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  1.  Great but bad description from play


    I bought it for my gf who loves it but hates lavender. Play could of mentioned its added lavender smell in the description. At the moment I think play are getting a lot worse with slower free delivery since introducing faster postage if you pay. I also think they are just getting lazy putting the products on with a poor description. Makes me want to go back to the High Street. Apart from that its a great little product

  2.  Amazing Value


    Not a big headphone buyer but for 8 quid they are a bargain. By far the best I've ever had. Buy them, you wont regret it

  3.  First half rubbish, second brilliant


    Went to see him at the MEN and I have to say it wasn't the best performance. During the break speaking to family about it saying this is pretty poor, jokes arn't funny and it was a waste of money. However he came out and was his usual funny self. I can only give it 3 Stars cause it was an average comedy show. Lee Mack is the DVD to buy! Fair enough I haven't seen the DVD but I thought seeing comedians live was better than buying the DVD.

    P.S. He would rather earn more money than put in a good performance

  4.  Just Brilliant


    So many good songs and for the price,all I can say is that its a steal. Best song for me is Jump out of your car but there are so many others. Not only is the album excellent but there even better live. So its as simple as this, get the album and go see them

  5.  A film for idiots, made by producers with no budget


    This has to be the worst film i've seen at the cinema. Never before have i heard so many people laugh, it was a shame the film was trying to be serious. It an obvious twist so really its not even twist. The film would of been good if it went back to before the incident but it didnt. It played the same 10 mins over and over again. I could of made a better film on my phone's camera.

    The acting is poor and in any film you wait till the point were the president gets shot or another incident, then the film leads on. This film showed u the beginning ten times. If you want to see a load of people getting in and out of cars all day then look outside your window. I wouldnt have this film if it was given to me. There is not one thing about the film i could say was good. This film is nearly as bad as deja vu. To finish this off i will say that people with good taste will hate this film.