to usb converter cable for my PC. They work a charm, you wont find a cheaper deal, and with the quality that madcatz offer you would be mad not to buy! Compatible with the slimline and the original ps2. and works a treat with the ps2 to usb converter!!

  8.  Cheap and nasty.


    For this to be called a LED Torch is a joke, The light is so dull that my Mobile phones screen is brighter. I had mine for a week and the plastic split at the top near the screw that holds it together.

    My honest advice, If you want a torch buy a torch. If you want a Sonic Screwdriver buy the toy its 10 times sturdier and brighter.

  9.  Love This Mouse!!!


    This mouse is great value for money and feels so good. It fits the mould of my hand perfectly and with the added forward and back buttons at your thumb, its the perfect mouse for long browsing sessions. I loved this mouse so much I ended up buying two for my brothers. The feedback from them has been great. My eldest brother said it was the best mouse he has ever owned!

    Best of all, its under a tenner!!!

    What are you waitng for?...

  10.  Great Value From ACER


    An absolute must for students or people on a budget. A sturdy, fast reliable laptop. My only problem is that it does not come with a backup disk. but using one of acers features one can be created easily. 5 stars!