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  1.  Sad!


    What a shame! This game could have been great. It looks good, It is one of a very few cowboy games ever made. The story isn't too bad. Whats not to like? Well I'll tell you. The frikkin quicktime auto target mode that pops up every so often and really screws the game up. I'm playing this on a PC not an XBOX or PS3 for gods sake. What muppet thought that suddenly changing your weapon and putting you into a sequenced shooting gallery with no option to opt out was a good idea?
    I have been playing this for about 3-4 hours in total. I have started at the start several times thinking I just needed to get the hang of it, but I'm sorry, no amout of practice detracts from the fact that the on rails shooting gallery mode really sucks...I mean REALL REALLY sucks!
    It is becoming blindingly obvious that developers are getting lazier and lazier and just porting consoles directly to the PC with no though for the finer points of PC gaming.

  2.  Could have been a great game!


    Reviewing this for the PC only, NOT consol version!
    This game had the potential to be a very entertaining game, either solo or as a coop. However, this game loses 2 points because of one serious flaw that is unforgivable by the developers/publishers. You CANNOTcustomize the controls in game! For a PC game I expect to be able to change the control configuration to my own preferences. The GFX are ok and fairly scalable. There is a story line, sort of. It can get chaotic and great fun, but it can also be frustrating trying to play with someone elses idea of optimum key configuration.
    There is one thing that saves this game from the rubbish bin and that is the fact that some clever begger has found the file that the key binding resides. Do a google for "dead rising 2 control" and you will see that with a little fiddling you can set it to pretty much any key bind you like. Then, email the devs and tell them what muppets they are just like I intend too! Maybe, with enough pestering they will release a patch to correct this, we can always hope!
    Once the controls are sorted out though it starts to be a pretty good game, although not in the same class as Left4Dead/Left4Dead2.
    My advice, as it is with control issues, wait until it comes out on budget.

  3.  For a few quid it is a bargain.


    Dispite what the naysayers are saying, this game is actually pretty good if you just give it a chance. It may be a little easy to get killed or be confused when or what timeshift to use if you are not very good at games, but to be honest I found this very easy and great fun. The puzzles are easy once you realise that the game will hint what to use and where (the timeshift icon flashes at you). And the variety of weapons is also quite good. I especially like the flamer/incendiary bullet spewing machine gun :).
    There is also a shotgun, sniper rifle, missile launcher, a couple of energy weapons, grenades and mounted machine guns. Most have an alt fire. It is about 6-8 hours long for an experienced gamer, maybe 10 hours for someone not so familiar with the genre.
    My only gripe really is you only get to drive a quad bike despite there being plenty of tanks, APC's, helecopters and even big stompy robot suits :(
    You can however run people over on the quad...That NEVER gets old :)
    For what this game costs it is great fun.

  4.  Wonderful but short.


    First of all this is NOT the complete series. The complete series was never finished, this is half of what is should have been.
    On the plus side, this is one of the funniest and most entertaining sci-fi programs I have ever watched. I'm bewildered why FOX dropped this, it would have been a classic.
    Basic premis is cowboys in space, what could be better? A tatty old ship, nine characters, some captivating back stories and a full length feature film that can be had for an extra couple of quid.

  5.  Apalling, lazy port.


    As a consol game this may be very good, I don't know as I have only played the PC version so can only review it as such. For a PC game however it is so apalling it is unforgivable.
    A fixed over the shoulder view (as in Gears of War) with a limited...and I mean limited...view. Terrible camera angles as you move from room to room with a better view of your characters right ear than the room you are entering. Awkward inventory system. No duck or jump button, you can't even get over a knee high wall unless it is pre-programed for contextive action. A confusing and awkward command interface for your sidekick action. You can't just shoot, oh no, you have to ready the weapon of choice first with one key and use the mouse button or other desired key to actually shoot. There is a quick knife option, but all you can do is turn when using it, you can't actually move forward! Running requires 2 keys again, no option to toggle either run or walk.
    This is just a clunky lazy consol port that fails to translate to the PC in almost all areas.
    The story is okish but graphically I have seen better in Stranglehold, which is a far superior game in all respects and how long has that been out? If you want to shoot zombies the get Left4Dead or Killing floor, if you want a mindless fun shooter with a silly story then get Wolfenstein. You could always study string theory, it would be less annoying!

  6.  Bubblegum for the brain.


    Don't think, just shoot. It's that simple.
    Decient GFX, a plot thats a bit silly, special powers that are nothing you haven't seen before and one of the best pick up and play games this year.
    If you just want to shoot stuff and have a blast then this game will suit you. Don't expect any challenging puzzels or real open world exploration, just have fun.

  7.  A thinking mans/womans game.


    Imagine a game that combines the mechanics of the Elite series and the vast expanse of the X series. Now, add a little freelancer and forget all about the leveling system in any other MMO.
    You start with a small ship and a little cash, a few basic skills that you choose when you build you character and some standard attributes (perception, willpower, memory, charisma and intelligence).
    You fly missions, or mine asteroids/gas clouds/ice fields, or go hunting NPC pirates. You trade from system to system, ambush other players to steal their cargo, buy and sell on the auction (contracts is the in game word). You can hunt real players that have bounties on them or you can manufacture an sell on the market. you can explore and make new friends...or enemies as and when you like. You can create you own corporation or join an established one. You can be nice....or not, it is up to you.
    You do not level on this game, what you do is learn new skills that you buy off the market. It takes REALTIME to learn these skills, from just a few minutes, to several weeks for the high level skills. You can pilot a powerful battleship within a week or two...but you will also need to train to use decient weapons with it too.
    4 main factions, over 50 different ships, hundreds of weapons, thousands of loadout options for each and a million ways to die.
    3 areas of space to explore, 1.0 - 0.5 (high sec) space is relatively safe, only NPC's to worry about, 0.4 - 0.1 (low sec) very dangerous as you not only have to worry about higher level NPC's but real players can shoot you to bits without worrying about the protection from the navy you get in high sec. 0.0 (no sec) is where the fun starts, you can build stations and defences, manufacturing and dozens of other structures. Fleet battles consisting of hundreds of ships take place here...you will die lots here, but you will also have loads of fun.
    You don't pilot the ship directly, you target and use a simple menu system to achieve your goal.
    Think of this as more a strategy/management/space/survival game.

    In brief, a very deep game, slow paced but very very addictive. rewarding when you are in control, but frustraiting when you are at the mercy of a player pirate. Best advice is don't shoot the other guy unless you can afford to replace you ship.

  8.  Entertaining....Of course!


    This compilation has everything you need to play, even episode 1, so don't worry. All you need is an internet connection to activate via steam and you have about 20 hours of single player game in total and an eternity of multiplayer.

    Good points... Great GFX, Fantastic sound, well thought through levels, new baddies and Alex :-) Team fortress for multiplayer and portal for puzzle play.

    Bad points...Half life has Same old weapons, same old freeman and levels are not very open. Portal is short and Team fortress makes you wee your pants when you taunt someone you just killed.

    All in all a good addition to any FPS collection that works well on a modest system and will keep you entertained for months. Buy it!

  9. One Chance

    One Chance

    Paul Potts (Britain's Got Talent) - CD

    22 New from  £2.39  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.13

     Impressive start!


    Everyone deserves one chance, including Paul Potts. As a follower of pure classical music, on occasion I like to listen to opera. This is one of but a few in my collection.
    For an untrained voice, Paul is impressive to say the least and destined, I'm sure for great things.
    A few have given this album a poor rating for either no reason at all, or reasons that make little or no sense.
    He IS new, he IS untrained, but Pavarotti, Ackerman, Afanasenko and bocelli all started somewhere didn't they? Paul potts won a talent show, that is how he was discovered, and without that show we would not have this album that deserves to be scored on it's own merits, not by someone elses.
    If you like opera, if you like new talent, if you think that new blood is needed in the opera circuit, if you think that everyone deserves one chance, then buy the album, listen to it and make you own mind up.
    I know I have!