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  1.  Great movie, average transfer, no special features!


    The film is a classic and should be getting 5 stars; unfortunately I have to dock 2 - one for the complete lack of ANY special features, and the other for the Blu-Ray transfer which is acceptable, but not much more. For the record, it doesn't make sense to say that older films were "not filmed in high definition". Good quality 35mm film which has been well preserved is more than a match for the 1080p resolution which is the current standard. Whether or not film grain will be visible is another matter; more often than not the problem with Blu-Ray transfers is excessive smoothing of the image to hide grain rather than the image not having enough "definition".

  2.  Buy them. Buy them now.


    I just ordered my second set of these 'phones. I've had a set for 5 years, during which I have used them daily. They've been dropped, knocked, squashed, constantly pulled in and out of various devices. Obviously they're looking a bit worse for wear; in fact the plug is at a funny angle due to someone tripping on the cable and yanking it out of the PC... this killed my sound card's socket... but the headphones survived this and all the other abuse they've taken over the years. They still work and still sound as good as they ever did.

    Which brings me to my next and most important point... they sound great. Admittedly I am not an 'audiophile'; I just love music. Many different genres of music, all of which these 'phones handle very well. They like bass and are particularly good for hip-hop, reggae, blues and rock. I seem to get the best sound by simply using Winamp's "Reggae" preset for almost everything. They are also great for movies and games.

    Finally they are comfortable. Many headphones cause problems for me when wearing glasses, but not these. They are light enough to wear for extended periods, and they fit well without applying excessive pressure. Plus the long cable is very handy... even if it is occasionally a Health and Safety risk ;-)

    These headphones are much better than you should expect for the price. The build quality may not look great, but they really are built to last - which is why I'm buying them again, not as a replacement but as a spare for the ones which still do the job after 5 years of hard use. In the interests of a balanced review I want to say something bad about them, but I honestly can't think of anything...