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  1.  Nice program


    This a clever little program that teaches you how to create impressive pictures - from basic line drawings with a pencil through to adding light and shade with paints. It has its limitations, but it's certainly no gimmick and the skills you learn can be transferred to the real thing. One thing to note: if you have a dsi / dsi XL you may be better downloading the game off dsiware - it has the extra feature of being able to import photographs into the program and tracing them / painting them.

  2.  Clapton on a good day


    Seeing Clapton live is a bit of a lottery. Even when he's going through the motions, he's good. But when he's in the mood - which he clearly was during this gig - he is fantastic. This is Clapton really enjoying himself and producing brilliant solo after brilliant solo. The balance of songs is just right, combining classics and blues staples. If you want to know what Clapton's all about, or you're a fan who hasn't seen this concert, then this is a fantastic DVD to get..

  3.  Good but not great


    This series is gripping TV, but for those in the know it's not as good as it aspires to be.
    Particularly disappointing is its slanted view of "criminal justice" - the police are corrupt, solicitors / barristers give their clients instructions rather than the other way round. There are token gestures to redress the balance ie. the young copper who can speak French and the young barrister who takes on the murder trial (as if!) but on the whole, this is pure fiction.
    Taking the programme for what it is - a yarn - should give you hours of entertainment, although I did find the final wrapping up episode to be rather rushed.

  4.  Sick!


    These films aren't for the faint hearted. They are very violent and don't shy away from showing gore. They aren't classics by any stretch of the imagination, but for those people who enjoy watching horror films on a Friday night with a few cans of beer, these films take some beating. Especially at thebargain price of £8.99.
    The first film is available in a standard version & extended cut. I was perturbed that the image of the box on play shows it to be the extended cut, but the box that I received didn't include the "Extended Cut" wording. Taking the individual DVD box out, though, confirmed that this is the extended cut.

  5.  I wanted to give it zero


    This film is awful by any standards. There are no redeeming features to it whatsoever. Make sure you watch the original before even entertaining any thoughts of watching this infinitely inferior remake. (The endings are similar and the very worse thing that could happen is that your enjoyment of the original is ruined by this codswallop).

    This is a complete stinker. What was Nicholas Cage thinking? Didn't he read the script before signing up? Wasn't the fact he was required to run around in a bear suit punching women for no good reason a slight hint?