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  1.  An incredible teaser


    They have done a wonderful job in upgrading these classic episodes in HD. I was initially sceptical and thought it little more than an exercise in wallet depletion. However the picture and sound are so much sharper than the previous DVD releases.
    One curious point however, is that Sins of the Father opens with a different shot of the Enterprise and Klingon ship than was previously shown on TV, VHS, and DVD, and the Season 5 Star Trek TNG font looks a little different (although this is more likely dur to extra detail on display.
    This is well worth the cash if you are on the fence about whether to buy the Blu Rays when released. Personally, I'm looking forward to the Summer release of Season 1, and episodes like Where No One Has Gone Before, and The Arsenal of Freedom for the extra detail in the space settings.

  2.  An under-rated Bond


    This was a great film. An excellent pre-title sequence, a harder edged Bond, and some incredible stunts with Tankers at the end.
    But where is the UK release? Both Licence To Kill and Man With The Golden Gun have US releases but no UK releases. And where are the remaining Bond films? Classics like Goldeneye, The Spy Who Loved Me, and You Only Live Twice are still missing from our Blu Ray collections.

  3.  Edge of the seat fun.


    This film starts well, and builds momentum and speed like the runaway train of the film. Denzel Washington and Chris Pine are very likeable leads. The film is gripping from start to finish. The only let down are the news flashes which feature CGI animation to depict what would happen in a crash which is supposed to have been put together in the short time between finding out what is happening and the broadcast. This is the only part that pushes the credibility of a film based on a main true story, and pieces from several other true incidents thrown in.

  4.  Gripping stuff.


    This series has some very strong writing and excellent plotting over it's 8 episodes, which leads to a very powerful finale. Series 4 should prove very interesting following the shake-up at the end. The acting is strong, the stories powerful. Being Human has hit a very confident stride.

  5.  Brilliant Comedy


    These 14 episodes are hilarious. The humour is uncut, and as yet unaired in the UK. These 14 episodes also end on the Season 4 finale, which begs the question, 'will volume 6 of American Dad be the full 18 episodes of Season 5?' Would be good if it is.

  6.  Fantastic


    The DVD opens with a great two-parter featuring the return of the sinister Weeping Angels. The crack that is following them through time is no longer a hint at the finale, but a main plot point. The angels are a really creepy threat (only neutered slightly by the fact that they can't tell Amy has her eyes shut, when in the past a slight blink has been all that's necessary). The Angel coming out of the TV is a great idea. These are fantastic episodes with a real sense of dread. And it's nice to see the interplay between River and The Doctor once more. The DVD release is made all the sweeter for the fact that you don't have the silly Graham Norton pop-up appear and ruin the dramatic tension of the cliffhanger.

    The Vampires Of Venice is a fun episode with some witty and funny dialogue. The locations look superb. Vampires are always a great nemesis for The Doctor; whether the Hammer Horror style of 'State of Decay', or the long-nail dead Viking variety seen in 'The Curse of Fenric'. On this occasion they aren't as scary as either previous stories, but the overall episode is still great fun.

    The 'next time' episode previews are probably still absent, which is unfortunate as these teasers are a lot of fun at the end of each episode. Hopefully these will be on the full season box-set, but if you cannot wait till then, this Volume is a must-by, and one of the strongest of the DVDs of New Who.

  7.  A Great First Three


    The first three episodes are a great introduction to a new Doctor and a new series of adventures. The new Doctor is pitch perfect in the lead, and the episodes are a lot of fun. Some quibble about some 'inappropriate' adult humour or sexuality, yet when in RTD's run there a number of similar references, no-one complained. The new opening theme take some getting used to.
    My only quibble about the DVD releases are that for some reason they have cut the 'next time' episode trailers out completely, so what you're getting isn't quite the complete un-edited originally aired version. This is a little jarring, as the next week epsiode trailers are a lot of fun and usually a good teaser. Hopefully these'll be on the full season box set, should they decide to release one (I imagine they will).

  8.  A Promising Start


    The film version lacks the punch and the wow factor of the series, however this may be largely due to the reduced run time. The action scenes were good, but too few. However, the end sets up the new season superbly, and with the 17 min preview its well worth the price. The preview makes you long for the new season and the return of Bauer power.

  9.  Tom Baker's hit and miss final year


    Full Circle introduced Adric and was an entertaining story with swamp men. State Of Decay was superb. The adaptation of the vampire myth was excellently told in a sci-fi setting. Adric was dubious as you never knew who's side he was actually on. The vampires themselves were sufficiently cheesey to make a thrilling addition. This was the best story in Tom Baker's final year as the Doctor. Warriors' Gate saw Romana leave with K9, and was generally dull. The skeletal robot knight was the only highlight.

    This set is a worthy addition, mainly for the fangtastic State Of Decay.

  10.  A money spinner.


    An outrageous way to pinch our pennies. They say for the first time the theatrical and extended cut are on one disc. What they don't tell you is that it's a flipper disc, and that rather than put the theatrical cut on side a, and the extended on side b, they've put half of both versions on one side and the other half on the other, meaning that no matter which version you watch you have to turn the disc over half way through. The only thing that really separates this from earlier releases is the new documentary. If you have the films already in either theatrical of extended then these new discs aren't worth it. It's a shame because the film is one of the best films ever released. It's a shame they still feel they can't treat us to an extended cut on one disc, which must be in their capability. The only reason they haven't is because a few years later they'll re-release it again, with yet another new featurette. It's almost as bad as the Star Wars trilogy releasing over and over again. Daylight robbery unless you don't own any version of the film.