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  1.  Fantastic


    Absolutely great album to listen to. I would recommend to any person who isn't single minded when listening to music to give it a try.

  2.  Great Game


    I think the fact that this game came out near 18 months ago and is still selling strong speaks for itself.
    Anyone that just plays a multiplayer side of any game without trying the game properly is not valid to make a proper comment so i seriously suggest you try the single player Locutus and not just give up on the game cause you had a bad experience against what would now be the most adaptive players of this game.
    Only bad thing i have to say is that they really should lower the price a bit considering how long it's been out.

  3.  CoD at it's best


    This game is quite simply amazing. It was the first one in the CoD series that i had and ever so slightly is still my favourite. Back when the multiplayer was bustling i couldn't pull myself away from it.
    Not to mention that the single player campaign's replayability is un describable. I've played through it numerous times and i'm still not bored of it.
    If you enjoyed the others in the series or any other WWII game for that matter get it. Second hand is probably the only way these daysit but that shouldn't matter when all you'll be paying is around £10.

  4.  Very Good Album


    This isn't normally the sort of thing i listen to, and it was only by chance that i did after i got it for a mate. i decided to have a listen and was surprised to find that i liked it. has some pretty catchy songs and all in all is worth a listen.

  5.  Awesome Film


    Like another reviewer mentioned, my first impression based on the case was the complete opposite of what i actually think. Although many people may find the idea cheesy, it actually makes a pretty good film.
    i laughed quite a bit too, especially at the eye popping bit ;)

  6.  Very Impressed


    Was round a family members who got this game for christmas and werent really psycked to play it as i have never played any of the previous titles. but i can safely say that if this is anything to go by, i have clearly been missing out.
    yes the control system is quite tricky to get used to after years of using a joypad but by the time i had finised my little session i had virtually mastered it.
    as for the game play, i was surprised to find that it wasnt just like any other FPS where ya blast the hell out of stuff. ok so yes that is still included but with the addition of the puzzles threaded into the storyline i can see this being a very interesting game to play all the way till the end.

  7.  Easily Worth The Money


    This has got to be one of the cheapest phones that A, looks good and B, has all of the functions that everyone wants. i bought this as my brothers birthday present, and he was so pleased with it that i've decided to buy one for myself too.

  8.  Exactly How I Imagined It To Be


    As a fan of the Harry Potter books, i only thought it was right that i should watch the films as well.
    This is easily, by a long shot the best film of the series so far. With the actors coming to the end of thier teens now, they really shone out as opposed to the previous films. They are actually turning actors rather than people that just say the lines. Lets just hope that the last two follow suit from this one.

  9.  Average


    I went to the cinema to see this film on the back of all the hype that it received and i can say that i was slightly dissapointed with it.
    Yes at times it made me laugh, and the whole concept was a good idea, but it just seemed to lack something really that i can't quite pinpoint.
    That isnt to say you shouldn't watch this film or buy it for that matter, i just think it could have done better that's all.
    Someone compared it to American Pie, whereas i would say it is nothing like it. Yes it was funny, but definately not American Pie funny.

  10.  Best Film Of The Year For Me


    As a fan of Transformers when i was a kid, you can imagine how eagerly i waited for this film once i heard the first news of it.
    I bought tickets to see it on the day of release, knowing that, in actual fact it may turn out to be one big horrible mess.
    Oh how pleased i was to find that Michael Bay had taken a fairly popular childrens animation and turned it into one hell of a blockbuster.
    Many films tend to suffer from those ever so good opening few scenes, only to die half way through the film and to be revived for the finale. Well, not this film.
    This film was packed to the brim with amazing action scenes, (especially the end fight scene in the city), and a surprise to many, had a lot of humour in it that set the whole cinema laughing.
    Also, those of you girls who will be reading through these reviews and deciding its not for you, i urge you to buy it because i really do believe that you will surprise yourselves and enjoy this film.