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  1.  Salmon Fishing In The Yemon


    This is must see romantic film with superb acting by all concerned. You don't just watch the plot. You flow with it and end up consumed in wanting to find out more. The story line has a few twists and turns as relationships start and break up, but by pure brilliant directing and with superb acting everything falls into place with a natural trail of events that all lead up to an ending that could end in one of two ways. Check it out your selves folks and you will understand what I mean. A brilliant film.

  2.  The Silver Spitfire. HB


    I really enjoyed reading this book. Though it was not really what I was expecting to be honest. It contained an individuals memories of his experiences being attached to a USAAF Fighter squadron as a liaison officer.Who had to educate the various differences between our two countries. There are many situations that Tom Neil explains that raise amusement. Until the discovery of an unwanted Spitfire left behind by an irate Polish pilot in France after D-day. It was quite refreshing to read of the amusing exploits of one of this country's brave fighter pilots. You will not be disappointed with the experiences described on these pages.

  3.  The Last Torpedo Flyers- Arthur Aldridge


    This book is an amazing book to read. As it tells the stories of the crews flying the Beaufort Torpedo Bombers during World War Two. It is filled with their experiences and their tragedies. They were just young men answering the call to defend their country and their way of life. Freedom and democracy.These men never considered themselves special. Just ordinary men doing their "bit".Brave men indeed, not that they would acknowledge that in their modesty.These men were flying out dated aircraft, yet they never faltered in their duty, their stories confirm that.Though over time they HAVE become the forgotten heroes, which is why this book is filled with the stories of these brave men who suffered but hardly were acknowledged. Their experiences need to be read to be believed and enjoyed. This is a stimulating book to read folks, as individual lives are generously mixed with operational events filled with joy and tragedy in the same moments. Read it and see for your selves.

  4.  The Cruel Sea.


    This film is well worth watching more than once. It is distinctive in it's meaning of showing just how tough and dangerous sea convoys were during World War Two. Where no quarter was asked for or given in such an open and hostile environment. Whereas on a ship, you have no where to run, and the sea is a cold and unforgiving mistress. The acting is superbly done by English actors and it's nice to see without the usual Hollywood Gung Ho mentality. Which in real life isn't as regular as one is led to believe. My favourite film by far which enticed me to join the RN for the full term.

  5.  Breaking Bad. the complete series.


    You have just got to watch this fantastic series folks. The continuing story line revolves around the making of "blue" crystal meths by the most unlikely duo ever. Episode after episode is filled with the unexpected and the acting is pure brilliance. As it has the right amount of suspense, drama,comedy and mystery on top of which it will not fail to please. Just when you feel you have the story sussed.....it goes off on a tangent with something else, but everything is connected. Pure entertainment. Buying this will not be a cost. It will be pure brilliance of entertainment.

  6.  Hurricane. the war exploits of the fighter aircraft.


    Having read this book i can not find fault with it. As the details and the stories contained within are second to none. In simple terms, it is a brilliant read folks. If you have an interest in this aircraft and the men who flew it in action. This is a definate must have. The exploits of this marvellous fighter, which quite wrongly, has always been in the shadow of the spitfire. Gives credit where credit has been denied by those who prefare the spitfire over the hurricane. Adrian stewart has corrected that wrong belief to some degreet. The only problem that the hurricane had regards the spitfire, is that out of the two.....the hurricane could have been compared as the "ugly" duckling! As it was not as beautiful or streamlined as the spitfire. Then again, it was the spitfire which was chosen as the "peoples fighter". Though the hurricane was the more numerous "work horse." it still had qualities that were better, in some respects, than those of the spitfire. Either way, each of these two magnificent fighters complimented each other in all t.o.o's. What really made these aircarft? That's simple....it were the pilots themselves, a point sometimes overlooked. So within the pages of this book. The hurricane has now been brought on a level pegging with the spitfire, and that is what this brilliant book is all about folks. Pilots chose their favourites for various reasons. Though read this book and make your choice at the end. There is no wrong answer or choice. Enjoy.

  7.  Black Sheep Squadron Vol 1


    Having never heard of this dvd set before now, and having finally got my hands on this dvd set. I watched through from start to finish, and i really enjoyed it. Yes the acting is a little "card boardish" by todays standards. Yes, it is about a squadron of reject pilots of the usmc pulled from their court martials by greg "pappy" boyington and somehow winning the war all by themselves....apparantly! Though it is absoulutly totally entertaining. The only snag here is that this vol 1 dvd set is region 2 (ours). However, there is a vol 2 (titled baa baa black sheep) but that is region 1 ! Work that one out! So to play that follow up set one would need to buy a muliti dvd player. Lets hope someone gets their act together and gets this set into region 2 format. Still worth checking it out for yourselves folks.

  8.  Jeremy Clarkson: War stories.


    This guy does absoulutely brilliant documentaries from the start to the end. This DVD set is no exception. With this DVD containing two true war stories.....you really need to watch this DVD. It IS brilliant. The stories are passed over in Jeremy Clarkson's sincerly enthusiastic and genuine manner. He holds no punches, and simply tells the documentaries with vigar and gallons of truth. Which from official sources one would not. What is really important. Jeremy Clarkson definately has the greatest of respect to the men in these stories, and he shows it. For me, this DVD id outstanding. The viewing, the storeis and the dialogue is captivating. I would give this 10 stars if it was possible.

  9.  The beatles 1967-1970


    When my beatles tape started playing up that was a shame. So I bought the cd of this album and it really is the best group of songs ever. All my favourites are on it. Play it constantly when in the car on my travels. My era still lives on. Thanks for the memories lads. simply the best. Best buy I ever made. Try it folks. Well worth a listening session.

  10.  Titanic (HB)


    Having read this book some time ago, I read it again.Why? Well to put it simply. it actually displays in words the questions of doubt with regards what actually took place that caused the demise of the Titanic on her maiden voyage. For there has been no other ship that was so famous or infamous on her maiden voyage. For this book displays a long list of faults, deceipts and cover ups that could only have one ending.For example , why did Captain Smith allow himself to be influenced by Ismay? Smith was the Captain and Ismay should have been ignored plus the engines were not yet "worn in". Then why on earth did the look outs NOT have their binoculars? Where were they and should the ship have sailed without them knowing their route was near the Artic where ice could float to? Also, were the stewards ordered to lock the 3rd class passengers( steerage) below after the ice berg was struck? If so....who gave the order or was it done by the stewards themselves? Read this book with an open mind, and you will come to your own conclusions whether you can or cannot agree with the authors findings.