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  1.  Beware of drowning in women!


    Do you like beer? Do you think drinking beer is cool? Do you want everyone to know you like to drink beer? THEN WHY HAVEN'T YOU ALREADY BOUGHT THIS T-SHIRT?!?!

    When I came across this t-shirt I was in shock....there were still some left in stock! For a long time I've liked to drink the occasional beer and people who know me knew this, but random people on the street did not. As you can imagine, this was not an acceptable situation. Since buying this t-shirt, I can just see people looking at me in awe, and so they should.

    The best thing about this t-shirt is probably its conversation-initiating qualities. Previously, due to my 'different' facial features and 'voluptuous' physique, I felt very nervous speaking to women. Now I have a weapon that they are helpless to resist. When I explain to them that I like to drink beer and love a pun, I can actually see their knees get visibly weaker. If I only I didn't still live with my mum I'd be rolling in women!

    In addition to it's pulling power, I must add how this t-shirt enhances your friendships. Because people can see without me even opening my mouth that I love beer and I love a joke, they are immediately more receptive to me. My friends love this as well because they know that people who see them out with me know that they must have cool friends.

    For anyone who wants to make abundantly clear to everyone who sees them that they like a laugh, this t-shirt comes highly recommended. Buy now while stocks last!!!

  2.  A Quacking Product!


    This product comes highly recommended to any true patriot. As a lover of the Queen (not like that) and also nature, this purchase was a no brainier. For me, there is no greater pleasure than a long, relaxing bath with a copy of the Daily Mail and a plastic duck in the shape of the Queen.

    I bought this product on my Royal Wedding spending spree. Having bought all the royal merchandise I could find in anticipation of the big day, I went in search of a pair of mallards modelled on Wills and Kate. To my horror, these products do not yet exist. However, this was the next best thing. Clearly I could not use it in the build up the Royal Wedding as I was camping out like all true fans, but it was a great treat to come home to and I very much enjoyed my first bath in a week when I got home.

    Overall, a fantastic and, for me, essential product. Just a week after receiving it, I could no longer imagine having a bath without a plastic duck in the shape of Queen Elizabeth II occasionally brushing past it. Buy now!!!

    NOTE: The only reason this product does not score 5 stars is the lack of resemblance to the real Queen. I feel that they haven't quite got the colour of her eyes right and the skin tone is slightly different. Also, the Queen does not have a beak

  3.  Exactly as described


    This is a fantastic buy. I ordered this case three weeks ago and have still seen nothing in the post. This proves that, as described, the case is completely invisible. The only reason this product does not get 5 stars is that in the time that has past since I ordered it, I have dropped my phone twice and both times the phone has dented. I expected the casing to prevent this but it does not appear to do so. In terms of invisibility, though, this product is faultless and therefore comes highly recommended

  4.  Why can't I give it 6?!


    Having purchased several of Miss Price's earlier works for sums approaching 3 quid (including free first class delivery) this book, standing proud amongst the "gliterati literati" was an absolute must-have.

    I must confess to a somewhat guilty pleasure when reading Katie's books. A sense of fretful apprehension however, completely overcame me as the due delivery date approached.

    Would this book be what it needed to be ?

    It represents a paradigm of media obsession that has transformed British society, and therefore would need to be superlative in its commentary on that most modern of icons, the powerful independent woman.

    It would therefore need to be intimate, showing us a side to Katie that the press so often ignores or worse, glosses over. It would need to be insightful, showing us her motives and innermost thought processes.

    Would it succeed as a social commentary upon modern society ?

    Or a titillating Byronesque romp through the life of a modern day heroine ?

    The delivery date arrived and my expectation was at fever pitch.

    I devoured the book in one sitting, anxious to discover its insights and pearls of wisdom. I will not spoil this webpage with my conclusions and will leave you, dear reader, to explore and delight in this work for yourselves.

    What I can say, that was money extremely well spent.

  5.  Get yourself with the times with this walkman!


    What a great find this was. I thought the only way of listening to music on the run was via a ghetto blaster but not anymore! This has changed my life - thank goodness for my friend telling me to stop listening to the wireless and start shopping online!

    The concept of this product is the idea of a small device that can be carried around almost without the wearer noticing. There are 'headphones' coming out of the device which allow the music to be played directly to the ears. Once started, music plays much like it would off your record player. Imagine - all your favourite vinyls on the move! Huey Lewis And The News never sounded better!

    I would highly recommend this cutting edge item for it's sleakness and modernity. I just cannot see that this will ever be superseded...

  6.  Be warned ! This product is not what you expect !!!!!


    So when I came across this gadget while browsing this site I thought my problems were over. How wrong I was !

    So the bell arrived, well wrapped (thank you Play.com) and attractively presented in a plastic carton. My suspicions were first raised when upon opening I discovered a woeful lack of instructions, so I thought to myself, well in for a penny in for a pound, grasped the handle firmly and gave it a great big shake...

    Nothing happened... I rang it again and waited for some considerable time and again, nothing. I checked the packaging once more, to check I wasn't missing anything but the wording is a clear and unambiguous promise. Ring the bell, they will come and so will you.

    Several vigorous shakes later and still absolutely no action whatsoever, I concluded that perhaps it would only work outside, so off I popped to the local shopping precinct, perhaps other people needed to hear the bell before it worked.

    As I was led away by the local constabulary simultaneously decrying the efficacy of this product and protesting my innocence I vowed to ensure that no-one else would buy the bell and suffer my disappointment and consequent ignominy, hence this review.

    Even the Free Delivery was no solace for my stolen dreams.

  7.  A literary classic!


    What. An. Amazing. Book! This is literary gold! An incredible book documenting the life of a fictional meerkat. If anyone can find a better way to spend their time than reading about fictional meerkats then they're a better man than me!

    This book about a fictional meerkat from an advert is the perfect stocking filler this Christmas. Whether you're buying for someone younger than you, older than you, friend or family, you can guarantee there's nothing they'd rather do on Christmas day than read about a fictional meerkat off the TV. It is thrilling, topsy turvy journey that will keep everyone on their toes! It would even be suitable to read out to the entire family, possibly after xmas dinner. I challenge anyone to be able to put this down!

    Anyone with a sense of humour must buy this book about the life of a fictional meerkat...simples!

  8.  Cooky Bok!


    Once again HFW has provided his loyal fan base with hundreds more recipes to inspire and to stretch their culinary imaginations.

    I for one, had never entertained the idea that organic squirrel, freshly harvested from the verge of the A303, roasted whole with home grown oregano and fennel would be a such a show stopper at a recent dinner party, but it was. Without Hugh's help the meal would have been a complete car crash!

    Hugh has a no-nonsense approach to cooking that is refreshing and enlightening. I was inspired after reading this book to go out to forage for mushrooms and berries to add a simple "elan" to a family gathering last weekend. We are hopeful that my mother's liver damage will not be permanent and that the hallucinations the younger children suffered should subside over the next few weeks.

    This book is not for the safe cook, if you want cosy cooking Delia and Nigella will welcome you with open arms, if however you consider your cooking to be at the very vanguard of culinary experience this book is for you.

    P.S. No squirrels were harmed during the writing of this review

  9.  I love the Stig!


    To anyone who asks "who cares who the Stig is?" or "what's cool about being able to drive really fast?" or even "why on earth would you watch a programme hosted by some middle aged losers who still think they're hard by breaking the speed limit even though they're well into their 50s?", I say: YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK!!!

    Sure, you could go out and socialise with your friends or visit your family, but then can you really do all these things to the max without knowing the true identity of the Stig? Picture the scene: you're in the pub with your mates, or more likely a World of Warcraft convention, and someone says something like "I wish I knew more about the Stig". BAM!!! You come along a knock them out with your expert knowledge of the man. That's the kind of reward you're in for after reading this cover to cover.

    I know what you're thinking: "I still don't see how this could possibly be of interest to anyone with a life, surely it's just a guy who covers his face while driving fast". Well let me tell you why it's of interest - he can drive REALLY fast!!! The bottom line is you would only know just how fast he can drive and just where in the world he has demonstrated this skill after reading this book. For that reason, I believe this to be the best book money can buy this Christmas.

  10.  Wok a book!


    This book was an amazing find, I can't put it down - it's literally stuck to my hand! There's so much in here that you can't be let down. Whether you're entertaining someone special, or just need to satisfy your own cravings, this is the book you need to consult first!

    In my household, my wife used to do all the work and I have to admit I was too passive, but this has really spiced things up! To anyone who is tired of going through the motions every evening, this is highly recommended. Whether you just use it for a quick starter, or consult throughout the main course, this book is of massive assistance.

    My wife keeps saying she thought I found it hard cooking...she has no idea!