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  1.  Killer Season!


    Only got into Dexter recently and have to say so glad that I have had 5 seasons to catch up on. Great viewing, great characters and stories and some great laugh out loud moments with Dexters dry commentary or something Vince will say.

    This season though just blew me away. Great performances, a brilliant story and an ending that will just leave you sat there with your mouth open. If you've not seen this show get on it!

  2.  Love it


    Harder, smoother, better & more realistic thats basically all that needs to be said. And anyone moaning about having to time tackles or wait for the right moment to do something has obviously never played football before as thats what ACTUALLY happens in reality!

  3.  Another great Season!


    Another fantastic season from the best show to come out of America in years. This season is darker but still has the laughs too and really sets it up for a fantastic final season in season 8. Hopefully all the rumours of the movie are going to come to pass too. Only fault you can level at any Entourage disc is the episodes just aren't long enough!

  4. Carra



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     Top Read


    Great read and very refreshing to read a book by a player that is honest and to the point and he's there still playing while speaking his mind. not like alot of players who wait till their well retired before churning out the stories that may have upset people had they still been on the pitch. Confirms alot of suspicions Liverpool fans would of had about players like Diouf and Diao and confirms what everyone knew about Eriksson

  5.  Great Game again


    Another fine edition of Football manager. A game that you put on and without noticing you've been playing for 7hrs! The new interface during the game is great allowing the game to continue while you decide on tactical changes, subs etc. Very realistic too as I'm managing Liverpool and Gerrard and Torres have carried em at time plus i'm in 4th with no chance of catching top ha!

  6.  I thought it was great


    I thought the new season of Scrubs was fantastic. Up there with all the others. I thougtht he only blip was the clips episode but I still enjoyed that as it eraffirms why you love it in the 1st place. Some great lines again and it continues to make you laugh out loud and also give you goosebumps and put a lump in your throat. Only real drawback is we have to wait for Season 7 and that it will be the final season.