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  1.  A true fantasy


    simply brilliant. I suggest you dont read official reviews about this game because they dont really do this game justice. certain reviews have suggested that you cant level up until around 5 hours into the game, this isnt true at all, im a little over 2 hours in and have already begun to lvl up and have class choices. The first few hours are simply unreal, you will not miss the levelling system at the beginning as there is just too much going on to take your mind off it. This includes getting to grips with the new battle system (which fits with the game perfectly) and also getting to use with atleast 6 of the games main characters and a little insight into there personal goals and an insight into the main story. All in all it is a must by and i am reluctant to play it to death because i dont want the experience to end.

  2.  Get your Rocks Off!


    One word, Awesome! Serious good fun, for the serious gamers who are basically intent on 100% achievement points as it is every bit a challenge and for the people like me who get drunk with friends and think that we can become Metallica overnight only to wake up with a bad headache! Its better than GH3 for the pure reason that it just plays a hell of a lot better, its easier to follow and theres no major distractions from daft animations etc. The single player mode is solid as it plays pretty much like an arcade game. Easy, medium, hard then expert modes all with unlockable songs which you can then play in 'quick play' mode to fine tune your performance. Rock Band world Tour is probaly the best part of the game as it enables you to get together in a band with your mates or family and play gigs and sets at various locations around the world unlocking items (such as instruments, clothes, accessories etc.) and working your way up from the bottom of the music pile to the very top playing gigs for the chance to get bodyguards and band managers to join you on your way. And if that isnt enough you can download tunes from the XBOX live marketplace which is constantly updated. A must buy for well, just about anybody who wants to have serious amounts of fun! 5 stars but worth alot more. :P

  3.  Not the Best but....


    Its bearable. It solely depends on what you want from this game. If its a storyline then you got one...but you have to wait for the next installment after completing this one as its being made as a 3 part series. If you want endless amounts of armor / weapon / ballistic options then Too Human has it. To be honest at first i didnt really feel optimistic about this game, then played the demo (highly recommended as you will know if this is the game for you from that demo) and then bought it on day of release as i thought it was a good game. Only thing that disappointed me was that theres about 5 or 6 hours gameplay to actually complete it and then theres the whole replaying the game again. If your like me and you like the whole armor customising and mix and matching then you will play the 2nd time as you just want to see what the next armor drop you will get for your next level etc. Its not the best game out there but then again theres nothing to compare it to. One thing i would say is that this game runs as smooth as Bill Gates's PC it seriously refuses to stick which is good because the graphics are of good quality. In my advice, play the demo as i did and make up your own mind, its a proper marmite of a game but i love it!

  4.  Works for me


    Ok, still playing this game and still loving it, had about 16 hours play so far and im still hooked. Yeah it has a few annoying niggles that do tend to get on top of you during the game but the storyline and general gameplay far outshine the bad points, For instance, the whole bringing up the menu during a battle is not all that bad, im playing through on normal and have only really had to do this during boss fights and even then its to bring the other characters back to life who then in turn, cure on the first action anyway so your pretty much covered. the only annoying thing i can think of within the menu is the fact that when you attempt to close the menu (say after creating an item etc.) using the B button the party command (i.e save MP or Combo command) will randomly change. Maybe a glitch? Anyway, overall the game is a great effort and as somebody already said its what FF12 should have been. If your into JRPG's and you can cope with the odd annoyance here and there then this should be right in there with your 360 games collection. The game overall is a solid effort and if there is 25-30 hours gameplay then ive got a bit to go...HAPPY DAYS!

  5.  Great Game for RPG fans


    Anybody who likes playing turn-based RPG's will die for this game. Its fun and has a great storyline. The characters are great and the battle systems and skill points system are a good addition. The graphics of this game are quality and what we have come to expect from recent RPG games. What lets the game down is the supreme lack of any mini game. Ok its not essential but when you just fancy a break from the levelling (which as many people have explained, you need to do alot), its something that you just need. Other than that its a great little game and is worth the money.

  6.  Worth a shot


    This game is definately worth a shot. Not only is it challenging theres plenty to do. Id agree with bloodfalcon that it will never live up to a final fantasy title...but have you any other option on the xbox 360 so far?...ive seen some upcoming RPG titles and this would still be the best, the graphics are superb and the storyline is good. The battle system is something that i was new too but its easy to adapt to and its enjoyable especially in the long drawn out boss fights. The battle system seems set up so you will actually have to monitor your enemys attack sequences and move your characters to basically "dodge" an attack when it comes. the characters are good too with the usual blend of fun and seriousness you would expect from an RPG series. The downfall for me would be the golems (monsters you can collect and use within battle). Most of the golems just arent strong enough and you will find yourself using the main characters for 3 quarters of the game time. Other than that its a good game and well worth a shot.

  7.  Well worth getting


    I dont know why this game hasnt got a better rating. Its not a horrible game. Ive yet to see a game that matches up to what a final fantasy game can bring to a console. And this is just another chapter to a gaming series that i hope will never stop producing stunning games. Ok the gameplay wasnt the best and it sort of felt like a prototype for upcoming FF titles but it was still enjoyable. The whole battle format was great and id be glad to see it in another FF game easy. If your looking for summons and some real power at your fingertips though then youll be disappointed. Until youve upgraded a few spheres then your gonna feel like a weakling for a while. After the initial steps though its an enjoyable game and theres not many games were you can get over 40 hours of gameplay. Great value for money.

  8.  The best in the series


    Has to be the best clubland out. I think they are up to number 11 and the clubland series is completely going downhill. This album is from the time when clubland seemed to really understand what we wanted on a dance album. Nowadays it seems that its full of remixes and re-releases of old songs which just happen to be either classic dance tracks or even worse, a half hearted effort at a quality hardcore track. I would recommend this album highly to anybody who enjoys the clubland series and to stay well away from any of the clublands above number 7.

  9.  My chemical cyanide


    Kill me, kill me now! I hate this band with a passion, didnt bother to buy the album as the tracks they have released are just pure rubbish, First off, what is emo?...ive never heard any band class themselves as emo so i reckon it doesnt exist. i dunno who the lead singer is but he has a good voice in my opinion, theres no need to whail like a baby and make dumb facial expressions at the mic...just sing. I think they just try too hard. A complete waste of money. Money better spent elsewere.

  10.  Steve Coogans a comedy genius


    I have to say i hadnt really watched anything of Alan Partridge before i bought this dvd. And its now one of my favourite dvd's. Each episode seems to get funnier as you watch it. Steve Coogan plays Partridge brilliantly in portraying him as a confident man with a dream that just isnt happening. But it makes for funny viewing :D. The DVD main menu is funny enough even if you dont watch the episodes. Highly recommended and a must buy for anyone with a sense of humour :P