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  1.  Autobots, roll out with style!!!


    Didn't realize the Autobot logo was printed on the shirt with metallic paint! Looks amazing, the photo on this page does not do the shirt justice.

    A must for any Transformers fan!!!

  2.  A great improvement on the original Sixaxis Controller


    Well I've had my Dualshock 3 for about two months now, imported, And I must say I was very impressed. Up until now I've always beleived that the Xbox 360 Controller (when I still had a 360 before my third RROD incident) was of much higher quality... But this controller is pretty much it's equal. And with Sixaxis technology it surpasses it in terms of innovation and interactivity.

    Right from the moment I took it out of the packaging I knew that Sony had got it right this time.

    It feels much weightier and a lot more sturdy than the original controller. The quality is just excellent. I'd go as far as to say that "It's Built"

    You wouldn't know by looking at it, but the vibration is quite powerful. It caught me off guard the first time the controller shook as I wasn't used to it :)

    Another must have for any PS3 owner. And if you really want to splash out, get some Gioteck Real Triggers aswell, they make it even better!.

  3.  Excellent


    I agree it is odd that Sony didn't design the controller with triggers like this from the outset. But these clip-on triggers are well worth your £3.49.

    The controller feels more comfortable during gameplay and theres no chance of sweaty fingers (especially with it being summer n'all) sliding of the L2 and R2 trigger buttons at a crucial moment.

    Thanks Gioteck! :)

  4.  MGS4 meets my expectations, and surpasses them aswell !!!


    I'm not going to go into a huge essay about how good this game is.

    All I will say is that if you own a PS3 then this game is essential. I'll admit I may be biased as I'm a MGS fan going back to the first PSone game which i was addicted to.

    But every thing about the design and the excution of this game is near perfect.

    The script is a little dodgy but I can let that go. It's Metal Gear, not Citizen Kane.

    Haven't played to the end yet but I really really love this game. Definitely a contender for game of the year along with GTA IV. Alothough I thought this was a little bit better and more engrossing than GTA. But that is just my opinion.

    11/10, 6 stars etc etc. Need I go on. Hit that BUY button now. This is essential !

  5.  Got the US Blu-ray... One Word................ FANTASTIC!!!!


    Not only is this in my opinion a great film. But this Blu-ray has raised the bar for other movies with incredible picture and astounding sound.

    When i'm not playing MGS4 this film is never out of my PS3 at the moment. Great extras and a fantastic presentation easily earn this Blu-ray 5 stars.

  6.  A Super Return from the Man Of Steel


    Whilst the second Pirates of the Carribean movie may have won at the box office, Superman made a triumphant return, with a story that was captivating and visuals that were breathtaking.

    I wasn't everyones cup of tea, but it was probably the only film released in 2006 that I actually enjoyed, and saw in theaters multiple times.

    Ok so it was light on the action and it may have divided Superman fans around the world but in my humble opinion this film is one of the great Comic Book movies to have been made in the last 10 years. Second only to Spiderman 2 in my affections.

    Despite it's general lack of action the movie still had me entertained, and has earnt a five star rating purely on the basis that I actually cared about the characters. There aren't many movies out there anymore that make me feel that way anymore.

    Looking forward to Superman's next outing in the Summer of 2010 which is sure to be an action packed adventure that will truly re-ignite the series, and give Superman fans what they've been waiting for. A full throttle showdown between Supes and a villain with powers that equal the "Man of Steel".

    If you haven't got round to seeing this movie yet then i suggest you give it a try. Rent it maybe just to test the water! But this Blu-ray is well woth purchasing for the gorgeous picture.

    The only niggling problem I have is the lack of Hi-Res audio... But the Dolby 5.1 track on this Blu-ray is still one of the best I've heard.

    I think it's time to reacquaint yourself with a great hero for the 21st century.

    Yep Superman is back, and he's better than ever!

  7.  Could Have Been So Much Better! *EDITED*


    Well my previous review was a five star review based upon playing a short demo at Play.com live.

    But now with game in hand I can say that it really could have been a whole lot better than it is.

    Don't get me wrong it is enjoyable enough, but there is nothing here that ever really set's it apart from other FPS games I've played.

    Online is OK can the Co-op missions are entertaining, but the bottom line is that I was expecting something that the game could never give me.

    The one saving grace for me was that the story is quite interesting, and I'm glad I've got it and I will continue to play it. But the end result is a little disjointed.

    3 Stars.

  8.  I LOVE!!! this console


    The PS3 was without a doubt the best purchase I made in 2007. I bought the original 60GB model.

    Yes it did got off to a slow start, but I can promise you that 2008 is the year that this beauty really comes to life.

    There are some great exclusives set to be released throughout the year that will see the PS3 take it's place among the gaming elite.

    Just looking at the sheer volume of games coming to PS3 this year you can bet that it will over take the Xbox sometime soon.

    And whilst I do like the Xbox 360 (I bought one on release day back in 2005) everything about the hardware and software of the PS3 is much more appealing to me. It's sexier! The Xbox just doesn't look good in my media centre now. It's ugly and worse it's loud when it's on... And has recently started to gather dust due to lack of use ;)

    The console also allowed me to start my Blu-ray collection. And after watching films in stunning HD quality, it is very hard to watch your average DVD movie again after the treat of superb Audio and Picture quality you get.

    This is really the one to watch in 2008. Stunning graphics and fantastic Hardware inside including:

    Built in WiFi: Allowing connection to a wireless internet connection.

    Bluetooth: Keyboards. Mouse. Headsets. All of these can be hooked up to this machine.

    Full Internet Compatibility.

    The Cell Processor: The fuel that makes this beast go. I won't bore you with details and specs. But it is very very powerful.

    Anyway enough from me, I'll close by saying... Buy now, You won't regret it. The only minor thing with the 40GB Hard Drive model is that you won't be able to play PS1 or PS2 games on it at the moment. But rumours are that there is an update on the way that will allow this on the 40GB model. So hold tight. It will happen.

    My Console rankings:

    PS3: 9.5/10
    Nintendo Wii: 9/10

    XBox 360: 6/10 (Just not as good as it should be. And too damn loud)

  9.  Perfect in every Ray... 1080p aswell


    I think the title of this review somes things up nicely.

    This Blu-ray set is fantastic.

    And don't be fooled by the Tech Specs on the back of the box. All the episodes are presented in crystal clear 1080p, not 1080i as stated on the box.

    This has caused some confusion among consumers but i can assure you that they're all 1080p, and look stunning.

  10.  Didn't know I'd enjoy this game as much as I have...


    I didn't really know a lot about this game when the commercials started airing on TV. All I knew was I was so impressed by said commercials that I had to get it... And it does not dissapoint

    This is a really fantastic game. It has a great script, lots of humour, beautifully animated and to top it all off Naughty Dog have cast some great actors in the lead roles.

    Our hero Nathan Drake will be remembered as one of 2007's greatest new game characters. He is just brilliantly realised from paper to screen.

    After playing this I realised that the developers Naughty Dog are really commited to quality of there product. And it shows. As every inch of this game has been made with great love and care.

    And if your as much in to Sound as I am then this is a must. Crank up your home cinema system as it makes for a far more immersive experience. Bullets whizz, exotic birds sing and there are explosions aplenty.

    As I've already stated in my PS3 review, 2008 is the year that the PS3 really comes to life. But to be fair it started towards the end of 2007 with the release of this beauty along with others.

    Drake's Fortune, I can honestly say, is the best game I have played in about a year and I eagerly await the inevitable sequel.

    Purchase ASAP!