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  1.  Fantastic French Thriller


    This movie is extremely engaging, well-acted, detailed, moving, thrilling, exciting and satisfying to watch. The stakes get higher and higher as the plot unfolds. What is so unexpected is the many facets the film has, it's not told on one-level there is a mixture of comedy and tragedy that is totally charming and believable. There is a great sense of involvement that gets the viewer attached to the characters and the unique situation that presents itself. It's a total roller- coaster of a movie that has you on the edge of your seat. An extraordinary story that is interestingly told. The quality of the acting (especially from Cluzet) and the dialogue, no doubt helped by Coben's writing, keeps the story believable as everyman Beck races ever closer to the truth, and to round it off, the score is great too, with clever use of familiar tracks to help keep the audience somewhat comfortable as Beck's search becomes more and more dangerous.

    Tell No-one (Ne le dis à personne) may sound like another average thriller, but its pacing and finesse place it head and shoulders above the rest of the crowd

  2.  Now it's fiction... Tomorrow it's real


    I though this was a great film by director Roland Emmerich. It is a fast-paced, exciting, suspenseful film filled with great CGI effects, good acting. How realistic is it? Well as other people have written in there reviews they dont see how this can happen to the world in just a few days granted this is true, but the idea of the film was to show global warming sped up and with this in mind one day this outcome may very much become real, but the director made the film so that it seems very real and like something that MIGHT happen that quickly. The story revolves around some major climatic shifts that cause the entire Northern hemisphere to become Artic tundra. New York City is devastated as are other major cities all over Europe. Dennis Quaid gives a good performance as a climatologist that predicted some of these events. We see things through his perspective and that of his son for much of the movie. The acting in general is good in this film. I particularly liked Ian Holm's role as the British meteorologist stuck in the middle of nowhere while these changes advanced. Much of the credit for the film's success must go to Emmerich. This is easily one of his best films. He keeps his viewer on the edge of his/her seat through the entire film. In my eyes a very good film even if others dont agree.

  3.  The ocean just got cooler.


    The mocumentary-style animation was refreshing Everyone now and then the Penguins/Chicken/Beaver would turn and just face the camera crew and give there thoughts. It was incredibly witty, and the story was classic! The animation itself rivaled the realness that pixar turns out - I couldn't take my eyes off the details in the penguins' markings and the clarity of the ocean scenes. Shia did an excellent job with the voice as well. I didn't think his voice would be recognizable enough to pull off a lead animation character, but because he's got such excitement and energy in his voice, you could really see him through the animated character. Great for people of all ages

  4.  Keep it Wheel


    Cars is a fantastic addition to the incredible library that is Pixar. Admire the shimmering metallic paint of the cars, the NASCAR-like race at the opening of the film is as exciting as in any recent action flick, and the great palette of colors throughout the movie, mostly visualized through the landscapes and little town of Radiator Springs. Pixar films have always been about the story first, and Cars is no exception. All of the cars have personalities and are characterized to perfection. The voice work from all the actors is fantastic and Lighting McQueen (Owen Wilson) does a fantastic Job. I was laughing throughout the film espically with the cow tipping.

  5.  He's dying to become a chef.


    "Ratatouille" is the latest computer-animated release from Pixar, the company that has produced the best animated films over the last decade. Like all of Pixar's work, "Ratatouille" looks phenomenal. The rats in particular look good, with fine detail paid to fur in various states.One thing that separates "Ratatouille" from most of its Pixar brethren is the pervasive kinetic energy. Plenty of other movies, like Cars and The Incredibles, were drenched with action and movement, but it feels different here because the scope of the movie is centered on a rat. When you watch Remy race through a kitchen or up a building from close-up, it feels much wilder and more dangerous than watching a human make the same thirty-foot trek, which is appropriate since it is more hazardous for a rat to make that trip. Fantastic movie for kids and adults alike.

  6.  Eradication. Sterilization. Re-Population. Re-Infection


    Having seen 28 Days Later I thought I was prepared for this, but I was not. Somewhere near the beginning of the film is a scene that goes from zero to psycho in about 2 seconds flat. The actions scenes are masterfully done, effectively placing the viewer in the points of view of both the victims and the crazed, but still scarily human, zombies. The portrayal of the violence pulls no punches; people of all age groups and walks of life are destroyed without remorse. A really good sequal to the amazing 28 Days later.

  7.  Be Thankful For Everything, For Soon There Will Be Nothing..


    28 Days Later successfully takes the zombie genre to a new level, this movie is far more than just a horror flick. There are some great characters, that you actually care about, some you'll like some you'll be glad to see killed, but all solidly performed.
    Shot on digital video, which gives the devastated cityscapes a closed-circuit-camera realism, this grips from the first, with its understandably extreme performances, its terrifyingly swift monster attacks. 28 Days later is one of the best Horrors i have seen

  8.  Face Your Deepest Fear


    The descent is purely terrifying. It will provide you with an experience that relates entirely to those of the characters on screen. Each one is trapped, isolated and alone.The Descent is a chilling experience that places believable characters into a situation that is strangely real, despite the obvious fiction. how often do horror films actually scare the sh-t out of you? how often do horror films grip you in total suspense? how often do horror films have great acting? how often are horror films well made? how often are horror films somehow realistic? HOW OFTEN ARE HORROR FILMS ACTUALLY HORRIFYING?
    well in modern times... the answer to all of those questions is "very rarely" but The Descent does all of those and more.

  9.  No air. No escape. No time.


    Fasten your seatbelts and brace yourself for an non-stop thrill ride that will have you holding your breath from start to finish.

    "Daylight" is one of the most intense movies I have seen in a long time. Trucks loaded with toxic waste. A stolen car being pursued by the police. Separate events that come together in a New York city tunnel when the latter crashes into the former starting a chain reaction explosion that sends a fireball sweeping through the tunnel and sealing it at both ends. A handful of survivors are left trapped with burning toxic waste and only enough air to last a few hours Sylvester Stallone gives one of his best performances in "Daylight" leading a group of civilians survivers to saftey.

    One to definetly watch and very good price

  10.  It's not where you're from. It's where you're at.


    A rebellious street dancer named Andie, part of Baltimore's most intimidating dance crew, the 410, who is given a chance to attend the prestigious Maryland School of the Arts. She finds it difficult to fit into her new school life while keeping her friends from the 410. Determined to prove her skills, she assembles an eclectic crew of classmates that includes Chase, the schools best dancer, to compete against the 410 in the premier underground dance battle in Baltimore, The Streets. The first film was great but I rate this one more possibly the story in number one was better but the moves these actors pull in this film is superb. Both me and my girlfriend enjoyed everymoment of the film.