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  1.  it's ok


    what this game needs is multiplayer but now that mario kart is out i don't really think this is gonna get much attention

  2.  heroclix rocks love it


    first a few words of warning. this is the exact same pack as the 6 figure blister pack. It does not come with dice like it is stated although if you haven't got the blister pack you might as well get this one as it is slightly cheaper than the pictured pack. the figures themselves look really cool. I am new to heroclix so i couldn't tell you how good the powers and stuff are but each character has a 50 point value. i just thought people should know that both street fighter packs listed on this website are the same. Happy collecting.

  3.  LOVED IT


    this is an awesome switch off film no need to think just watch and be amazed at the awesome stunts. if its action you are after you need this movie OH YES!!!

  4.  i like it


    best spiderman game to date easily the best spiderman game to date and if you don't think so rent before you buy silly

  5.  I AM IRON MAN !!!!


    If you haven't seen this film already you really need to

  6. KAZooK


    Playstation Portable

    4 New from  £14.75  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.20



    playing this game was a chore i just couldn't bring myself to play it i ended up giving it away

  7.  why don't hadoukens work


    badly designed d-pad makes street fighter rubbish i never thought i would say that why not try it on a white psp ? hello that is what i am using

  8.  snore


    Castlevania Oh Yes... wait wait wait what the ? pile of cack i thought the whole point of a next generation handheld was to stop with these basic games throw it in the bin ... wait whats this NO WAY Symphony of the night Awesome what a save

  9.  good game


    more of a battle rpg with elements of a dating sim in it, it is good some of the moves you learn are cool the graphics are nice and the fact that you can have japanese voices makes it better

  10.  nothing extreme about this


    looks and plays just like the original nothing much added to it to make it outstanding but hey if you like the original go ahead and buy this game, i did and i am quite happy with it