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  1.  Great


    In my opinion, I think I'm lucky! I bought these about a year ago and *touching wood* they haven't broken on me yet, I would definately buy again but I might try a different colour this time. The sound quality is phoenominal and the output is fantastic. I use them as replacement headphones for my sony ericsson c905 and the headphones sony supply are great but very quiet....these will annihilate your ear drums at every chance, many times I have got to work at 6 and had to get people to repeat themselves because my ears were ringing. GREAT for metal! but very very bassy for dance. But i guess if you like bass....these are your boys!

  2.  Top Quality


    Its a fantastically made flat peak, at a very reasonable price....5 stars!

  3.  Not funny


    I saw this game and was amazed at the thought and ingenuity of such a concept. Germans winning world war 2? How it could of been???? Well you have to ask yourself this....what if churchhill died?

    Well if churchhill died life wouldn't be how it is which means this game wouldn't of been made which is probably a good thing....its annoying as hell. Poor graphics, standard gameplay, average game. The graphics aren't ground breaking and this isn't worth the 10 bucks i paid for it....seriously!

  4.  Fantastic game but...


    The game is amazing, the story is ridiculously amazing and the graphics are Brutal. Achievements are great! BUT........there is always a but.....The fighting engine is hard hitting and you feel like your actually caving in some skulls....but that block button is pretty useless unless you have the locker door or a sign or something....the blocking is terrible and really hard to perfect.

    Definately worth buying if you have the patience and if you like investigating things.........like if your brother has been in your room and nicked your porn or something....if you had this guys tools.... justice would be served lol....

  5. Turok


    Xbox 360

    Available  used  from  £28.20

     Good but gets boring quick


    Gonna be a short one.

    Graphics are pretty damn good but can be confusing to decide who is an enemy and who is a tree! (You'll know what i mean) story is longwinded and confusing at times, achievements are poor as pretty much everything is online only.

    Do not buy it if you are looking for the same sort of turok from n64. Its a completely different style and gets pretty boring pretty quickly.

    Pinning people to walls with the bow is only fun for so long.

    And the online play...you would be very lucky to find anyone playing it. I found noone on 4 seperate tries!

  6.  An amazing title but sometimes frustrating


    Let me sum this one up...

    I'll go through this in steps as there is too much to sum up in a couple of paragraphs, sorry if you think this is long winded.

    Graphics - Are outstanding. The attention to detail is astounding sometimes I have been playing it and I have thought i was actually there fighting (i'm very impressionable and my imagination is wild) the walls, signs, faces everything is amazing.

    AI - Very intelligent when fighting and always seems to help you out at exactly the right times. but very occasionally you will get the old situation of your team mates standing in a doorway and wont move but its nothing big.

    Story - Is like a film. It's excellently executed BUT it is very similar to every other army game but I guess how many stories can they pull out of war? You know...President gets taken, executed on live tv and you have to go take out who is responsible.

    The game modes are very entertaining because there is obviously the hide, shoot, move, throw grenade, realise your in the wrong place get shot, runaway missions but you get missions like being in one of those infra red carriers that shoot a mass of explosives at poor unsuspecting enemies, and the GREATEST sniper mission ever...Ever wondered what it would be like to be an actual sniper in the SAS and wear a ghillie suit (overalls with bits of tree attached to it) well this has it. (sorry im going on a bit now)

    Multiplayer - Is fantastic but does get frustrating if you like games on normal difficulty. People on there are just too good! You can work your way up the rankings earning weapons and powerups by killing or completing challenges which gives the game more playability and more fun. Xbox live makes this online experience amazing. Just don't get shot too much!

    Im not really too sure what else to write except this game is definately worth the money! even though it has been out for ages and by rights, should of been reduced by now...but the amount of hours you will spend unlocking everything and having a laugh...its worth every penny...If i lost my copy of the game I would definately buy it again even though most of the achievements have been unlocked...Oh yea!

    Achievements! - A good array of achievements for novice to seasoned gamer...its fun trying to beat the record! ;) took me bloody ages!!!

    Hope this has been helpful!