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  1.  News Team Assemble!!!!


    Firstly i will say this is the best comedy film for a long time, Will Ferrell's best. The box set makes it around 10 times better, a new film to watch some great extras and even a book to look at, who would enjoy a film with Will Ferrell with a tash and a great support cast, so people at £10 sit down with your good friend Baxter, pour a nice glass of scotch and enjoy this great box set

  2.  A huge step foward


    This game is a huge improvement from last years dissapointment. Having played pes since it was iss its easy to see how each game is improving, this one is no diffrent.

    In this one the new license of the champions league is a great addition to it, despite losing some more team licenses for it, walking out in the final with your supported club is great. The new legend game mode is very good also, even though it may be taken form fifa i think its been pulled off allot better than in fifa, more polished.

    In the gameplay the graphics have been tinkered with, not a huge amount but enough to make it look better, its at the stage were the faces are looking better than on fifa.

    So the worst thing people are saying about the game, online play. In my opinion its fine, a few stops but as long as you play people with a good connection its fine, no problems.

    Summing up its a much better game this time around and with a few improvement the next one will be getting along way in front of fifa, thats the way it should be aswell

  3. BioShock



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     Best PS3 Shooter?


    Okay, this game first off is amazing, get that out of the way, the visuals are great, the water effects the best on any game out there, with the visuals at the standard they are its so easy to get addicted to this game. The targetting can be tricky at times but once you get used to it it is very rewarding, searching pretty much anything you can means running out of ammo isnt a problem, you need all the ammo you can get basically.

    The game may be a little easy but the length it is and the bosses being abit of a challenge aswell makes this one of the best out there right now, at £30 it makes this a steal, and with and extra level for the ps3 makes it all worth it aswell

  4.  Brilliant


    When you first play a match on this game it does prove a very good challenge, but after time learning the cntrols it gtes better and allot more fun, the career mode is brilliant and the graphics are the best on a tennis game, it is dissapointing there arnt more players and no wimbledon, but despite this this is definately the best tennis game ever, plus one advantage is you get to play as the best player right now Rafael Nadal, a must buy for any tennis fan

  5.  It aint over till its over!


    A line thats so true to this film, after being such a fan of the other rocky's its great to say that the series ends on a good note, we all agree that rocky 5 wasnt good but this is great, going back to basics with this was necessary and sly knocks us out with his nostalgic moments and speeches, this is officially the feel good film of 2007, watch this you will have a huge smile on your face because you know sly can put rocky to bed with a strong finish and the fact it was £5 well spent. a great buy

  6.  WOW!!!


    this film is everything i expected and more, sly kept with the john rambo we all know, a dark and disturbed person, starting slow after about 30 mins it becomes a slaughterhouse, and its possibly the most gorry film in recent times but definatly a great end (maybe) to a great series, buy this movie at all costs.

  7.  He's Back!


    yes this year we have seen many classic comebacks but none as good as die hard, die hard 1 was amazing which is understandable to why they made die hard 2 which wasnt as good but in its own right then die hard 3 finally hit the right places, now an old school cop is in a modern world and he takes no prisoners, more stunts and its as exciting as the other three put together, led by a great cast with bruce and a great supporting performance from justin long, this is by far the best installment of the series, a must buy for any action fan

  8.  best game ever?


    as part of the best game series (excluding gta- cant be compared) this is the best so can it be the best game ever? firstly the graphics are brilliant as it was made in the later stages of ps2 and the gameplay is brilliant, the missions are great and challenging, bring on the next gen hitman

  9.  why the negativity?


    this game is very suprising to me, after playing on rainbow six and cod4 i have to say this is more enjoyable, despite this being at ps2 standard i doesnt really show and the game play is actually quite good, in my eyes a good game.

  10.  EA on form


    despite missing michaels and maddens comentary this is a brilliant game, the graphics are brilliant and the gameplay is good too. what makes it a brilliant is the online play, there's no better thrill than beating a player who suports a rival team, the 5 star rating comes because after making the step up from ps2 (which is the same as 07) proves that ea sports are the best part of the ea company, even now the price is going down it still keeps your mind on the nfl in the off-season. just need more game modes please.