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  1.  Hack and slash


    When i started playing this game, I loved it. I had lots of fun with it. But after playingit for a while, it got way to repetitive. There are no tactics to the game and no variation. Go to one place, get a quest, go to where the cursor tells you to, hack and slash, kill the enemy your supposed to or click on the thing your supposed to, go back, go somewhere else the cursor tells you to and repeat. If you're looking for a game like Fable 2 or Dragon Age origins, don't bother with this game. If you are looking for World of Warcraft with no online play, this is th game for you.

  2.  Biodumb...


    I saw this movie when it came out, and was expecting greatness. I was, just like now, a big fan of both of the wayne's world and bill & ted movies.
    But this movie was awfull. I watched it once more not long a go, and i still find it unfunny and bad.

  3.  Buggy game...


    First I must say that the game looks awsome, and except from some bugs, the ingame play is great. The npc A.I. is still stupid as always.
    Thats the best things i can say about this game...
    It is so full of bugs. Every mode is, but most of all, the "My player" mode, and that was the mode that made me buy the game. Because of these faults, the game is close to unplayable... I hate to rate this game only 2 stars, but after playing it a couple of days, I have come to dislike it alot...

    If they release a patch to fix it all, this would be a good game. I have my fingers crossed...

  4.  Awsome RPG


    I have played this game for more then 100 hours now, and it's still just as fun, and I'm still finding places I havnt been to yet.

    Mix Oblivion with BioShock, and you get Fallout 3! This might just be the best gamer ever...

  5.  Great T


    i bought this shirt on play.com and i love it!
    counldnt be better.

  6.  Boxing


    I liked this game. I see the problmes some people have with it, but I don't really think it's that big a deal.
    I had alot of fun playing this game. I guess it's not as good as Fight Night round 3, but I had alot more fun playing Prizefighter. Isn't that the most important thing with a game?

  7.  I regret buying it...


    I bought this game mostly because I'm a Dwight Howard fan, and having him on the cover, I felt like I had to give it a try. But I dont understand this game. To me, its just silly! I find the gameplay of the NBA 2k series streetball mode alot more entertaining then this. I played it for about 2 hours, and that is a couple of weeks ago. I dont want to give it another try.

  8.  Don't buy this game... Seriously ...


    I loved Def Jam: Fight for NY on the Playstation2... Its one of my fave fighters of all time, so i was really looking forward to this game. But Icon is nothing like it. Far, far from it...
    The reason I gave it two stars, and not one, is that it looks good, and has a great character creator. But that does not make it good.
    When you play the storymode, you will soon find out that every match is pretty much the same. Not like DJ:NY where there were alot of variation. You could fight many at once, use weapons, trow people infront of trains, (fight girls) DF:icon has nothing of that. Just the same boring match over and over again. Sometimes you get to play other characters then the one your mainly playing. I hated that. I had a hard time winning those matches, cause i wasnt used to theire fighting style, and you cant go on untill you've finally beaten your opponent... It just lacks all the good stuff form the previous Def Jam!
    I sold my copy for one fourth of what i gave for it... I just had to get rid of it so that I'm sure I'll never play it again. Yes, its that bad.
    Don't buy this game... Seriously ...