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  1.  ahh


    Brings Back memories.
    If your relatively new to the PoP saga and have only played the first "Next Gen" prince of persia from 2008, then dont be swayed by it, The forgotten sands is PoP at its best, the way it had always been before the 2008 re-vamp, none the less, it brings back everything the originals had, with better graphics and more powers to play with, a definate for lovers of platform adventure and puzzle games, as well as PoP veterans

  2.  Not bad


    i know most people say that season 6 and redemption were a dissapointment, i beleive it was marginal, personally i would say that season 3 and season 5 were the best. 6 was a bit repetitive however season 7 brings in drastic changes. the departure of CTU and a massive cast clearout.
    Season 7 would not be half as interesting without Tonys involvement but it was very entertaining and introduces popular new "bauer girl" Renee. either way a couple episodes on a saturday night in will entertain greatly

  3.  Epic


    Very rarely have i come across a game where i can fall in love with the characters and almost bond with them, like halo players to master chief or MGS to snake, FFXIII has most definately delivered a game where you get to bond with the characters and get into the game the way it should be played, the cutscenes are just as interesting and epic as the gameplay and over all an incredible buy, i cant wait to see how much is left of the game for me and considering there are three disks, there must be a damn lot of it.

  4.  WOW


    Okay, I see the point of the people who gave it one star, and i realise that some of you arent huge fans of Tarantino, but you have to understand the magic of his work, the beauty of this film is its mix of action and the brilliant sequences that Tarantino has perfectly crafted to his own style, the chapters also help it that way but i found the talking sequences just as interesting as the action ones because it was interesting and i just love this movie.

  5.  Gears lives on


    Ok, i got the ltd edition gears on release day, a good limited edition, dvd artbook etc. The single player campaign as writtin by most people is great, fantastic graphics, physics improved, new weapons and of course brumak riding, even if you dont play online its a great game to play on campaign. Multiplayer...over the last month or so the changes have improved although there are slight problems left, namely glitches etc but doesnt every game? As a serious call of duty gamer i have to say i was very impressed by gears 1 and 2 and epic games are doing everything they can to perfect the online feature in this game. In general its fun and pulsating (minus the pre-game lobby which lowers players enthusiasm somwhat) gears 2 is a great game and worth buying.

  6.  LOOL


    Im not going to compair jackass to sanchez, beause i love them both, its the same story as the simpsons to family guy, one is laughable, one is outragous but between them, jackass and sanchez both explore every aspect of insane real-life entertainment, but none the less its a good movie.

  7.  still the best


    most original xbox games do are compatable on the 360 however the xbox guide and everything accessable through that for example private chat and messages become unavalable while the game is active. but yes it works
    GTA SA is still my favourite gta title yet, playing GTAIV was dissapointing, everything rockstar promise was greatly overstated. dont get me wrong, GTAIV is fantastic, but it just didnt deliver. in a way IV was too real physics wise, the car damage simulation and ragdolls/ragdoll motion was fantastic but to the extent where it becomes too frustrating and not fun, with SA its soo unreal its just funny, id say if SA had ragdoll physics and car damage physics then it would be the best game in history.

  8.  brill!


    I downloaded the demo from the marketplace and i have to say the lag was terrible!, im pending that its only because its the demo and thousands of fans were downloading it at once and playing on what little servers were running but the general game was fun, its not like a hardcore war game like call of duty its really laid back, have fun and blow stuff to bits to your hearts content, funny and original, and its different compaired to other games, which makes it even more unique, im really lookin forward to this game =]

  9.  better than super!


    scary movie 1,2,3 superb!
    scary movie 4 - acceptable
    date movie - date my mom is better
    epic movie - epic fail

    when you get to meet the spartans youd think that the series fortunes are turning and when i first heard about this i thought it would just be another pointless story with no plotline but i was wrong, yes the plotline was stronger but the film its self was incredible, it was one of the funniest movies ive ever seen, i mean its just all teenage toilet jokes isnt it, but generally i laughed my ass off when i saw it. looking forward to the dvd release