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  1.  oooh the mini-games


    this game is just worth it for those mini-games. This is just simply good old fashioned mario fun, with some nice new features. takes you back to days of snes, and makes u realise why you loved mario so much.

  2.  so few words needed


    So fantastic, they have gone back to more simple style pokemon with silver/gold very much an influence, and the little 3d touches are so well done. Takes you back to the days of red, blue and yellow. Pokemon is back with a bang!

  3.  The cold reminder this is a child's story in everyway


    Fair play to Rowling, she made a lot of money, from something she isn't that good at. By the 7th and final entry of this "epic" tale, most of us will have come to two conclusions. firstly that Harry Potter is indeed a child's story, and so should be viewed only as such. Secondly J.K.Rowling is the most mechanical author in history next to Dan Brown. These are not essentially bad qualities, as Rowling simply makes the most of what limited talent she has, by using a formula in each book. Harry, Ron and Hermione have an argument, make up, save the day by hook or crook, and go back to good old private drive.(ignoring the 10 or so Authors she has stolen every idea she has, coupled with her awful use of middle class stereotypes and pathetic ability to name people (cho chang comes to mind) ). Now thats all well and good when your 13, closed your second book in the series and have heard very little hype about "the boy who lived". Harry Potter has gradually declined into an overwhelming ball of hype, plagerism, and disapointment. there is no need to comment on this last book, as we all knew how it would end, and in a way, we have known since book 3. The series peaked at book 4 which was probably the only book of the 7 that had some original witty writing ( even witht he mechanics). When you take all these elements together, the painfully global histeria of Harry Potter ( not helped by those awful awful movies(thanks daniel)) the steady decline and tedium of the last 3 books and the overall smug of J.K.Rowling when she thinks she has given us a new bible. If your a logically person, it will annoy you to see so many misguided souls feeding Rowlings purse until it bursts for basically scratching out the title worst witch, and writing harry potter. I will give you 3 stars for starting well, but ending it on a low and having no bravery in your work. Ps if T.S.L or Tolkien were here they would have my back unlike all those people who will tarnish my fine argument.

  4.  Another great Di Caprio movie


    Di Caprio is another under-rated actor, but he is excellent again in this movie. It is a very compelling drama with good cinematics. Ok the endings isn't the hardest thing in the world to predict, but it really doesnt matter. It's a sad movie aswell, showing some harsh realities. All in all it lived up to the hype and was one of the best movies of the year.

  5.  Nothing on football factory


    This film is ok, but not original, because football factory came first, and is simply a better film. Americans can't be passed of as football hooligans, especially hobbit Americans. If i had seen this first i cannot say what i would have prefered, but if you had to make a choice, get football factory insted if you want a more realistic view.

  6.  If the rating went into minus i would run out of stars


    Guy Richie seriously stop hurting us with your copyright. What can i say about this movie because i don't know if i can put into words how pretenious and idiotic this movie is. It starts off as a normal and promising film with an interesting plot seemingly and a great cast including statham, Leota, Andre 3000. BUT after 30mins the film starts to decend into Guy Richie's ego. Firstly i will address the obvious influence from Tarrintino. I had to watch the commentary from Richie as he try's to explain that he hadn't copied the animation scene from kill Bill, and that "the movies came out at the same time, it's a funny coincidence". When you ignore that, that may be possible, you cannot ignore that the scene has no purpose in the movie whatsoever unlike kill bill with the obvious link to Japanese magna and anime. The plot of this movie is just a joke, and makes absolutely no sense. It's not criptic, it's not clever, it's just simply nonsense. After suffering this for a second time, and ending up both angered and confused, i watched the commentary from Guy Richie, hoping to get some sort of explanation from him. Let me tell you it may be one of the funniest things ive ever seen. He is the most pretentious idiotic human alive, he tries to be clever, but what he says is utter crap to be honest. He makes constant references to the number 47 in the most abstract way, which has absolutelty no relevance to anything in the movie. But he goes the extra mile, whilst trying to explain the scene near the end in the lift, by saying it's based on the 3 elements " the man, the women and the child". This is where i became angered, because it's just not funny. Please buy this film becuase it is the worst film ive seen, and then watch the commentary, as you will understand what i am talking about. Anybody who has given this a positive review is just pretending to undertsand what this film is about, but they are lieing because it is an abstract construct of the mind of Guy Richie, who really should be stopped from making films because of Revolver.

  7.  Something slightly different


    This is a really great movie, it's slighty different from the stereotypical film, and is well written and clever. Fantastic cast with Freeman, Spacey and Pitt, who i feel does not get enough credit for his acting ability because of his looks. All round a great watch, nice idea and well performed, and something that if you havent seen and can have a strong stomach, you should.

  8.  Work of Genius


    Please take no notice of the previous review, this guy gave 5 stars to high school musical, can you trust a person like that?. Shaun of the dead really speaks for itself, and is easily the best british film made, in any genre. It is truely hilarious throughout, and is also an amazing parody of Dawn of the dead. The script is genius, with Simon pegg's customary movie references throughout. You need to watch this movie about 5 times to find all the jokes, becuse there are just so many, some subtle some obvious, and each time you watch it there will be a new thing that brings you close to tears of laughter. Must own!

  9.  One of the funnest games i've played


    The games on 360 are too short and this is no exception, as this game can probably be completed within a week of spread out gameplay. Also there is a low replay value on the game, as once you've completed the game, there is very little to do other than replay the game in co-op mode. That said the time spent playing this game is complete fun. The controls are simple, and so is the plot, but it doesnt matter becuase the abilities of the character you play as, make up for it. Once you've got your character to peak levels, it becomes a mix of GTA and Spiderman, with the base jumping and outrageous heights you can reach. I wouldnt buy this if you are looking for value on £37, but if youve got money to burn or can find it cheaper, this is a must own on 360.

  10.  Tough but rewarding


    The previous reviews seem somewhat harsh. This is not a game for the easily discouraged, as save points dont really exist and you can become frustrated at times when you die. However once you've mastered the controlls, the game is rewarding, becuase of its difficulty. The graphics do look great, and theres nothing wrong with shooting everything you see. Yes the story line is poor, but so what. Gears of war has lame strory line, but it's quality. Buy this if you want a challenge of your gaming skills, and dont mind dieing now and then