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  1.  It's what you'd expect. It's Halo!


    A lot of people have been saying this game could have been so much better and so much more could have been put into it, but that's not really true. If they'd added loads of new features to the game like the taking cover features of Gears of war, or troop commanding of Ghost Recon it just wouldn't have been Halo. This game is exactly what it should be. It is Halo. Fast paced, multi tiered action, big story line, lots of guns and vehicles, beautiful and imaginative scenery and enough enemies to make you need to duck and cover frequently. If you liked Halo 1 and 2 you'll like this. It's that simple. If you wanted a different sort of game, go get a different game. It's true that it is like lots of other shoot-em-ups that are out at the moment and doesn't have any groundbreaking new features in it, but it does have that extra 'Halo' factor that makes it what it is. Nuff said!

  2.  Well worth buying


    When I first played this I thought it looked very childish, but luckily I looked beyond the anime graphics and kept playing. What I came to realise is that not only is the game great fun to play, got a good storyline, has great characters and good moves. The graphics are actually really detailed and the animation is brilliant. The fights are very good too. If you like the Final Fantasy series, you'll like this. You may also want to try Enchanted arms if you haven't already, as that's a good game too.

  3.  This game sucks!!!!


    Oh my god! This game has been so hugely anticipated and it looked so great, but in reality, it's pants! There's some quotes on the back of the box, and honestly, they're either about a different game or the people were bribed to say it. It's described as 'Oblivion on steroids', well if it is it must have beed a bad trip! They say that it's a much needed advance in RPG's and will set the standard by which all others will follow. I hope not! This game has got the worst acting and dialogue I've seen in a long time, the fights consist of mostly button bashing (ooh wow, that's a new concept!), and the graphics are about on a par with the old xbox. They should have written this on the back of the case, although if they did I have a feeling no one would buy it. In short, this game is not legendary or even good for that matter in anyway, and is about as next gen as my left bum cheek! The only possible use for the disc is to throw it at the game's makers to ensure they don't make a sequal!