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8 (88% helpful)

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  1.  Amazing Game!


    This game is amazing. One of the best Ps3 games out there. The driving and career are good but are sometimes quite dificult but the creation is what makes the game superb. You can make mods, cars and tracks with ease or you can edit it for ages to get it right for you!.
    Only bad thing about this is that i didn't get the character code. Did anyone else have this problem!?!?

  2.  Quite simply THE best game around..


    I know this game is over a year old now, but it is still one of the best games going.

    The campaign mode is good, although it is fairly short. It also lacks a co-op campaign mode which is a shame..

    Other than that, there is nothing wrong to say about this game. The online mode is phenomenal as always, the graphics are amazing.

    I definitely recommend this game. 10/10

  3.  Pretty good, just boring.


    First off, the graphics are very good, it looks great. It has a fair amount of real players too, and also some made up players, which is good because it adds variation instead of playing all the best people all the time (like on Virtua Tennis 3).

    The career mode is fairly decent, and keeps you occupied. I don't really rate the player ratings, I think they are a bit of a waste of time.

    The best part is the realistic gameplay. When you're out of position, you hit bad shots. When you're in a good position, you hit decent shots. If you hit it late, it goes out or hits the net. If you hit it early, you lose power. It is just like playing a real game of tennis.

    However, this realistic gameplay means you will be rallying for ages and ages, just for one point. That means it gets so boring, and takes ages just to win a match. Now I know this is realistic too, but itjust makes it boring to play.

    Overall though, it wipes the floor with Virtua Tennis 3 in every single way. You can't keep diving and hit shots from miles out, and you don't just play against the best on every career match. It does lack career training, and it can get boring, but it is a fairly decent game.

  4.  Waste of time... and money.


    This game had the potential to be a great game, but it fails in most areas. The last Tomb Raider game i had played was Legend, which I quite enjoyed, so I had high hopes for this one.

    Unfortunately, its a very disappointing game. The one good thing about it is the graphics, which are pretty impressive, but not as good as Uncharted.

    The gameplay is shoddy, the camera angles move everywhere, which gets very frustrating. There are no actual people to kill, except for 1 level. Otherwise you are fighting tigers, big lizards or spiders. The worse bit is the lock-on target. Where's the fun in that? It's pointless, and ruins the point of the game.

    The puzzles aren't exactly challenging, and the storyline doesn't even slightly compare with Uncharted. There are a few glitches as pretty much everyone else has said. You get stuck in walls, which is poor.

    Lara jumps off at different directions to what you want, which again, is frustrating to say the least. And finally, I've got onto a bit that I can't get past. I've checked on the internet, and I simply cannot get past it. Lara simply refuses to grab onto the ledge, so I cannot do anything else.

    Overall, a pretty poor game at best. My rating: 4/10

  5.  Could be better, could be worse...


    I couldn't wait for this game to come out, and I received it a day before it was actually released. I was a bit anxious after reading reviews, but I think they were bit harsh.

    First off, the graphics are pretty impressive, the city and the cars look great. However, some of this is ruined by the lag the game suffers, which isnt really acceptable for a ps3 game. Despite this, it doesn't seem to ruin the game as much as some people make it out. It's more annoying than anything.

    The cars list is fantastic, bringing back cars from Carbon such as the Porsche Carrera GT, Mercedes SLR Mclaren, Aston Martin DB9 and the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560. Also there are some great new additions such as the Bugatti Veyron, Mclaren F1, Porsche GT3RS and the Audi R8. They also have got rid of the really rubbish, slow cars (such as the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla) so that there are fairly decent cars to start with.

    The customisation of the cars is similar to ProStreet, but I think it has improved slightly. The body kits are great, and tuning your car is fun.

    The gameplay itself I feel is a big disappointment. The handling is so arcadey. you can take almost any turn without needing to brake. Also, the acceleration of the cars is really unrealistic. You can drive a Nissan 240sx and still outaccelerate the top cars at the start line. This I feel is a step back, because what I liked about ProStreet as the official acceleration, so the speed was very realistic. Another thing is that the cars dont reach the speeds they would in real life. I souped up a Bugatti Veyron as much as I could, and it only reached 250mph, less than it would at stock level in real life. Now some people may like this idea, but I think it ruins the gameplay.

    The storyline is pretty naff, nothing compared to that of Most Wanted. Basically you are a cop pretending to be a street racer and you make friends with other racers and then take them down. The game itself doesn't compare to Most Wanted in this aspect, which is another disappointment.

    Online play is a bit limited, you can do circuits, sprints, or cops and robbers, which is a game where you take turn to be a cop then a robber and try to either collect money or bust the robbers. It does get repetitive after a while, and isn't the best.

    The difficulty as you may know already is terribly easy. I got over halfway through the game without even upgrading my car once. Only then did I upgrade to make my car better to drive. I haven't totally finished the game yet, but I'm not far off. Also the length of the career is pretty short, I remember playing Most Wanted for weeks on end, getting frustrated by losing races continuously. But with Undercover, it just doesn't happen.

    One last thing, the fact that you can just jump to an event isn't such a bad thing. I don't know why everyone is making such a big issue about it. Doesn't anyone remember you could do the same in Carbon and Most Wanted? It's not new...

    The fact that there is no offline 2 player is a bad idea, because NFS has done it for years, and they just seem to have taken out a perfectly good part of the game. It's happened a lot with racing games recently, and I can't see why...

    I know there are a lot of bad points about the game, but in honesty it's not too bad. It's still fun to play and to customise the cars. It just isn't as good as expected. Lets hope next year's will be more like the amazing Most Wanted, and less arcadey.

    If you are a NFS fan, you probably will still love it, but don't expect it to be as good as Most Wanted, which i still feel is the best NFS yet. A reasonable game, nothing more, nothing less.

  6.  Value for money...


    This is a top F1 game. Despite it being out of date (the 2006 season) it really is a great game. The performance in the cars is very realistic, and the performance differs dependent on the weather, which is a great asset. It will keep you occupied for ages, the career mode is great, and there is commentary from ITV. The only downsides I can think of are that it is easy to lose control and slide into the wall - ending your race, and that there is no 2 player mode. It would be 5 stars if it had an offline multiplayer. It's a shame they dont make an F1 game every year, they really are amazing. A definite recommendation.

  7.  A Must Have...


    For £15, you couldn't get a better ps3 game. The graphics are incredible, and it really does show off the ps3's potential. There is a great variety of simplicity and difficulty - some parts are fairly basic and other parts can be very tricky. The storyline is amazing, by far the best storyline I've ever come across in any game. The nly downside is the game doesn't take too long to complete, it took me just over a week. However, you can change the difficulty and do it all over again if you really want. I definitely recommend this game. 9/10

  8.  Not the best...


    I picked this game up cheap, and I'm glad. It doesnt offer anything special, but it's not too bad. The gameplay is okay, except for the mud going on the screen, which is just annoying. However, the races are very repetitive as there are only a few tracks. There is a decent range of vehicles, but not enough variation on the racing. Because of this, it does get boring and i stopped playing it after a few days. But for £12 it's not a bad deal.

  9.  Not quite what I had in mind...


    For a start, the graphics are amazing, unfortunately, the rest of the game doesn't match it. Most of the events are so difficult, for example the running events. It gives you the option of using X and O alternatively, or waggling the analog stick side to side. It's hard enough with the stick, and more painful and tiring. But if you want to use X and O, its pointless. In the running events, it's as if you're not even pressing them at all.. Also the start of the running/swimming events are stupid, it's very tricky to get a decent start. And if you don't get a decent start, you have no chance of winning at all. Some events are okay, like the throwing and jumping ones, but the kayaking is simply impossible, as is judo. However, I guess it is the only fairly decent athletics game out there, so only buy it if you really want an athletics game. But otherwise, I don't recommend it.

  10.  A start...


    This game was never going to set the world on fire, as it's only a prologue version, but for the price it's not too bad. The actual event mode is very short, and you'll complete it very easily without any trouble. But the car choice is pretty good, with 60 to choose from. I know that damage will probably be on the full version, but for a PS3 racing game to have no damage is quite pathetic. It ruins the game in a way. However, the gameplay itself is pretty good, you can fully adjust the traction control, brakes etc. so it can suit your needs. Each car has realistic handling and accelaration which makes the game seem a lot better. However, a lot of other things, including the online mode requires an update, which can take a while and can fail sometimes. Overall though, worth the price, but it's just the base of GT5, so a good sign on things to come, now all they need is damage.