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  1.  Avoid


    I have had this phone since February this year, and by the time this review is up, I will have hopefully gotten rid of it. It kicks you off the internet without any warning, regardless of updates I have put on it, the speaker is terrible as there have been times I cannot make out what people are saying to me, annoying! Other times, it is slow but I can't knock the camera or the memory, which is why it gets two stars from me.

  2.  Brilliant


    I have always had trouble with screen protectors, I could never get them on properly, or just plain screw it up. With this, it was easier then I thought, and thanks to the application solution that was supplied, any air bubbles that remained were dissolved after a day. It fits like a glove and the screen remains unscratched to this day, worth the money.

  3.  Game of the Year, 2008


    The graphics are supreme in detail, the sound work is just as good, you can here little bits like a pipe dropping or something banging against a wall somewhere and you stop dead to wonder where it came from. The aliens are litterally, like something out of a nightmare, they attack on sight without mercy or emotion, in a fight, it is simply a case of you or them. There has been thought put into the weapons. They are weapons that are not meant to be used as weapons, yet they must be, so they are not perfect, but when you have a group of aliens baring down on you, there is little choice. A neat touch are the sections in zero gravity, or actually in space itself, which are awesome to experience, as you can feel the atmosphere change when you step into these new surroundings. There has been a lot of thought put into the story, and indeed the whole game itself, and it shows, to complete the game is a major achievement, it shows you have used your brain as well as what weaponary is available, I do hope there are more of this sort of game on the way.

  4.  Good, but not brilliant


    Before you dismiss this review, bare in mind it was written by a hardcore Gears fan. Gears 2's campaign is simply awesome, I doubt very much there will ever be an equal for it for some time, if at all. There are loads of new weapons, enemies and different experiences from the first Gears, such as riding a Reaver to name one. Even done in Co Op makes it twice as much fun, it is worth buying just for that. What lets it down is the new multiplayer system, and oh man, is it a let down. To get a game going, you have to wait whilst other players are selected, you then have to vote on the game type you want to play, and what map you want to play it on, baring in mind you will probably not get what you want a lot of the time. There is a lot of Lag on occasion, which is a problem you would have thought they had fixed by now, but the problem most of us Gears fans have hated, is that the weapon blasts, a good example being the shotgun, have been dumbed down way too much, add this up with Lag, and there are times you get a very bad game. Some of the new online modes are a very welcome change (Wingman) whilst others are very frustrating (submission) and one just won't go away (Annex). All in all, the game has been made TOO user friendly, Gears 1 sorted the men from the boys, Gears 2 is like telling the men they have to play in the boy's playground. Shame.

  5.  I feel the lawyers in this one.


    Cutting to the chase, the gore is gone, the fatalities have been softened down, the controls are at times very frustrating due in part to the 360's D pad and the story feels like it has been written by a five year old. Buy it if you can get it in a bargin, otherwise avoid.

  6.  Oh come on....


    I wanted to like this film, I really did, but there were just parts of it that got too far under my skin. What was Shia Lebouf doing in this? Has nobody realised he has played the same character for three different films now? He seems so out of place in this film it is uncomfortable, especially when he learns to swing like a monkey through the trees in less then a minute. As for Harrison Ford, he is too old and it shows, can he act, yes. Can he do action? Not like he used to. There are also some scenes that just give off that cheesy odour you can't shake, the previously mentioned Monkey scene, the sword fight, and yes.... the ending. The best Indiana Jones films have been done, this feels like a spin off they got a cheaper director to make.

  7.  Sega does God of War?


    This game is good, its not brilliant, but its good. Basically a free roaming hack n slash, the story is ok, but it gets very repetative after a while, just like Assasins Creed did, which was a shame. On the bright side, its looks great, the finishing moves and the gore are a real eye pleaser, some of the enemies are quite tough, and the fact that Brian Blessed is part of the voice acting crew just tops it all off. Word of advice though, play it on Hard mode first, you'll see why.

  8.  More then just a classic


    Not many films have made me so tense before, until I saw this one. Its an old one, but it just goes to show that some of the best films have already been made. The acting in this is superb, Lemmon especially, and the fact that 3 Mile Island happened just DAYS after its release could almost be called scary. Pick a copy up and see for yourself, its brilliant.

  9.  Simply Amazing


    Bioshock is to date, the best 1st person game ever made. The story has you hooked, the backgrounds are beautifully detailed, the enemies are tough, the weapons are classy, but the atmosphere of the game just grabs you by the throat and will not let go, it is simply fantastic, and at £14.99 on Play, is worth every penny.

  10.  An Awesome Idea


    A brilliant idea, no doubt about it. Some would say it is pointless watching a film on a UMD, but an interactive comic is so at home on the PSP, and even as you watch the comics tell their story, the music helps you get drawn into it, making watching (or reading) these stories quite enjoying. The bonus interviews regarding the film are interesting enough, but it is the whole idea that wins out. Who ever said the PSP had nothing new and interesting to offer was very much wrong when it come to products like this.