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  1.  Better than the first but doesnt quite make it to the top


    They are superb. The cell shading the wii has come to reley on has never been so detailed as in red steel 2. Its atmospheric and really well done.

    Sound: The sound is a mixture between western and japanese music in the background with some slightly upbeat music for fight scenes both on loop. Its not intrusive and i only found it an irritance when the fight music was stuck on loop outside of fights. There is some voice acting, but its fairly limited and not overly spectacular.

    Well the wii motion plus removes some frustration from the game, and the customisation of sensitivity is a nice addition. However the wii is showing is age with the lack of sensitivity the new playstation technology has and it can be frustrating when you get hit due to the correct move not going off. the fluidness of the game is a definat improvement over the first

    The side quests have had little thought and are more an irritance than actually fun. Finding that last wanted poster can be somewhat infuriating! The main quest is ok, but the ending is so horrifically rushed and concequnetly a huge letdown... it might aswel just say... the end.

    Style: This is where the game earns its stars. Its full of it... if someone said can you combine wild west with japanamie... they would say no... but its really stylish and the moves can be rather brutal and satisfying to execute!

    Overall: I think this is a good game, if more effort was put into a gripping story then i may have given it 4 stars. Unfortunatly the limitations of the wii hold this game back, but its a reasonable solid purchase... just expect some tennis elbow after long play sessions!

  2.  Legendary


    Rubbish Acting
    Low Budget
    Rubbish Writing
    And rather Cringeworthy

    But some how this series is just very addictive and very funny. The quotes will make u laugh over and over. Its really quite Memorable and very worth buying!

  3.  Misunderstood


    I think the limited installs on this game have turned people away which is rather a shame. The game is actually very good.

    Gameplay: Imagine Civ without the irritating turn based rubbish combined with sim city but with some sort of general objective... set in 1404 and there u have this installment of Anno. There really is a huge amount to do when you build your town. It all starts very simple, however it rapidly becomes rather complicated and requires alot of micromangement, your never left bored staring at the monitor... there is always more to do! The campain is really one huge tutorial for the continuous game mode, which is good but dont expect anything special.

    Graphics: Although to run everything on high you will need a beast of a system, im not sure this game has been particulary well optimised... i must say the graphics are rather attractive, from the little people in your town right up to the warships and cathedrals there has been a very large amount of attension to detail for which i have alo of respect. Describing the orient may be a little confusing to some as many of us associate the orient with the japanese and chinese cultures, however in this game the orient encompasses the arabic cultures. There is a nice blend of history with realism and the model of trading is very diverse!

    Sound: I feel there could been a larger selection of musical scores for the game to use, however all in all the sound is a pleasing background noise and not much more. The voice acting however is not bad at all, perhaps a little irritating at times but overall it feels appropriate and doesnt detract from the experience.

    All in all i would reccomend this game, especially if you can get a collectors edition ( only 30,000 made) but its alot of fun and will keep you hooked for hours on end (i regulary had 4 hour warnings)

  4. Okami


    Nintendo Wii

    8 New from  £12.99  Free delivery

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     Excellent Value!


    I must say for such a cheap game, One which was Originally developed for the ps2 it really does translate to the wii very well.

    The Graphics: Looks excellent, its very atmospheric and sticks to the traditional japanese art theme. Yes its not next gen and doesnt look quie like GT5 but the framerate is high, there isnt any slow down and its a pleasure to watch the world change. There are also some quite nice vistas in some areas.

    Gameplay: 40 hours plus of zelda style hack slash and adventure exploration. Animated with short cut scenes, boss fights, dungeons and memorable npcs. The main character is similar to Link in that our protagonist doesnt speak and has an accomplice that does the yacking. Cute but annoying as in the zelda games.
    The difficulty curve i feel is somewhat higher than zelda, Particulary the latest edition (twilight princess) and i would not reccomend this game for someone new to the action adventure genre. There are many humerous points as with many japanese productions and they can lighten the mood of the legend. (the lore in this game is based on what we would call japanese fairytales)

    Sound: The music is very atmospheric as with the graphics, The characters voices however are quite aweful but this doesnt really detract from the overall experience.

    Overall Great value for money and a somewhat serious game for the WII which it lacks!. The wii controlls can be frustrating and i know most people have found this but its a minor niggle and for such a low price i would reccomend to anyone

  5.  3 and 5 Stars!


    Well i found this movie difficult to review, but i settled on 4 stars

    The reason being is that the film is not particulary action packed and the action there is, is rather uninteresting. The story is far from weak and the two main characters feel somewhat involving. Overall my first impression of the film was that "its not bad, nothing too special but worth watching" ie 3 stars. What this movie did do particulary well is to show how gritty and dangerous Wrestling is, which i think is important as many people dont understands what professional atheletes go through, let alone atheletes which are encouraged to abuse steriods.

    Then i sat and thought about the movie. I would compare this movie to the Horror movie known as the Ring. The reason i do so is that all the events during the movie are designed to lead to one pivitol moment. The suspence, the sadness and joy etc, all lead to this one point in time. As a Concequence when one dwells on the the ending you are drawn to various points in time and relate to this character. This is where the Wrestler really shines and i belive it becomes a 5 star movie.

    Please before u give this movie less than 4 stars... think what it symbolises, what it means to you

    'Any moment in our life could be wonderful or terrible. It just depends on how we see it while it's flying overhead.'

  6.  vs Godfather 2 and Gta 4 this game is the best of the 3


    GTA series peaked with Vice city,

    Godfather 2 was an improovement over the first

    However Saints Row not only evolved from the first installment, it added many of the things we enjoyed in GTA that simply were not present in GTA 4...

    For those who "like" GTA for its realism... they seem to be missing the point, as GTA in the past was never about realism, it was just about fun. And there lies my problem with the GTA 4 Formula. It was restrictive and storyline focused. Unfortunatly the main character, back story and game story were all terribly weak which made for overall an average game...

    Now Saints Row does not make these mistakes, The story is illustrated with many amusing fun cutscenes, The combat is great, There is far more customisation than in GTA, The Framerate is FAR higher than GTA etc. Only problems with this game were that the story could be a little longer with a smaller focus on side missions... All in all this game is Fantastic and a solid purchase for any platform

    PS. Dont worry if you havent got the first installment. The backstory is explained and one does not miss out on the full experience!

  7.  Good but Few issues


    This game is good, the textures have been slightly upgraded from gamecube, and the gameplay has changed very little from mario kart 64 that really made the series hit the big ttime!

    Saying that.... There are a few issues with gameplay

    1 Is that the wii wheel is generally poor, and on some tracks (rainbow road) is very difficult to use. Saying that anyone more than the most casual gamer is likley to use a wii controller or even better purchase a game cube controller which takes this issue away!

    Blue shells are a pain and can somewhat ruin the race and enjoyment especially when trying to earn coveted stars on higher difficulty levels.

    Last critism is that u have no choice on turning items on or off and single player feels perhaps overly long, in that running the same 8 cups through over and over gets dull.

    Where this game does however shine through is with WII Online. Its great fun online or with friends and the irritating mechanics can become alot of fun and cause some good banter!

    All in all this is a solid purchase for any wii owner and fans of the series are bound to get a minimum of 20 hours play. Fans with large families will no doubt get much more enjoyment!

  8.  A Beautiful Interactive Novel in the Zelda universe


    Although far from a Graphics Showpeice, this game looks and feels great and boasts a great story and some excellent puzzles.

    The gameplay is similar to other zelda games. The player is tasked with saving the world, and on their way to that goal will trawl through various dungeons collecting an assortment of gadgets. The only difference in this game is the addition of a helpful, however rather strange companion Midna. She gives you some additional abilities that are unseen and can be quite useful, however the times you use her are quite few and far between and after the first few encounters she feels rather more like a warp tool than an addition to the story.

    None the less the story is very strong, if not quite as addictive as the legendary ocarina of time, it is a close second. I think some of the game charm from OOT and Windwaker has gone, However the game has a much darker feel so its an acceptable loss

    As i said the graphics are far from showcase, Yet they run smoothly in an acceptable defination that will allow you to play for hours on end without sore eyes!! woopie. The instancing in the game can be frustrating as there are sometimes consecutive loading screens which can detract from the fun and irritate the gamer... Castle town is a nightmare for this. From castle town warp point there is a massive 4 load screens to get into some of the shops inside. zzzzzz

    I belive this game is essential for any wii owner, young or old, the story is quite long and if your a completionist expect in excess of 50 hours of gameplay. Some casual gamers may find the game too long and never complete it. Though they should still enjoy what they do play!

    None the less this game is definatly a 4 star game and well worth the money!

  9.  Most overhyped game of last year


    Many would argue with me, yet i have spoken to numerous people who agree, quite frankly this game is over rated, it is more a gfx showcase than a full game. The following is my break down

    Story line:
    The story line is poor and uninteresting, it grips you little and the game really doesnt make u want to continue playing very much as there is no rpg element either.

    The gameplay is distinctly average, the weapons you use are weak, i mean come on 4 or 5 shots to kill someone is no fun when ammo is restricted and the game "TRYS" to give u a sense of realism.

    AI: The AI is average in the game, they do react to you, however sometimes it feels like your completly hidden and to the AI your not, where as othertimes they will shoot randomly into where they think u may be. So at times they are clever where as sometimes they are painfully irritating.

    GFX: Ok this game does look nice, on DX10 its frankly quite beautiful, tho some textures do seem to have had alot more attension than others. Rocks for instance looks poor, so does the ground in some areas. However this is not a moan, vegitation, characters and the sky look fantastic. Also vehicals look quite good aswel, with speed gauges that actually work for the 1st time in many fps!

    Overall: This game doesnt add anything to the FPS Genre, the suit worked ok, but u find urself using some functions much more than others, and also being frustrated when u run out of a certain skill, Melle combat can be a little buggy i would like to add. All in all if your an fps fan this game would be a solid purchase, but i wouldnt suggest it as a 1st FPS, Half life 2 is still significantly better and COD4 delivers nearly on par gfx with much lower system requirements and much better multiplay.