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  1.  A money counter that can't count money!


    Absolutely useless. Mistakes every coin for something else. According to the display, I had a whopping 6.90 in change after depositing 70 odd pence. The only way to get an accurate reading is to place each coin into the slot very slowly. Even then, chances are it will still be wrong. God help you if you already have a large amount of change to put in this bin.

    Waste of money!

  2.  Best series on TV.


    I watched every episode of Dexter, including season 5, over a 3 week period. It is without a shadow of a doubt, the best series I have seen on TV. Every season gets better and better, with this particular one being one of my favourites. John Lithgow is a fantastic addition to the series. Do yourself a favour, pick up all of the, you will not regret it.

  3.  Nothing more than a filler before CoD.


    Not particularly a bad game, but in all honesty, this is going to be nothing more than a filler before Call of Duty: Black Ops is released. Although I thoroughly enjoyed it while it lasted, the campaign is criminally short. I finished it within 5 hours. The multiplayer, although fun, just doesn't compare to the likes of Modern Warware 2 or even Battlefield: Bad Company 2. I know many people will feel that you shouldn't compare it to them, it is it's own game, but in reality, that's what EA were going to be competing with, so unless it is as good as them, they've come up short. The leveling system is boring and really doesn't offer any incentive to actually try leveling up. You'll probably find yourself using the same weapons and attachments for the entirety of your time online. It can also feel like the enemies online are unstoppable, with them being able to take 20 rounds before dying, and will leave you feeling frustrated more often than not.

    However, I was pleasently surprised to find it comes with Medal of Honour: Frontline on the disc. A cracking game I loved playing when I was younger.

  4.  Outstanding


    I had these unpacked and set-up in 5 minutes. Popped in a copy of the Dark Knight to test them out. Outstanding sound quality for what I paid. I just bought a new HDTV, and wanted a pair of speakers to improve my sound when watching Blu-Rays. As I don't have thousands of pound to spend on expensive equipment, I wanted something cheap that would do a good job with movies and games. These are absolutely superb for their price. Volume and bass are incomparable with the output of the TV. Such a huge improvement. Plus, they look pretty nice and go nicely with my set-up.

  5.  Redefining online warfare.


    In response to marveldude16's review. Don't base your opinion on a Beta. It was a Beta for a reason. The game was not finished at the time fo the Beta release.

    I was also in the Multiplayer Beta, and I agree with what marveldude16 said about it being difficult to play and kill an enemies. However, that was precisely why the beta was released. To find these problems, so that they can be fixed in time for release. And I can honestly say they have been. The game is nothing but outstanding. The singleplayer is, to be perfectly honest, nothing too special. It's a good play, but is not particularly memorable. It's the MP where this game really shines. It is really in a class of it's own. It's nothing but pure unadulterated fun.

  6.  Absolutely brilliant piece of kit.


    I got mine at 11am today and haven't put it down for 5 hours. The possibilities of this thing are endless. Within 10 minutes of getting it, I had a twitter app set up, my e-mail set up, plus many other things that I need. All this from an MP3 PLAYER. Unbelieveable.

  7.  Do not buy this thinking it is like CoD4.


    Unlike CoD4, this game revolves around teamwork and tactics. It is essential in order to win a round, which is probably why the game comes with a headset. This is no run and gunner. If you make a mistake in this game, you will pay for it. However, that being said. It is highly rewarding. You may only get one kill per round, maybe even one per game, but those kills are so much more satisfying than anything you get in CoD4 (Or any other Modern Day shooter). The level of detail put into the game is astonishing. You'll often rely on the sounds to determine where an enemy is. Gunfire from afar is muffled and will give an indication as to what sort of region your enemy is in. The fact that rounds rarely hit their target forces you to fire in shorts bursts, and to pick targets that you actually have a chance at killing. There's no pulling headshots with shotguns 100m away in this game. Then there's the character customization and clan support. I don't often get involved in clans, but this is great. Choosing a country for your clan unlocks more weapons and gear for that particular country (For example, go the British and you get the SA-80). You can create an emblem for your clan, motto etc. And the character customization lets you play with a soldier of YOUR choice. Everyone is different.

    5/5. Top game.

  8.  A lackluster title from Pandemic.


    I had high hopes for this game. I had expected it to be a hit. I was wrong.

    The game is riddled with bugs. Is extremely repetitive. And doesn't provide the kick I wanted it to. Co-op is really the only thing this game has going for it. And even then, it hasn't been executed very well. Teammates can prove to be more of a nuisance than any sort of help.

    If you want to get this, try and get it 2nd hand.

  9.  An absolute steal


    Despite having the same resolution as my previous HDTV, the differences offered here are astonishing. Sound and picture while watching TV is superb. I also, like a lot of people reviewing it, have it connected up to my PS3. The picture when running in HD is unbelievable. You'd be stupid not to buy this.

  10.  £25, Great Game


    You're not going to find a game as good as this for this price for a while. This is an absolute steal. Buy it now.