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  1.  Legend? nearly but not quite.


    I very much enjoyed this film i thought it looked fantastic on blu ray and well worth getting it if your into showing off the picture quality to your wife. In terms of the film i thought will smith was brilliant but the ending was a bit flat and there could have been a bit more effort put into it. I think the dark seekers provide a great atmosphere and theres plently off parts to make you jump which keeps you concentrated. i have not read the book but interms of good old action/mild horror entertainment i feel it works very well and a film i will definatley watch over and over.

  2.  What are you waiting for?


    Judging from the other reviews, I need to calm people down.
    I have both 360 and Ps3 and since we got the PS3 i havnt touched the xbox. The PS3 has a more complete experience from the fantastic blu ray which is trouncing hd dvd to the very simple things such as noise and reliability. I am astonished to hear people say where are the exclusives. Theres uncharted and ratchet and clank,motorstorm and resistance fall of man. all top quality games only for PS3
    The controller may feel light and cheap at first but whilst your playing you hardly notice its there where as with the 360 it feels like your holding a brick and the pS3 contollers dont need batteries.
    Added bonus of the PSN being free wheres as live is 40 pounds. also you can get the full access of the internet of the ps3 for free . i must advise you get a hd tv with this to get the full 1080 experience. so what are you waiting for? this is the best console out there and with games like killzone 2 and haze coming soon it can only get better.

  3.  Great for the hardcore gamer


    i have had this console for neraly a year now and i have to say it has been the best console experience ever.
    Games like gears of war and Halo3 give you hours of fun especially online, which i must say is a must as games could get boring without that extra edge you get from shooting your mates and shouting in their ear.
    my xbox hasnt broken down yet but be carefull not to over heat it because that is an apparent problem.
    It is definatley for an intense gamer and and i have thorougly enjoyed it. if i was to say the Xbox is console to have but that time is running out as the ps3 is catching up fast and i am certain it will over take the xbox in terms of the whole experience but this is definatly a must for a Hardcore gamer.
    Gears of War 2 i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4.  Brilliant, but wait for the demo if you are not sure.


    This is a very clever and tactical game. It allows players to be 4 different races : humans, trolls, elves, and dwarves all have uniue abilities in the battlefield. This game is highly addictive and because it is entirley multiplayer based it appeals to people who love onlining gaming which makes it very competitive and enjoyable. this game is definatley one for the collection. if you dont have live dont bother and if you are not sure wait until the 6th when there is a demo released and you can make your mind up then. Great online FPS.

  5.  Download the demo!


    Words cant explain how good the graphics look and for the gameplay, its promising from the selection of cars i raced with. at last a game with porches. I cant wait to customise my car with chosen decals and performance packs. Best racing game for 360.

  6.  Good but there is something missing


    When i first got this game i was highly satisfied and as i played on destroying more gangs but eventually it felt as if nothing would change. It felt like i was fighting a loosing battle most of time attempting to get a clear shot at the bosses which i say now there are a lot of and it gets a bit repetative going in blowing them up jumping out again just to be attacked by more people when will it end. Collected the agility orbs was fun but i feel that xbox live is such a let down you should at least be able to have agent on agent fights but no its just a simple co-op mode. The only thing that attracts me back to this game is that one day ill be able to play Halo 3. Good for people who dont like change. It was fun whilst it lasted.

  7.  Its small but who cares


    i got this for my birthday and found it was brilliant.i had never listened to so much music in my life. if you just want to listen to music and dont care about anything else this is for, it looks great, it sounds great ,IT IS GREAT.

  8.  Good but could be better


    When i first got this game i thought wow look at those graphics this game is going to be mint. I gradually got into it and still the graphics were great but the gameplay was a bit shabby. I was hoping fighting would be nice and simple and relativly easy this was not the case i found i was bashing the buttons randomly to produce a cool move whilst struggling to beat up some fashion models. Good but could have been better

  9.  Average


    This game is slightly overated. yeah it does have good graphics but the characters are really slow and even on easy i find it hard. Live isn't that great either because once youve died it takes about 3 mins to get back into the action.Did 4 levels and got bored.