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  1.  Great


    They did it again, the story is a great one to watch. And the movie in HD....better, sweet.
    The image quality is very very good, the colors are deep and the detaillevel is high.
    The sound is also very good. If you really want HD quality in your movie, this is one to buy.

  2.  really worth it !!


    If you like SF, then this is one to buy.
    The HD picture is superb, this movie is almost 10 years old and the picture is better than most od the movies made now. It's sharp, full of detail and color, like it should be. The sound is also very good.
    I already had an older version on DVD, but this ons is a responsible purchase. It's a grade upgrade for a very good movie.

  3.  Very nice


    I've got the Dutch Blu-ray version, sound and image are very good.
    This is a very good thriller, a girl dies, a friend tries to find out who did it?
    Who's guilty and who's not, that's a big question until the end of the movie. The actors deliver a good job.

  4.  Nice !!


    I also like movies like this, about young people who proberly never got a chance because they live in the wrong neighberhood. This is a story about young boys in youth prison. One of the guards starts a football team and tries to give them self respect through playing football.
    If you like movies like Freedom writers (that was a bit better then this one) and the Rookie (with Dennis Quaid), then you'll proberbly will like this one to.
    The graphics and sound were good, no comment there.

  5.  I loved it !


    The sceneries were great, the landscapes were very beautifull and the movie was very good.
    I loved it. The acting was good.
    If you like movies like the 10the warrior, then this is also one for you !

  6.  wow !!


    I bought this disk mainly because I was curious of the quality of a live concert on Blu-ray. And I must say, it Rockz!! I compared the image and sound to regular dvd's like Yes-Symphonic Live, U2, Rush live in Rio (also recorded in 2003), and the Eagles-hell freezes over (I even own a dvd with upscaling).
    This Blu-ray (like expected) wins BIG time, you never saw the public so vividly and full of detail. The image is crystal clear, except for the background of the stage (sometimes), but it looks like it is caused of the used material more then a bad recording. The sound is also great.

    For the people amongst us who ware glasses, you can compare it like somebody gave you new glasses with a better subscription ;)
    Anyway although i'm not a Toto-fan, I don't have any regrets by buying this dvd.

  7.  Visually stunning !


    This is a fantastic story about love, the loss of that love and the accepting of this loss. You have to see to understand.
    Visually the movie is superb. The customs are great, the acting is very strong and the special effect are stunning. It's art.
    There's no big fight in it, no racing cars, not a lot of killing, so if you like that, maybe this is not your kind of movie.
    It's more like a love story in the past, present and future. So if this is a movie for you, you also have to like a bit of fantasy in your stories.

  8.  Let's play some Tennis..............


    This is the first tennis game that I played ever. I like it a lot and very soon your addicted, although I never thought that that could happen.
    What I really really like about the game is that you can make your own players. You can change their looks, how tall they are, what their weight is and their face. So believe it or not, I made me a hunk to play some tennis for me (don't worry I'm a girl).
    The world tour is great, you can practice or play minitournaments.
    Anyway this is a great game for you even if you don't like tennis, or know nothing about it.

  9.  motorstorm rockzzzzzzzzzz


    The is the best game for the PS3 untill now. I never was a fan of racing gamez, but this is superb. Great music, Great graphics and even I'm able to win the first place. You can even communicate with others in the game if you're riding a bike ;)
    The images a very realistic. This is certainly a must have !!

  10.  Very good and original


    Good acting and a great story, a story that "fits".
    It keeps you on the edge of your seat all the way.
    You keep on thinking, maybe it's like this or that and then it still surprises you.

    Good movie, one to watch. But you have to like a little bit of SF, and i mean a little bit.