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  1.  as good as the first


    a good game keeping in check with what made the first one good by having a good story and not having too simple or too hard puzzles. Fairly nice grapics. The more you play it the more youll what to finish it. I ve done the first one twice.
    However there is one thing that really annoyed me and that would nina voice acting is god awful now she sound like shes had about 40 sleeping pills and you have to turn your volume up just to hear her.

  2.  worst ending ever!!!!!!


    The acting in the film is ok but i dont fell sorry for captives the two girl were just so thick they could have escape a good three times with ease . and the ending will leave feeling so annoyed. Seriously watch at your own risk

  3.  Just awful in every way


    Im going to be as sharp as i can.


    # The story is just too bland and i know its been used before. You re knights going around restoring power to cystrals thats it in a nutshell.

    # Lack of save points in dugeons is unforgiveable. The duegeons are small but still why no save points?

    # The grapics are nice and colourful.

    # The game does'nt use the DSs touch sceen function at all. Other than control the whole game with it but its a chore.[ thats not very imaginative at all}

    # In this game you use the job system to do up your buddys that you control. Now this is done so badly in this game and i will explain why below this text.
    1. Some jobs like warrior are good but with only two real actions to pefrom everytime saying it gets repetitve just does'nt cut it.
    2. When you want to swich jobs you have to go and do ten battles sometimes less to get you're stats back up WHY!!! tell me theres no reason for that at all it's just annoying.
    3. Some jobs become alot less usefull in the game for example you have Black Mages that you get in the start of the game that can cast up to i think level 6 out of level 8 spells but later on in the game you get another type of black mage that can cast up level 8 spells not only that you get better stats to go along with it. This also happens with white mages.

    # Also you may wander around the map trying to find out where to go next at times because there the map does'nt show you the names of the places on it WHY!!!!

    # The hardeness of the game is unbelievable the bosses get many hits per turn somtimes if you can complete the game without dieing you must be god himself.

    # And to top it all off the top of the ds is usally blank and unused.
    Also you listen to the same music looped over and over again when you walk in town or caves lame.

    I fight back at it because its remake its jut money spinning for the unimaigative. If you die hard fan of the seris go for it but i promise you i have'nt lied at all.

  4.  Leaves you wanting so much more


    13 episodes is just not enought. Cool charecters. I would have like to see more action. This is good but the ovas own this.

  5.  good for resident evil fans


    i find the game to be a little easy great grapics worth waiting for other games at the mo