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  1.  Back to final fantasys best.


    i have played final fantasy since 7 on the psx. the highly addictive game was, and still is my all time favorite game, so i was happy to buy this one. the graphics on this little console are really good and the story, well it has been well thought out. it matches in with the original ff7 and the movie very very well. but the really good thing for me is that it had a very original story of its own and made you see the good side of bad characters like sepheroth (apologies for the spelling)it goes through meeting characters from 7 that you will recognize, and monsters too.and a much more fluid battle sequence than before. It has a new annoying points like the battle sequence voice and it was way to short for me, but this could be the fact im a huge geek for these rpg game storys and just played it way to much. if your a final fantasy VII fan you will love this. i did.

  2.  cool


    this phone is ont of my favorate phones. i got this when it first came out on a 18 month contract as a replacment for my w800i. i was very happy to find out that they replaced the joystick and the layout of the buttens were very easy to use. it has a good amount of fetures and the walkman is easy to use and quick compared to other modles. memory cards are cheep for this phone so you can have 2gd of memory for an extra £18 pluss the 512 that comes with for a extra bit of storage. its v tough and durable. the only problem is the camera button gets a little dodgy after while. but the quality of the camera is very good and for the price of this phone you cant go wrong. if you want a good phone with gr8 fetures for a good price then look no further.

  3.  ok but......


    i owned the black version of this phone for 12 months and i was happyish for the first 2 but it has some faults. when you close the phone in any menu there is no auto lock feture unless your on the home screen. it likes to unlock itself in my pocket and send smiley faces to people in my phone book or call them. and other times it surfes the net and this has bin costly. the walkman is a little awkward compared to the w810i i had before (the best phone i have ever owned) but on the bright side it comes with a big memory card, its tough and durable in most conditions. i treat my phones very badly and this one apart from the speaker and mic being fuzzy due to the amount of water i get into it is still fine. broke my v3 razor and w800i in the same conditions. not an amazing amount of fetures or a perticulary pretty phone but i have owned alot worse.

  4.  should have thought it trough


    my expectations for this game were low and suprise suprise i was correct. i played it for a total of 8 mins befor i got totaly bord. mabe if you have a load of m8s round or need to kill a few mins get this otherwise i would suggest not. mabe a bargin bucket buy for £5 would be more suted to this game. sorry sega this is totaly lame.