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  1.  Ace


    The aqua blue model, which is due to be discontinued, is probably the best handheld console that Nintendo has produced. The build quality is very good, but the only 2 things I'd change is the button to turn on wireless internet connection is a bit dodgy, plus the padded buttons at the bottom of the bottom screen are prone to wear. Mario Kart and Mario 3D are ace games, Luigi's Mansion 2 and New Super Mario Bros. 2 will also be ace games. If Nintendo releases Wave Race 64, the 3DS will be set in stone as Nintendo's best ever handheld.

  2.  So, so


    Wouldn't say this is a classic, but it's a great idea for a movie, but oddly, there's not a lot of violence in it. Most of the Warriors don't look hard enough to be warriors, there just isn't enough in there to warrant calling it The Warriors. I hope there's a remake at some point with actors that look hard for the role. I've rated this 3 stars, which is just above average.

  3.  Hyped game


    Looks and plays great, but the levels are quite short, plus as you move through the worlds, they're all the same type, just different variations. The bonus levels are quite poor, they're not as good as New Super Mario Bros. on the DS. For me, this just isn't polished enough, too much of a rushjob.

  4.  Drags on for too long....


    I was really looking forward to this, as the first one was ace. But for about the first hour, not much happens, plus I got sick of seeing footage of the video cameras which are situated around the house, it was like watching Big Brother. Towards the end, it kicks in, but hardly much goes on. Terrible directing, dodgy storyline, dodgy acting, another horror movie containing kids and a dog, a mass let down. I hope number 3 is ace, but number 2 has ruined the series.

  5.  Ace!


    The first one was a big let down, more so due to the dodgy save feature, number 2 was a lot better, but the timer on the missions was annoying and there wasn't a free roam mode. With this updated version, it's totally ace. Quite a lot of new features, and most of all, there's now a free roam mode which is ace. Even if you've played the standard version, it's worth swapping it for this version.

  6.  Just one thing missing....


    I thought that the UK release would have included the American ending which is by far the best ending out of the 3 endings. Other than that, it's a great movie. Hopefully, there will be an updated release showing the American ending.

  7.  Excellent quality


    I bought this cable to replace a cheap one that I'd bought for 2 pounds a few years ago. After using this on my Xbox 360 and PS3, there was quite a big difference in the (screen) quality. The cable is of excellent quality and it weighs quite a bit. Very pleased.

  8.  Mind boggling....


    After a 40 minute install, there was also 2 (online) updates which kept crashing the game. Playing this on a HD TV using a HDMI cable, I was shocked how outdated the graphics looked. Backdrops such as hills etc., looked washed out and undeatailed, this was also the case with things like buildings etc. Also, there's some framerate problems, and when you pass cars, they go blurry and start shaking. Oddly, when you switch to incar view, most of the graphics appear to be black, so there's hardly any detail. Most of the tracks are old tracks, then you've got the same tracks but in reverse. Gameplay wise, it seems faster and that's about it, nothing has changed since Turismo 3 and 4 (3 being the best in the series). What lets this down in a MAJOR way is the graphics. Even changing my TV options hasn't made much of a difference. 5 year old graphics I'm affraid.....

  9.  Not bad but...


    Not the quality you'd expect from Sony. Doesn't look as good as the old model, cheap casing, looks a bit bland. Also, you can't really stand it up like the old model as you have to buy a stand so that adds to the cost. £250.00ish isn't much of a price drop even though you get a bigger hard drive which to me, isn't such a big deal. The hard drive can be taken out to upgrade just like the old model. All in all, I think it's worth around a £200ish price mark.

  10.  One of the best, if not the best...


    An excellent insight lasting over 600 minutes (4 DVDs). Begs belief how many times Hitler survived so many attacks on his life. Full of colour footage, British plots to kill him, the lists goes on.