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  1.  Was looking forward to this - cancelled order!


    I was so looking forward to this game! But after weeks of a review blackouts globally I decided to cancel my pre-order. Glad I did looking at the first print review before its release. Gamestm magazine has given the game 4/10. What a shame!

  2.  A Must for Star Wars Fans!


    This limited version of the Xbox 360 is great for fans of Star Wars and those new to Xbox. The pack includes all you need to setup Xbox and Kinect with enough memory on the harddrive included to store game saves and downloads. The pack includes a trial to the online Xbox Live service too.
    The console has a great R2 paintjob and it even makes the sound of the droid when turned on or the disc drawer is opened.
    I have been really impressed with the Kinect feature. Having had a Wii I thought this would be a cheap gimmick however the motion control is really responsive and the voice control works well. The games included are good, kinect adventures is a good laugh, however Kinect Star Wars is not as good as you expect. I am a Star Wars fan, and whilst the potential is there, the controls in the main game never feel responsive enough. All in all a great pack if you are new to the Xbox or a fan wanting to upgrade their setup.

  3.  A surprising, thoughtful war film with a topical message


    To say I was shocked by the message of this film would be an understatement. This is a big budget US face paced action/thriller that altually questions the morals of the US occupation of Iraq.

    Yes, Damen is like the Bourne character (but in a good way) but the action is top notch, but this is a war film that asks you to think, which in my opinion is always a good thing. One to watch!

  4.  Sublime brilliance


    The Beautiful South are one of the UK's best loved bands- this DVD collecting their greatest hits of videos is an absolute must for fans of the group or quality music in general. The music plays in 5.1 surround sound too for those with a home cinema system. A fantastic DVD to put on for background music and at this price - essential!

  5.  Great modern figure


    Han is a fan favourite - this is a great version in his stormtrooper disguise. A must for collectors.

  6.  Clearly you love it or hate it - I loved it!


    Adult movie - shocking violence and gore. But a truely adult superhero film. I was blown away by it. I have also met friends who hated it. They say its too long - I see it as epic etc. A film that makes you think and is not all about big sequences (as in most US films) although there are some great scenes. I loved it and can't wait for the DVD. I have not read the graphic novel - but still understood the rather complex (at times) plot.

  7.  Adds to the experience!


    Esentially this is just a white piece of molded plastic in the shape of a gun. However, it is well made, sturdy and gives you the feeling of an arcade shooter. If you like the new House of the Dead game - then this will add to the experience - good price here too!

  8.  At last a game for adults on the Wii!


    If you have been waiting for a game that is fun, challenging and above all, aimed at a more adult and core gamer than the general Wii ganes then this is for you.

    The game is great and updates the classic House of the Dead arcade experience from your days in the arcades. It is so nice to have a game that goes beyond the simple childishness that is coming out left, right and centre for the Wii. Loads of fun for you and your mates!

  9.  Fantastic Plasma TV


    Bought this at the weekend (from another store) but must say that I am extremely pleased with the TV. The picture is amazingly clear, and after contemplating buying a LCD flatscreen I am pleased with this choice. Hooked up to a DVD player with HDMI upscaling you can get HD pictures at home - A fantastic set.

  10.  Figures are great - Shipping is POOR


    These are great figures at a great price. Collectors beware though. PLAY insist on sending all their Star Wars figures out in jiffy bags. I have made 3 orders, including these figures... all have arrived with dents and creases in the packets.