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  1.  Flat Sounding Lacked Sparkle


    CD lacked Oooooomph from start to finish! The instruments (especially the drums) sounds "Synthesized" and as though it was coming from a Yamaha keyboard on a typical Friday Night pub session. The Beegees also meddled with some classic songs, changing the whole "Beat" of the song which was left me numb and eager to hit the "skip" button. I've had many HDCD's and XRCD24's in my collection so use these's as a basis for my comparision on recently purchased CD's. I'm sad to say I'd suggest passing this one by and buy a Non Live CD of the BeeGee's.

  2. 3 Words

    3 Words

    Cheryl Cole - CD

    23 New from  £2.65  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.12

     Very very good indeed!!!


    Forgeting the first song which is quite dull, anyway...

    The remaining songs are really very good. Parachute is splendid, can't stop listening to that one! This is one for any Cheryl...erm, well, Cole, I suppose?

  3.  Simply Superbulous!!!!!!!!!!


    Really unusual sounding voice and great sounding backing music. Wasn't quite sure what to expect but i was very pleasantly surprised. It's hard to describe the style of music, it's a little bit of everything which strangely works REALLY well...well done Paolo ;-)



    I bought one of these from play.com for me and my fiance's anniversary in september. We waited all day by the coast until it was dark enough to write our wishes and launch our lantern. I opened the packet and found it was already broken (the wood had split ripping the tissue paper), we then went on to write our wishes before taking off the protective paper that protects the burner. The lantern was fully rolled out and all that was needed was to ignite the fuel cell. We tried and tried for 30min's to ignite the fuel cell but it just refused the burn, and to make matters worse the covering was suppose to be flame proof but that seemed to be the only thing that didn't mind burning!?!?
    All in all we couldn't have been more disappointed with this from play.com
    I would definitely not recommend anyone buying one of these....complete an utter waste of time and a load of rubbish!!!!!!

  5.  Well done girl...you've done it again!


    An amazing cd from Lily Allen which i'd happily recommend :-)))

    Tracks 2 & 3 are just stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6.  Brilliant...and i wouldn't be without mine now!!!


    Fantastic little unit for the money! Nice clear screen, loud instructions, good battery life, quality windscreen suction mount that hasn't failed on me yet, easy to operate and takes me right to the door! Speed camera warnings too...what a bonus :-)

    A fantastic piece of kit for the money 5/5

  7.  Nice light and portable but far too slow to operate!!!


    Crystal clear screen, nice and compact, light, reasonable battery power which i can't get to last more than 1hr 30min's even though the screen brightness is turned down! nice clear webcam,

    Seriously slow regardless of how small the task is, and should you have two web pges running it get's even worse!!!! You can get much better for the money!!!

  8.  Nice design - feels strong - poor in call quality!!!


    Pro's: Nicely designed, feels solid and heavy so should stand up to a few knocks and drops, nice click to all the buttons, cheap enough at the money.

    Con's: In call quality speaker is muffled and i struggle to understand people regardless if i call a landline or mobile!!! Horrible pre-built in ring tones, text typing can be fiddly and drawn out! Slow to send multiple text or MMS and even to call numbers from the phonebook.

    For £60 it's an ok phone, but you might be unhappy about the in call quality!?!?

  9.  Awesome band...but the recording is shockingly bad!!!!


    I love this band so couldn't wait to get my hands on the CD, I'm used to AAD or better still DDD recordings, sadly this disc is so bad it sounds like it was recorded in mono!!! This disc was played on a £10,000 system so I know what to expect from my equipment, this disc just doesn't deliver in the way of left and right channels, music sounds distant and muddy!!!

    I would have prefered to have put the money to see them live!!!

  10.  Everything you can imagine and a whole lot better!


    Awsome phone! Had mine less than a week, it's got so much software it's gonna take me ages to get around to trying it all out. The camera is amazing quality, music player with it's stereo speakers is breathtaking! Screen resolution is pin sharp, light up camera and audio controls are an extra added bonus, watching Spider Man 3 on it's crystal clear screen is stunning! Sat nav GPS is wicked. It's hard to pick a fault with this phone, it really is!!!
    This is a must have gadget....